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Morphy Richards 47049

Filter Coffee Maker - Top Mounted Filter - Max volume:10 cups - No Pressure System

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published 22/12/2011 | ladybracknell
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Pro Compact size, unobtrusive and comes with free extended warranty
Cons Water reservoir is awkward to fill
Ease of use
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Cleaning & Maintenance

"My compliments to Morphy Richards"

Morphy Richards 47049

Morphy Richards 47049

They say 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' but despite my ancient filter coffee maker still being just about functional, after the best part of eight years, it was not performing quite the way it should. As I had a healthy balance in my Amazon account, I decided the time was right for a replacement. My old machine was a Morphy Richards and as it had served me faithfully throughout the years only requiring the odd de-scale every so often, I saw no reason to change manufacturer and I set about looking for a similar model. I eventually plumped for a machine from the Compliments range which had a very similar design but which came with a few extra bells and whistles.

This particular model is currently retailing for £33.99 on Amazon and is a similar price from other suppliers, including Argos. It comes with the usual 12 month guarantee but with an option to extend the warranty for an additional 12 months when you register it with Morphy Richards within 28 days of purchase. I should add this extended guarantee only covers the electrics and body of the machine and comes with quite a list of exclusions.


This is a simple filter coffee machine and is a fairly compact size which fits easily and neatly onto the worktop without taking up too much space. It stands approximately 32cm high, has a depth of 22cm and width of 19cm. The colour of the main body of the machine is described as graphite which is black to all intents and purposes with a central brushed aluminium panel containing the LED display and control buttons. Despite the majority of the body being made of plastic, it looks stylish enough to have on display on your worktop.

The top of the machine flips up to reveal the removable double coffee filter and water reservoir and on top of the flip top lid is a coffee strength control knob. The clear glass jug has a plastic handle and flip top lid also in graphite and a water level indicator, given in cups rather than millilitres. It's as well to note that the cups referred to are coffee cups rather than the mug that most of us drink from these days and this needs to be taken into account when filling the machine. (I've always used the rule of thumb that two coffee cups equals one coffee mug.) The glass jug sits snugly into the machine resting on the hot plate.


The water reservoir is situated at the back of the machine and has a water level indicator, again shown in cups. Personally, I tend to measure the water I need using the jug and simply pour it into the reservoir, making the integrated water level indicator more of less redundant. The location of the water reservoir at the back of the machine right up against the flip top lid does make filing slightly awkward when using the glass jug but I don't regard this as a major negative as it only means there's a small amount of water left in the jug after filling.

Operating the machine:

It should be noted that the manufacturers recommend running the machine with plain water initially to clean it out and also it helps to get rid of that new plastic smell and taste.

This is a very basic machine so operation is also very simple, even down to the setting of the automatic brewing function. The control panel consists of two indicator lights (red for manual and green for automatic), a digital timer read-out and four buttons. Manual operation is merely a case of filling the reservoir with water, adding the required amount of coffee into the permanent filter, placing the jug onto the hot plate, first making sure that the jug lid is properly closed, and switching on. It's important to ensure that the jug lid is closed because there is a little raised knob in the centre of the lid which activates a corresponding valve on the machine allowing the coffee to drip through into the jug. If the jug isn't seated correctly in order to activate the valve, the machine is liable to flood.

To operate the timer for automatic coffee making requires setting the 24 hour clock, firstly to the correct time and entering the programme and then setting the timer to the time you require the machine to begin making the coffee. Once this has been done, the green auto light is illuminated.


The coffee brews quickly and quietly with this machine, although once all the water has gone through it does make a few hisses and gurgles.

The strength of coffee can be controlled by twisting the knob on the top of the machine. This strength selector sounds more hi-tech than it actually is. All the knob does is allow the water to flow more quickly or slowly through the machine thus slightly altering the length of time the coffee grounds are steeping in the water. In all honesty, I can't say I've noticed any difference in the strength of the final brew and have always just added extra scoops of coffee when I've wanted a stronger brew.

Safety measures:

One big improvement on my earlier model of this coffee machine is that previously if you forgot to switch the machine off, you ended up wasting electricity and with burnt coffee dried onto the glass jug. This newer model now has a built in safety feature whereby the machine switches itself off after two hours.

Care and Maintenance:

The most important thing to ensure longevity of your machine is to descale on a regular basis, especially if you live in a hard water area. I live in a hard water area and descaled my previous machine two or three times a year which I'm convinced has helped it survive as long as it did.

Cleaning the rest of the machine is just a case of wiping down with a soft cloth and a weak solution of washing up liquid. Obviously, it's inadvisable to use anything abrasive as this will result in scratches to the plastic and the glass.


This may not be a top of th range, all-singing-all-dancing machine that makes every kind of coffee you care to name but if you prefer your coffee to be a straight Americano, to use Starbucks-speak, rather than some frothed up apology for a cup of coffee, this is a great little machine. Its design is simple and stylish enough to fit into any kitchen colour scheme and it's small enough to be unobtrusive when not in use. Besides which it makes a darn good cup of coffee quickly and efficiently.

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  • Dentolux published 02/01/2012
    Superb review. I'm giving this an early morning E. Speaking of coffee, I'm off to make breakfast.
  • Gooseydyoo published 29/12/2011
    I really could do with one of these. Great review with all I need to know to convince me I should treat myself to one.
  • bluejules published 29/12/2011
    Excellent and detailed review!
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Product Information : Morphy Richards 47049

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Filter Coffee Maker - Top Mounted Filter - Max volume:10 cups - No Pressure System

Product Details

EAN: 5011832022875, 5051549878303

Manufacturer: Morphy Richards

Type: Filter Coffee Maker

Maximum Volume in Cups: 10

Type of Jug: Glass Jug

Filter System: Top Mounted Filter

Pressure System: No Pressure System

Housing Material: Plastic

Timer: without Timer

Cup Warmer: with Cup Warmer

Water Filter: without Water Filter

Aroma Switch: with Aroma Switch

Type of Electronic Infoscreen: No

Milk Foamer: No

Pad/Capsules System: No


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