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published 28/06/2010 | ebarnden1
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"MORE THAN A LITTLE UNHELPFUL (warning rant alert)"

Where to begin???

I changed my car insurance from (what was) Norwich Union 2 years ago as I had a fantastic quote from more than with 4 years no claims discount of £250 and being just 21 at the time I thought this was brilliant.

Well you know when your mum tells you that when things look too good to be true they probably are....well this case it's so true.

~~Making a Claim~~

Unfortunately I had a minor bump in a car park with someone which turned out to be quite nasty. So I contacted More Than and informed them of the issue and they couldn't have cared less. I told them that while "yes" it had been my fault the man had made false accusations with against me and I had witness' to prove this. I also informed them of the pictures I had taken at the scene when the man had got angry. They said (these are the exact words... "Yea great send them in if you want")
so I did. This was April 2009 and to this day I have not heard a single word since, none of my witness' have either.

Now I know now I'm going to sound like an awful driver now but unfortunately I had another incident in September 2009 and had to inform them again. I sent everything off as quickly as possible and informed them of the situation. Again another false allegation had popped up in the claim so again I informed them of the situation and offered witness reviews again (this time they said "Don't worry about it at the moment") and yes legal action is now being made!!!!!!

But this is just the tip of an iceburg bigger than the one that sank the Titanic.

~~Renewing your insurance~~

So after April 2009 my renewal was up in June 2009 so sure enough my documents came through and I was a little disappointed but understanding that it had gone up £400 still a little steep I thought. (But didn't think to shop for cheaper)

So 4 days before it was due I phoned More Than and spoke to a pleasant foreign chap who took my details and I paid by credit card, was given a reference number and merrily went on my way to await my credit card bill.

5 DAYS LATER.......... I received a letter from More Than that stated my insurance had not been renewed and I had to contact them within "x" amount of days before I lost my quote. I contacted my credit card first who stated "yes" it had gone through so I quickly put a stop to that and then phoned More Than.

I got through to this extremely rude and stroppy woman who did not speak a word of English who shouted at me stating I was wrong. I asked to be put through to her superviser who was very nice and stated she was very sorry for the problems and did I want to renew? I gave her the reference number and she stated she could not find my information and could she contact me on my mobile number.

AT THIS POINT I WAS FURIOUS. I apologized to the young girl on the phone but I had been driving around for 5 DAYS without insurance when they could have contacted me there and then on my mobile to inform me!!!!!!
I stated this was and outrage and managed to get £200 off my insurance with a threat to writing to Watchdog and Which magazine.

So this was June 2009 sorted and so to June 2010.

In late May I realized that I had not received any information to renew my insurance and so decided stupidly to phone them. I was greeted with a very snotty and obnoxious woman who simply told me they were not renewing my insurance and that was that. I had received no written information in the mean time to tell me this and I was now concerned about my claims. I tried to discuss this with the woman who informed me I had no claims?!?!?!?!?! and that was all she could tell me, when asked to speak to her supervisor she simply said HE NOT HERE and hung up the phone!!!!!!!

I was so angry that I typed out a letter to More Than to get to the bottom of what on earth was going on!! In the meantime the very next day I received a letter stating there was a mistake with there computer system and please could I contact them to discuss matters further.

AGAIN ANOTHER WASTED PHONE CALL.... When I phoned I was put on hold TWICE each time for 5 minutes plus. I told them they had to ring me back because I was on my mobile and could not afford to keep paying for these phone calls.

Yet again they had deleted my files apparently and so I was given yet another load of garbage and numbers to ring. When the person who yet again could not speak English finally stopped talking and not answering any of my questions regarding my claims said2so you buy insurance yes" I asked for a quote and she repeated the same line and I repeated myself (Oh what a joyous game!) and was given a quote for nearly £1500 so obviously I stated "On your bike and then some".

~~So to date~~

I have no idea what is going on about my claims. The second one is taking further action but I have received one letter and I have no idea what is going to happen now that I am not with them. I protected my no claims bonus when I first when with them which stated I had 4 years without a claim but they will not pass this information onto my new car insurance (luckily i kept my old documents).

Everytime I phone the company I spend 20 minutes minimum trying to find someone that can actually understand what I am saying and fail miserably with less information thatn I started with and my phone bill is at least £10 more this month with the phone calls which I'm very tempted to try and claim back!!!

~~My advice~~

I really would recommend that you think before you buy. I have read other reviews on here and no one appears to have a good thing to say about them. If you have no claims to make or any queries then you may be ok but to try and talk to someone is beyond a joke. You get little to no help or information if you do have to make a claim or a query and the staff are so rude. The most difficult thing is the non-English speaking call centres, I was actually told but an apparent "high up" member of staff that everyone has to have studied English and obtained certificated before they can speak on the phone but if this is true then if I were them I would be asking for a refund on my education.

This is the worst experience I have had with any formal sort of insurance or anything and would not even recommend it to my worst enemy.

P.S Sorry about the rant!! :)

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Comments on this review

  • VampirePrincessLizzy published 28/06/2010
    More than was rubbish and highly priced with pet insurance too. E & L have been the best so far for me ;o)
  • Ryanellaxx published 28/06/2010
    What a nightmare. Thankis for the review. Wld definitely think twice or three times before going with them! x
  • dynamicnurse published 28/06/2010
    My brother has a similar experience to you, after having had a bump in his car More Than were a waste of space!
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