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"The Top Five Reasons To Never Buy This!"

Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud Face Masque

Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud Face Masque


This is my first and one of the biggest reason for why you "may" not like this and why I didn't either. When I opened the packet I noticed the smell straight away because it was very strong and to be completely honest awful! I NEVER thought that I would find a Montagne Product that I didn't like because I have absolutely loved all of the rest of them. I was really disappointed by this because ordinarily I love the smell of their products especially their face masks they usually smell so good but this! This smells rotten. If I was not reviewing it afterwards I wouldn't even of put it on. The smell is Aloe Vera and Willow and I don't know which of the two is making it smell so awful but I am guessing its the willow because Aloe Vera usually smells good. My brother actually lifted the sachet to look and said yuck. smell it! When he smelt the awful smell that was escaping so strongly from it. It tells you to be good to yourself and use warm water when cleansing. Well believe me you will want to so that you can rid yourself of any remaining traces of this horrible stuff!


This is not possible with this because the smell is so distracting, it stings and it feels terrible on your face. With this you will possibly be incredibly uncomfortable. From the minute this was on my face I could not wait to get it off again. To put it straight you will not be relaxed while this is on your face but you may have stinging, discomfort and the urge to rinse it off immediately. Oh and also redness wherever you decide to apply it. Be your face or the front of your hand, I tried both of those places and really wish that I had not because my face is still stinging and its been more than half an hour since I applied it. I said possibly because everyone is different and maybe my idea of hell (this face mask) will be someone else's idea of heaven. And maybe it was just something in this face mask that did not agree with me but I do not recommend it. Its a unpleasant experience rather than a relaxing one.


This feels like glue and the only good point is the coolness when you smooth it onto your skin but that can be gotten by splashing water onto your face anyway and water wont give you the uncomfortable feeling this gave me while it was on my skin nor will it. give you stinging or redness like this did to me. It is a thick consistency but not to the extent that the deceiving cover of the sachet would lead you to believe. When it dry's in it looks like white paint. Yet on the cover of the sachet it is a light green colour. Hmm... NOT happy about that because usually they at least slightly resemble the colour on the packet.


This happened into the first few minutes of me applying it and don't get me wrong it is not excruciatingly sore but it is still sore and uncomfortable and how are you suppose to relax when you are in pain? This is NOT my idea of what a face mask should be because I get them to relax. I did the patch test were you try some on the inside of your arm but there was no hint of stinging or that it was going to be uncomfortable at that point. I am so used to using these that I expected no reaction what so ever.


Ordinarily these masks usually at least "slightly resemble" the colour that you see on the front. This one is nothing like it at all, it is white and I find that irritating because I was hoping for a nice,bright..... Well, at least slightly colourful mask giving that they don't usually have the same colour that they show you on the sachet anyway. I don't know about you but when I buy something and it looks as if it is going to be a certain colour. I bloody well expect it to be the colour that it makes me think it is!


I bought this because ordinarily I love the Montagne Jeunesse stuff and I was so sure that I was never going to find one that I didn't like. So far they have all been brilliant. I bought this one in among a packet of over 20 various types that I got of Ebay.This was next on the list of the ones I had yet to try. It is meant to give you clean and clear skin and combat blemishes. My skin is usually quite hassle free but sometimes I do get the odd spot. I don't overly stress about it though because I have my trusty concealer stick to hide it until it packs its bags. So I am never really fussed with products to get rid of them because they are one of those unavoidable parts of life anyway. I was looking forward to trying it because I was yet again drawn in by the colour the mask on the front of the packet is. It actually turned out to be nothing like that when I took it out and that is the only thing that I dislike about the complete range because the masks are never quite the fun colour that you think they are going to be. Saying that it doesn't take away from the quality of the other ones. This is the "only" bad one" I have ever had the misfortune of trying LOL


Well my skin is clear at the minute so I am not going to notice the difference because I don't require to remove any blemishes but even when I do I certainly will not be considering purchasing this again because it simply would not be worth the discomfort and that is even if it was going to work. It says that it will give you clean,clear and refreshed skin on the back of the sachet. Does it clean? Yes but no more than water does. Is it refreshing? When first applied to your skin it feels cool....So yes it does refresh temporarily. Well, that is at least until the discomfort sets in and the stinging begins, if it happens to you as well.


As with all of the other masks you have to do a sensitivity test but that didn't save me from the bad effects, because they didn't set in until after I had done the test and applied the mask to my face. When you are applying this you should avoid the eye area and you should also keep it out of reach of children. I would recommend you keep it out of your own reach as well! The sachet is recyclable and of vegetarian standard. This is also BUAV approved this is their website (they are quite rightly against animal testing)


This was the only good part because as usual the face mask comes in a beautifully designed sachet. The sachet is full of nice colours including green, yellow,red and blue. This sachet is plastic and the inside is made of foil. It has a picture of someone on the front with very light green coloured mud on her face. She also has leaf's and flowers covering her eyes. On the front you will see written "blemish mud" and you will also see a message saying clear and clean, combats blemishes!


Apply this evenly over your face and neck and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes ( I couldn't get past a few minutes) Then when it is dry you should rinse it off with warm water and then pat dry. Then it tells you to use weekly ...... Something I for sure will not be doing!


These can be gotten on ebay and Amazon and you can get quite a lot of them for a reasonable price too. All of the rest that I tried were brilliant and I will be buying them again I just advice you to avoid this particular one. These usually cost between one and two pounds when bought separately. It all depends on were you go to buy them.

MY OPINION I never thought that I would ever have this much to say negatively about one of thier products but unfortunately I do. This was disappointing and has turned out to be the only Montagne Jeunesse product so far that I do not recommend and that I will not be buying again. I was shocked by how bad this is and it does not meet their usually high quality or standards. I never thought I would see the day were I would end up giving something from this range just one measly star but I cant honestly give it any more. I would like to say if you read this and you have never tried their other products do not let this put you off because the other ones are delightful and they are a treat to use. I am shocked that it said relax on the sachet because this is not something that I was able to do while wearing this. I really expected a lot more from this because all of the other Montagne Jeunesse products that I have tried were just so good.

The smell is rotten and what it all comes down to is that it was in no way relaxing and it might just leave your skin as red and stingy as it left mine. Thankfully the redness is faded and almost completely gone now by the time I am finishing this review but the stinging is still there and I compare it to the feeling if bleach stings your hands. It looks like white paint, smells awful and stings like bleach. Yes I think that sums it up quite well. So, sadly I have to say this is the one Montagne Product that has failed to impress me and I recommend that you avoid this particular one at all costs because this one could possibly cause more bad effects than good ones for your skin!

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