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"A Big Powerful Microwave that has Stood the test of Time"

Morphy Richards Easi Tronic Microwave

Morphy Richards Easi Tronic Microwave


It must be 5 years ago now that I had a microwave that broke. At the time I only used the microwave to make flavoured instant porridge for breakfast and so it was no real great loss to me. However, on informing my mum of my lack of microwave she very kindly found that it was her motherly duty to buy me a replacement.

I do not consider myself a fussy or demanding daughter and as such was very grateful to my mum for buying me a microwave. I was asked if there was anything specific that I wanted and said 'no, anything that you are happy to get me please'. As my mum lives a long way away she arranged for my new microwave to be delivered to me and I was pleasantly surprised when my Morphy Richards AM925EFP silver microwave arrived, although I must say, initially I was surprised at the size as it is big.

Current Price and Availability

As I say, I think it was 5 years ago that I got this microwave. I know that my mum ordered it for me from Argos but do not know how much she paid for it at the time. Looking online I cannot see that the main white good sellers such as Curry's or Argos sell this item any more. The only place that I can see that currently lists this particular microwave is Homebase. It is currently detailed online that Homebase are selling this microwave on eBay at £59.99 reduced from £89.99. I think that this is a pretty good price for a very substantial piece of equipment which is made by a known brand.


Microwave power output 900 watts.
Heating category E.
Interior capacity 25 litres.
Painted steel interior.
31.5cm diameter rotating turntable.
Maximum dish height 19cm.
5 microwave settings.
8 auto cook setting.
Auto weight defrost/cook.
95 minute timer.
24 hour clock.
Child safety lock.
Size (H)30.5, (W)51.3, (D)42.5cm.
Weight 14.3kg.

User Manual

The user manual for the Morphy Richards AM925EFP microwave can be downloaded from the below link:

I think that this manual is really very useful. It gives the general spec on the product along with the general warnings about not letting your young children use them unattended, and to be careful heating liquids and other items that could explode if full covered.

In my opinion this manual goes above and beyond listing all items that can be used in the microwave, what should be avoided, details on operating the microwave and even what the cooking times are of certain foods such as potatoes based on weights.

I find the manual nice and easy to understand, useful and it is all in English which is a bit or a rarity nowadays,

Using the AM925EFP Microwave

Initially looking at this microwave it seems as little confusing as there are no numbers on it. However, there is a circular knob that is used to scroll up and down the numbers.

Initially turning the microwave on there are 2 main ways that you may want to use the microwave:

Method one, press the top button and select if you want 100% 80% 50% 30% or 10% power. Once decided press the lowest button to confirm. Then use the twisty knob at the bottom to scroll up to the time you require.

Method two: the lowest button if pressed once will microwave at full power for 30 seconds, press twice fir 1 minute, three times for 1 minute 30 and so on.

I find this microwave incredibly easy to use and find I can do everything I want to easily using the above methods I have described. You can do more with this microwave but I'm really not sure why you would want to press that you are having pasta and then detail the weight etc.

This microwave is large, it is possibly the largest microwave that I have ever used. Because of the size of it there is nothing that I have wanted to put in it that would not fit. For me this is not really a positive as it means that it uses up a lot of my kitchen work top space. However, if you had a large family or a huge appetite I would guess this would come in handy.

This microwave is 900 watts and I find that it heats everything up really nice and quickly. I have to admit I really don't understand how microwaves work but they never seem to heat things up evenly. With this microwave being so powerful I have on just a few occasions ended up with part of my food baking hot and another bit cold, however, I know this is just down to incorrect cooking times.

The microwave cooking instructions on most food that I have wanted to microwave only gives cooking instructions for microwaves up to 800w or sometimes 850w. This does tend to means that I have to guess on the cooking times or reduce the power level. This is a little annoying but generally just slightly reducing the cooking time seems to work ok I have found.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Of course despite the warnings a about not letting food explode in microwaves this does inevitably happen when you out something to microwave for a little longer than you should. I find that cleaning the inside of this microwave is really pretty easy. There are not a great deal of component parts to take out and it really is the simpler the better. I can take out my glass plate and circular runner underneath it. Then cleaning the inside of my microwave is easy as it is just cleans lines.

I generally always clean my microwave after using it and just wipe it around with a cloth using my washing up liquid. For me keeping the inside clean is quite straight forward. The outside is as bit of another matter as it is next to my cooker and tends to gradually get as build up of grease on it. Every couple of weeks I use a strong degreaser but this clan still be hard work keeping it nice and clean despite regularly wiping it over with a dishcloth.

Other than general cleaning I have not had any maintenance requirement with the microwave. The only issue I have at all is that a little bit of the metal lining inside the door has started to wear away a little but this is only due to wear and tear over time.

Overall I think that this microwave has stood the test of time brilliantly. It is only used at most a couple of times as week but after 5 years I have needed no real maintenance with it.

Anything I would change about this Product?

For me there are only a few little niggles that I have using this microwave. However, I think I would have the same issues with all microwaves. Firstly, because the way my kitchen is designed and how I use it, it would be really nice if I could have a microwave that opens in the opposite way with the door hinge on the right. I recently perused the microwave aisle of a local independent high street seller and the all have the door hinges on the left, I wonder why?

Secondly, my husband has an annoying habit of putting food items on top of the microwave. Then, when the microwave is used the top of the microwave heats up and in turn heats up what he has put on there. Really in an ideal world I would like microwaves to be better insulated so that they did not heat up the surrounding area.

Thirdly, there are a few too many buttons on this microwave in my opinion. In 5 years I have never found the need to use the 'potatoe' button and think that this just over complicates things. However, maybe if I gave it a go I would be converted but who knows.


I have had my Morphy Richards microwave for 5 years with absolutely no trouble and it heats my food well. Yes I think there are a few too many buttons which could over complicate it but I still find it easy to use. As a result yes I recommend this microwave.

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