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Mookie Catcherball - Simple Family Fun!

AdvantagesGreat value, fun, easy to play, wide audience

DisadvantagesNone in my opinion

"Needing some fun outdoor toys to take to the beach last weekend, we browsed our local beach shop looking for a few cheap buys we could take. One such purchase was the Mookie Catcherball game which is a fun slant on our family favourite of catch and throw. I had played this game as a child and thoroughly enjoyed it then, therefore I decided it was time for me to own my own set. **The Game** This game consists of two catchers ..." Read review

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AdvantagesBright colours, good quality


"When the nice weather finally arrives, we will get our chest of outdoor toys out of the garage and this is one game that we all love. ===The product=== Each round plastic discs measures around 19cm, to one side, there is Velcro and the other is smooth plastic which also has an adjustable Velcro strap on. I have used cheaper versions in the past and they don't have an adjustable strap which I find a bit of a pain, especially when using as a family ..." Read review

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Community Level 9Amy69


Waiting for the iCatcher...

Advantagesprovides exercise, not too expensive

DisadvantagesNot exactly the best...

"A lot of people have been reviewing the catcherball game recently, so I hadn't planned on doing so. However, after finding most of the reviews to be oozing with positivity, I decided that it was time to share my views. Now, as soon as I saw these popping up in the listings I thought "Ooh! I loved those when I was younger!". However, upon reflection, I really don't think I did. My younger siblings (10 and 7) have the catcherball set, as, it seems, ..." Read review

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Softly softly catchy monkey... or catchy ball anyway

AdvantagesCreates good eye/hand co-ordination, very strong and easy to use

Disadvantagesnone really

"...the ball quite a bit. It’s ideal for playing on the beach, in a field, as a family, with friends or even, (if you’ve no friends), on your own. © Blissman70 2012 ..." Read review

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Simple fun

AdvantagesGreat fun for all the family

DisadvantagesPads can slip

"With this set you receive 2 pads and a ball which make up a fun ball game for both children and adults. My children love ball games they like trying to play with bats and balls so when I seen this for just £2 at home bargains I decided to pick it up for them for our next trip to the local country park. == The Pads and the ball == The pads are a fair size they can be used by children and adults and although it is a little large on my sons hand this ..." Read review

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