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Monday's Child - Louise Bagshawe

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... Anna is surprised to find herself feeling relieved just to have someone, but is it really enough just to take the first person that comes along, even if there's no spark? Monday's Child is not going to win any big literary prizes, put it that way, but if you take it for what it is, a piece ... Read review
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Monday's Child is not so fair of face...

Advantageslight, easy to read, good main character

Disadvantagesnot exactly thought provoking!

"Anna Brown is very tall, slightly overweight and has what you might call an unfortunate nose. She works for a production company and is walked all over by her bitchy prima donna of a boss, Kitty and a group of glamorous colleagues who let her do all the work whilst putting her down at every opportunity. Despite being 32, she lives in a tiny flat share, where she is crammed into a tiny bedroom and her already low self-esteem is not helped by the fact ..." Read review

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Gorgeous goddesses seem to surround script-reader and wannabe movie-maker Anna Brown - from her deranged glamour-queen boss to her perfect, pouting flat-mates - for Anna, being less-than-beautiful is very hard to bear.

Product details

EAN 9780755337484
Type Fiction
Genre Modern Fiction
Title Monday's Child
Author Louise Bagshawe
Edition Paperback
Publisher Headline Review
ISBN 0755337484


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