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published 22/05/2006 | fabfrog5
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The packet

The packet

Montagne Jeunesse Sauna Masque

Ok I'm nervous here. I've never been into make-up or health stuff, so I never slap on that mud stuff all the girlies wear!

Since working at the shop my skin condition on my face and shoulders has dropped. I have blackheads galore on my nose, pimples at the side of my nose, a greasy forehead, and dry skin on my chin and cheeks. Ergh... sorry it was graphic but I wanted to say WHY I picked up a face pack.

# So What is it?

Montagne make a hefty range of face packs and masks suitable for all skin types and both men and women can use the packs.

The mud pack I choose was a heat generating sauna type wash off gel. I wanted a pack that would heat up my face and open all my pores, and rid the germs there.

The Japenese sauna mask is "self heating therapy clay" that is for a "pore opening sauna" effect.

# The product?

The sauna mask comes in a squidgy flat plastic that can be very handy for putting in a travel bag as it takes very little room. The plastic is waterproof too so good news for wet hands!

This product has a picture of a lady with red clumpy cream on her face with eyes covered by leaves. She must have put about 3 packs on by the looks of it!

The packet reads "Anti stress" - is that possible? A face pack can take away stress?? Oh well, its mainly the heat I am after as I want a hot product to take out all the grime in my skin.

The 15g packet reads "Red Hot Earth for normal, oily and T-Zone skin - Deep Pore Cleansing". Now I don't know what on earth T-Zone is but I love the sound of the hot earth, and on the back the product is described as "Sexy Natural Skincare Sauna". What? Sounds like it will do the trick!

# Ingredients and warnings.

This product has been approved by the Vegetarian Society as it includes plant extracts and oils and has not been tested on animals.

The ingredients include ginseng root, kaolin, cactus flowers, evening primrose extracts, jasmine, walnut kernels, lime, and grapefruit so with all that fruit I'm not really sure how this stuff will heat up?!

A cute warning: "Natural extracts can cause sensitivity too!"

# For any problems or advice contact:

Montagne Jeunesse,

# Ok, sorry, on to The Experience!

After reading the instructions I am told to thoroughly wet my face so the gel will generate heat.

I decide to do this in the bath so I can soak as well as wait for the gel to dry.

Ok I tear off a corner at the top and try my hardest to squidge out the gel. After much pushing and shoving the gel almost ran onto my hand.
Imediately my hand feels really hot.

I smudge the pinkish liquid onto my face where it sticks nicely. I avoid my lips and eye area but concentrate on my nose mostly.

It smells faintly of sweets! I have to say the hot that was on my hand a few seconds before, is no longer noticeable on the face. I'm starting to doubt that the product will work.

I noticed there was a tingling sensation on broken skin. Not a stinging horrible one, but an odd itching type, so I could cope with that.

Another odd thing about this gel is that although the packet says to leave on for 5 minutes, I feel the need to keep it on for over 10. I noticed that some bits of pink dry in sticky clumps, but in other areas the gel turns into a powder type - weird!

I didn't use all the gel on my first go - infact there is ample liquid left so I'll use it again the following week!

The second time I used the product (about 2 weeks later), I noticed the heat was not as hot as the first and on the packet a sort of talc or dust had formed. I'm guessing that the product is meant to be used within a fortnight of it being opening or it looses its heat strength?!

# The Outcome?

After washing my face with hot shower water (my shower is over the bath!) I notice a soft feeling on my cheeks. It's nice.

Now common sense has told me "What's the point of opening all my pores and leave them open?" so once the mask was washed off I used an ordinary Boots scrub to get into the gritty areas of concern. Once I had scrubbed up, I used a cold water spray to close up the pores again.

After my shower/bath/mask adventure I had an extremely pink face! Oooerr! But it's ok, the pink was just in my cheeks where the heat had got the blood circulating. The pink soon went after a while of normal room temperature.

A test, I look in the mirror and check my blackheads. Ok they are still there but they are much easier to remove. I can more or less scrape them off rather than dig into them, so that is good.

Also my cheeks are so soft to touch, and I look healthy with a cute radiant glow. I also feel clean so that's a great thing!

The second time brought the same results with the lovely soft feeling afterwards so I am pleased that I was actually able to use the leftovers, but I doubt there is enough for a third attempt. But that's fine, for 80 odd pence it's great for two uses.

I am now going to take more care of my face and will be using packs such as the sauna mask more often.

# Where can I get it?

All supermarkets and chemists stock it. I picked mine up from Boots at 89 pence, but it's 85 pence in Tesco or Asda. I would check Superdrug for the sachet as sometimes their stock is cheaper.

# Overall

After being nervous about my first mud pack experience I found this product easy to apply with good results.
I was pleased that it was not a pricey health product and was ideal for first time users such as myself.

I was pleased that my face felt clean, as I often feel dirty and miserable from work. My skin was soft and my spots came out better (ergh.. I know thats not really a good thing, but I mean that the spots were'nt stuck under the skin causing more chaos!)

After about a week my face did start getting back to it's normal rotten-ness so to really benefit from the sauna mud, it's advisable to use it say once a week. The squidgy packet does actualy contain enough for about 3 applications anyway so I find that is good value for money too.

The only flaw this product has is the way the pack is opened. There is a tiny tear groove but I found the plastic really hard to actually tear, so getting the liquid out was hard work! But once the liquid was out, it didn't stop running everywhere.

The second attempt was good too. Even though the heat was less, and the packet put up a good fight to squidge the last bit of gel out, the product still made my face feel cleaner and refreshed.

Would I buy this again? Yes, it did work nicely on my face. It was cheap and It doesn't take up any room in my bathroom. Yes, I also recommend it for first time pack users, but if your worried, test a tiny bit of skin out first. Follow the instructions and you'll be fine!

Thank's for reading - Happy packing! :)

Grrr, the criteria doesn't have a suitable option to Why I bought it! - I wanted it to make my skin better! Oh well.

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  • noname_6032 published 23/01/2009
    I love the MJ face masks.
  • carly_pussycat published 28/06/2007
    sounds really good, I wanna try this!
  • cstar9092 published 16/11/2006
    great review
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