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Monopoly Hotels (iPhone)

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published 06/03/2012 | Kristoph23
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Finally back to do some more reviews been over a year, wow time flies.
Pro Plenty to do and gives you lots to build
Cons It can take some time for money to get received
very helpful
Value for Money
Difficulty & Complexity

"Monopolising Hotels"

I find that with the iPhone you are always going to get a variation of different applications (apps) which will either appeal to you because you want to explore it or you will get the application because you are aware of the brand name attached to it.
I got Monopoly Hotels partially because I love Monopoly and also because it sounded like a game where you needed to use some skill in order to gain cash rewards so it was an appealing type of game.

I downloaded this for free and at first I was fairly shocked by the game because it lacked anything which would make you want to play further. You are given an empty hotel and you have to basically put people inside.
You’re given the first hotel which is named after one of the destinations on the Monopoly board and this is Old Kent Road. You have a small hotel and you have instructions.
The instructions are basically there to assist you so it gives you plans on how you can increase your money but also build rooms. Now to talk about different aspects of the application.

When you play this game you main part of your job is to build a hotel room. You have got four options such as VIP, Guest, Attractions and features.
Guest rooms are rooms which you might have someone in who does a particular job. This job might be someone who is a dog walker or perhaps a garden grower. They take up a set amount of space in each hotel and then you need to build.
The first few hotels you unlock have got some very basic guests you can use and they don’t offer you much cash.

The process of building each room can cost quite a lot of cash. You begin with a set price under every room. When you locate a room through the building tool you will see the price you have to pay but also the money you get in return every so often. Some places offer you a set price of money every 30 minutes and some even 10 hours.
When you log on go to that room and you can then take the cash which is easy to do with the big M sign which is there for you to touch and the money is then added to your total.

When building you have to pay for the room, the building and then the paint work. Every step requires cash and every step has a time duration it can take for you to build the room.
You get experience points as well and these add together to advance you further through the levels and this again unlocks new rooms, worth more money and also new characters.

The money you get is easy to find throughout the game you will get cash. You have money drop from the sky all the time you never know the value of each note until you touch it. Most though are around £1 or £2 but some are worth more around £20.
You click on these which can be displayed on any screen and they get that total to your account to use later on. This is the most common way to gain cash in my view on the game.

You also have a robber to catch. Now and then a little icon appears on the game to show you have a robber which enables you to catch them. Once you click on them you receive a cash reward which varies and so far the highest price I have got is £150 and the lowest is £62.
I think the price you get for capturing the robber is determined by how fast you find them and obviously the more time you take the fewer amounts you receive.

You get cash obviously as well from the guests in the hotels which are always nice and then the last route is each day you visit.
You have the GO button which we know when you pass on the monopoly board game your given cash for. You click on this daily you either get gold bars or a cash reward.
The gold bars are used to get VIP guests but they in theory do not offer you much else.

Spending and Features
Spending money is tough because you are stuck in a predicament with this game. You can go and build rooms and make the hotel full which can be cheap for the first hotel but after this first hotel everything seems to double and triple in price.
You have to wait almost 12 hours sometimes for a guest to give you money so again you have to work out where you’re going to spend this cash wisely.
You could purchase an empty hotel but every time you buy a hotel the next one costs a lot more money so you want to fill a hotel and move on before spending cash on an unwanted property.

Features on the game include a guest book you want to fill up. Each time you add a new guest there picture is added to the guest book and once this is full you must get some sort of reward. I have currently 2 completely full hotels and I haven’t unlocked hardly any characters.
You also have tasks to complete and they are labelled when you click on them and if you complete these you get extra cash again as well.

You have ways to buy gold from your own money. This money is real money from your own real bank account and this to me is a bad idea to do because if you delete the game you lose lots of cash of your own so that is something to be aware about.
You also get to see the characters in the hotels you own walking around the streets as well which makes it more pleasant to play as a game.

Final Note
This game is one of those which are going to appeal to some people and annoy others. I got this game for free so in theory if I do not like it then I can delete it but for me it is a game you need to have patience with.
The game is quick to install, quick to load and fun to play. You will go back because you want to achieve the goals you’re given and build your very own hotel.
The graphics are excellent they offer such a wide range of in depth colours and they give great details on various characters and the hotels as well. Everything you see is easy to identify and understand and there is a lot there which is done with good detail.

There is excellent game play the speed in which you can swap from one hotel to the other, adding rooms and how fast characters move around is extremely realistic for me.
I would say that at times the screens you swap between can be too fast so that is pretty good and when a game is slow it puts you off immediately but for me this is very good.

A final note is to mention that the game plays in the background. So if you get a hotel and need 12 hours until a room pays out in 12 hours the game has continued to play in the background. It seems to take hardly any battery power up during the night my battery power drops by 7% which is hardly anything.
A good free game which for me is awesome and offers plenty to do and enjoy for all age groups.

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  • Jake_Speed published 10/03/2012
    Top banana!
  • Mildew82 published 07/03/2012
    It sounds kinda fun, but I hate Monopoly and wouldn't have the patience so shall be avoiding!
  • JasonJRogers published 06/03/2012
    Great review!
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