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Morphy Richards 47470 /71 /73 /74 /78

Filter Coffee Maker - Top Mounted Filter - without Integrated Coffee Grinder - Max volume:10 cups - No Pressure System

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published 12/08/2002 | Klara13
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Pro Uncomplicated and good value.
Cons Coffee not as hot as it could be.
very helpful
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"Lazy, hazy Coffee days."

For some its chocolate, others its cakes, but what does it for me is coffee! Filter coffee to be exact, the flavour, the cream, the calories, the warmth from the cup and that tantalizing aroma. The whole experience for me embraces summer mornings and lazy days. My very old bubbling percolator had seen better days and sadly it was time for a replacement.

It was with a sad heart that I made my way to the local Curry’s store.

Aww, I bet your all thinking, she really feels for that little coffee percolator that has given her years of faithful service. Nope! She’s the stingy, tight-fisted, penny-pinching scrooge that loathes spending out money on electrical equipment, because it usually gets left to gather dust in a quiet corner of the kitchen. Bah humbug!

Eye’s glazed and feet heavy I scanned the shelves. An array of technological gadgetry bombarded my senses, frothy coffee, chocolate coffee, combos, with cups without cup, timers and milk boilers. No! I was bewildered. Then I saw her unobtrusive, uncomplicated, clear-cut and reasonably priced.

Let me present to you...

The Morphy Richards 47470 C/M Graphite Coffee Maker, now in my safe keeping for the princely sum of £22.70p.

So here’s what you can expect for your hard earned cash.

It comes packaged it a cardboard box, with a picture of the enclosed product and a short synopsis of content. I can’t go into great detail as unfortunately I binned it, but the content is the important bit.

Box opened and promptly binned along with the plastic bag that covers the main unit.

Series 2000 10 cup coffee maker.

The main unit stands 15-inches/38 cm tall and 26-inches/99 cm in circumference, is made of a shiny plastic and is a dark grey in colour giving it the named ‘Graphite’ appearance. There is a clear water level window positioned on the left hand side with the appliance facing towards you, and a on/off switch situated bottom right just below the hot plate.

The hinged reservoir lid is coloured silver with a strength indicator that can be turned from strong to light depending on personal taste. The switch itself is quite chunky which makes it ideal for people with large hands or arthritic fingers.

Upon lifting the lid you will find the water reservoir situated towards the back of the machine, at the front a reusable permanent mesh filter and the removable filter holder, with a built in non-drip valve. This prevents any water escaping before the jug is correctly placed.

The jug is made from heat resistant clear glass with a water level indicator complete with ‘comfy-grip handle’ (their words not mine.) It’s a just a handle, no more no less. The lid of the jug is tight fitting which can make it a little awkward to place but not overly bothersome, and as it also works with the drip valve to prevent coffee dripping on the hot plate after its removal. The jug sits neatly on the hot plate giving an over all appearance of a neat uncluttered machine.
This is all finished off by four little non-slip feet and comes complete with a fitted 13-amp fused plug.

So what else do you get?

The guarantee; the unit comes with a two year guarantee, applicable to England and Ireland only. The card gives you clear and comprehensive instructions on what to do if the product becomes faulty, details of the help line, which is charged at local rate. There is also a list of exclusions; such as, you must not have tampered with the machine or used it for anything other than domestic purposes.
The Jug is not covered under the guarantee, so I you drop it on the floor and it breaks, its down to you to replace it. I have not had a problem with my machine so I can’t comment on their customer service but I haven’t read anything on the guarantee that I would consider unreasonable.

Instruction book; you are presented with a bulleted list of 20 important safe guards that need to be taken into account when using the machine. Most of which is down to common sense. So no immersing the unit in water or sticking your fingers on the hot plate when it’s hot. However, joking aside it is important to read about and understand your machine; the jug is not microwave proof, you must not allow the electrical connections to get wet or use hot or warm water to fill the reservoir to name but a few. The safe guards are there to prevent you inadvertently hurting yourself or others, water and electric! Ignore at your peril.

Next a detailed paragraph telling you the electrical requirement you need to run your machine; This is a direct copy of the requirements as written in the handbook ‘Check the voltage on the rating plate of the appliance corresponds with your house electric supply which must be A.C. (Alternating Current).
If the socket outlets in your home are not suitable for the plug supplied with this appliance the plug should be removed and the appropriate one fitted.’
The appliance must be earthed and a BS1362 13amp fuse must be fitted.

Sorry about that boring bit but it’s a personal thing of mine, electricity is a killer if not treated with respect, and if your ever unsure consult the professionals.

Moving on to the general instructions. Once again clear documentation on how to use, clean and care for your machine. I will not list them here because if you do choose to purchase the coffee machine for yourself you will have it all there and will be far more meaningful.

Lastly and probably the most important, making your coffee. Was it good value for money? And am I pleased that I purchased it?

Well, there are no little extras, what you are getting is basic coffee machine. The permanent removable filter is hardwearing and easy to remove and clean, to clean it is simplicity itself; empty out the coffee grinds and run it under the hot tap, it will become stained but this is normal, the same with the removable filter holder a quick swish in water with added washing up liquid and it comes up good as new.

The jug and lid can be placed in the dishwasher or washed up by hand. And the unit itself is kept clean by rubbing over with a damp cloth.

The jug is used to measure the required amount of water into the reservoir and is marked for up to 10 cups or approximately 4.5 mugs.

Making your coffee

Lift the lid and fill the your jug with the required amount of cold water and pore it into the reservoir. Spoon your chosen ground filter coffee into the mesh filter and spread it evenly. Most coffee producers recommend one heap desert spoon per cup and I have found this an adequate amount.

Close the lid and select the strength of coffee required by using the ‘strength selector’ dial on the lid. There are six strengths to choose from and this is really a case of trial and error especially if you’re like me and try many different coffees, as they all have different strengths depending on blend, I would recommend that you steer clear of the lightest though because unless you like your coffee resembling dish water you will be very disappointed. I have found that medium to strong strength suits most palates.

Next pop the lid onto the jug, slide the jug into the coffee maker. Plug the machine in at the wall socket and switch coffee maker on, the on/off switch will light up, hot water will flow through the coffee and six to seven minutes later your coffee will be ready to drink. And very nice it is to.

The hotplate keeps the coffee at temperature reasonably well. Although if left to long (over 20 minutes) I do feel that some of the flavour is lost.

There is only one negative aspect of this machine, my partner likes his drinks hot, very hot in fact and this coffee maker does not bring the coffee to boiling point. I know coffee should not be boiled as it imparts the flavour but the coffee does become quite cool especially after the cream or milk is added, I have found the best way to overcome this is to warm the cups or mugs first.

However that said for £22.70 this machine is proving very good value for money.
So if you want a no frills, basic coffee maker I really don’t feel you can go far wrong with this one. It can be purchased through most electrical retailers in the UK and the recommended retail price of £22.70p appears to remain the same across all outlets.

Details of their full product range can be found at

Thank you for reading and enjoy you coffee.

Take care, Klara.

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  • Nar published 07/10/2004
    this is a good machine though in general, most filter coffee machines will never make boiling coffee and you have pointed out that youre aware coffee shouldnever be boiling as it does spoil the flavour. Try heating up milk instead when making filter coffee for more warmth. Hot mugs on their own just dont do it for me Im afraid! Good review. Nar
  • Ciaoboy published 18/09/2002
    I just bought the double version of this with the cappucino/espresso machine stuck on the side. It rocks!
  • delawney published 14/09/2002
    Mmmm, coffee. I'm going to have to go off and make a cup now! Nice op ;)
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Product Information : Morphy Richards 47470 /71 /73 /74 /78

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Filter Coffee Maker - Top Mounted Filter - without Integrated Coffee Grinder - Max volume:10 cups - No Pressure System

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EAN: 5011832008930, 5011832008923, 5011832008947, 5011832007322

Manufacturer: Morphy Richards

Type: Filter Coffee Maker

Maximum Volume in Cups: 10

Type of Jug: Glass Jug, Insulated Jug

Filter System: Top Mounted Filter

Pressure System: No Pressure System

Housing Material: Plastic

Integrated Coffee Grinder: without Integrated Coffee Grinder

Timer: without Timer

Cup Warmer: without Cup Warmer

Water Filter: without Water Filter

Aroma Switch: without Aroma Switch

Type of Electronic Infoscreen: No

Milk Foamer: No

Pad/Capsules System: No

Pad-, Capsules-System: Traditional Coffee Maker


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