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Morrisons Tendercare Disposable Nappies

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... A couple of weeks ago we hadn't noticed that we were down to three nappies, so my partner had to race over to Morrisons before they closed and he came back with a pack of Morrisons own brand of nappies. I thought they would be just as good as the boots own brand and the price was not much ... Read review

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A Right Bum Deal Review with images

AdvantagesThey have nice pictures of whales on them.

DisadvantagesThey don't really work all that well and are not much cheaper than premium brand nappies.

"Since having my daughter 13 years ago I always used premium branded nappies and never considered buying cheaper brands of nappies. Since having my son just 20 months ago, we were given the usual free samples when you have a baby, which included a _Huggies_ and a _Pampers_ nappy and money off coupons for them. These are the most well known and are popular with most new parents. Also our family bought us some nappies and baby supplies so we were stocked ..." Read review

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p*ss poor Review with images

Advantagesbetter than no nappy

Disadvantagesleak, rough, create mess

"The Mrs and I are always trying to find cheaper alternatives to the big name brands so it's no surprise that we have tried supermarket own brand nappies. We have actually been rather impressed with some of them and so when we tried Morrison's own nappies we were quite shocked to find out how totally appalling they are. They are terrible but I have still awarded them 2 stars seeing as they are better than nothing although only just! === The nappy ..." Read review

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leaky and rough!

AdvantagesThey don't irritate skin

Disadvantagesthey leaks!

"Morrisonís dry nappies. I have written several nappy reviews which has surprised me, I didnít think that I would have such an opinion on the different types you can buy but actually I do and since my baby has become a toddler Iíve found that the subtle differences between each brand and design really matter. I have tried a wide variety of nappies from the big brands like Pampers and Huggies to supermarket own brands. I have always been very happy ..." Read review

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More reasons to shop at Morrisons

AdvantagesReasonably priced, value for money, good fit

DisadvantagesFeel rough to the touch, tabs not as stretchy as they could be.

"...to switch over to the Morrisons brand and give them a try and he tends to sleep from 7.30pm until 6.30am in the nappy so for us it is vital that it minimises irritation to the skin and keeps him dry throughout the night. The Morrisons nappies do keep him dry and he seems very comfortable in them, however the tabs do seem to be quite wide and did into the tops of his thighs, there never seems to be any marks but to me it just looks uncomfortable and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1beckiyjoyce

Quick review of Morrisons Tendercare Disposable Nappies

"These nappies are brilliant. We purchased them the other week due to the fact that Tescos had sold out and we have had no leaking, our daughter is a very active 20 month old! They are very stretchy and a lovely pretty design on the front. Our daughter is even able to pull them up and down in order to go to the toilet! x

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Long Name Tendercare Disposable Nappies
Type Nappy
Manufacturer Morrisons


Listed on Ciao since 20/06/2004

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