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published 18/11/2008 | Angryloner
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Pro Easy to get a job, anyone can work there.
Cons Anyone can work there, looks bad on CV after a while, management, pay, company policies.....
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"The hell of Morrisons"

Well, to start, I am currently an unwilling prisoner of a Morrisons store in the Salford area of Manchester. I took the job on out of desperation, and also because I wrongly thought that with my pretty decent academic, vocational and professional qualifications, something would turn up soon. I was wrong. To anyone thinking of getting a job there, for whatever reason, bear one thing in mind. Once the word Morrison's sullies your CV, no excuse will atone for it, and you will always be viewed as a knucklehead by any other potential employer.

Working at Morrisons is not a pleasant experience. There is always a mini crisis in progress, which is almost always down to understaffing or supply problems (the suppliers at Wakefield, being owned by Morrisons, are also horribly overworked). The management are generally arrogant, patronising, incredibly lazy and inept and exude an air of pomposity several miles north of royalty (the ADM at my store spends his days with one hand in his pocket, and the other clutching a walkie talkie, barking out orders). Overtime, for the benefit of the company's requirements, is lumped on people regardless of consent, with rotas amended without your knowledge, and non compliance punished. In Morrisons, ignorance is no defence. Despite the obviously chronic staffing shortages on all departments, everything is expected to be worked by the end of your shift, with the store left in an impossibly immaculate state, which is nigh on impossible on the weekends, as the incompetent management have everyone on the shop floor facing up the shelves CONSTANTLY from 9am to 5pm on a Saturday. This means the shelves are practically empty on a Sunday, and two days work must be done in one. A visit from the deity like area manager is reason enough for everyone to be told to stop doing anything remotely practical, like filling the shelves, and go on a shelf facing rampage regardless as to whether the impending visit is a hoax or not. The training seems to be more indoctrination than information, the uniform is a joke (two shirts and an anachronistic apron that makes you sweat profusely whilst being run ragged) and you are told to appreciate what you get. Trousers, gloves, safety boots and even pens are to be provided by you.

As for shopping, I wouldn't really shop at the place myself, given the choice. Queues at the checkouts are often horrendous, backing up the aisles on occasion, the overworked staff, some of whom are actually quite nice people under less stressful circumstances, end up viewing the customers as an annoyance getting in their way, and many a dirty look and harsh word have been muttered from some of my co sufferers. Standards of cleanliness are questionable at best, with clouds of flies lurking behind the nice facade of fruit juices, or, as on more than one occasion, maggots festering behind the milk. As no one has the time to clean these things up, they often go unnoticed until the smell becomes unbearable. In addition, Morrisons stores seem to be a Mecca for shoplifters and eat before you pay cheapskates, so if you consider yourself a couple of notches above savage, I wouldn't recommend mixing with them.

Working at Morrisons is akin to smoking. It's easier to just not start then it is to start and then stop. In short, try Tesco or somewhere else, both to shop or work. Realistically, they're all the same in essence; it's just that Morrisons is the worst of a bad bunch.

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  • KateHurst published 11/06/2009
    Facing up - now that takes me back. (E.H. Booth are very big on facing up shelves and I used to work there.) The lack of communication re. working hours and shifts sounds like a nightmare, too - something else I can relate to.
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