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Type Fashion & Accessories
Domain Extension .co.uk


Listed on Ciao since 06/12/2011

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similar by Type (Fashion & Accessories)
Good sale prices, Adorable clothes, Fast Shipping
No available customer reviews on clothes, Steep non-sale prices, Descriptions not detailed enough (*)
Different, Range, Clearance, Delivery Speed, Brands, Styles
Email Confirmation, Item Descriptions, Prices, Styles (*)
Cheap products
Hard to navigate the site (*)
similar by Domain Extension (.co.uk)
An easy way to sell and buy items from the comfort of your own home
A few buyers are untrustworthy and sell damaged or no goods. (*)
No crowds and long queues and you get to explore the whole site aisle by aisle
Substitutions are horrible. (*)
Fast delivery
Sometimes difficult to follow product descriptions (*)
Lovely Site, Massive Product Range
Shipping and Products often expensive! (*)
great range, brilliant prices, excellent search features and layout
Returns policy, staff (*)
similar by Name (A-Z) (M)
movies on tap
no free dvd & no free trial! (*)
Prices (But maybe too good to be true?)
Everything!!! (*)
Delivery (almost) to our front door
expensive, regular errors, customer service levels are poor (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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