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published 09/06/2002 | Luigi
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"Moth or Myth"

Based on actual events which took place in Point Pleasant, W.Va., in December 1967, this movie will have your undivided attention for two whole hours. It may even have some men suffering from that well-known condition common to those who are focused on something interesting – temporary deafness.

I collected my wife from work last Thursday, nothing unusual in that, but on the way home we spent the entire 20 minute journey talking (she talked I listened) about a movie just-released that day on VHS about something which took place in West Virginia. She was really excited about it as she said it was centred around events which took place in a small town near to the Ohio border, 55 miles N.W. of the state capital of Charleston, W.Va.

As we were both not working at the weekend, we decided in the car that we would look up information about the film and hire it the following night (Friday). By the time we’d read a bit about it, we thought it would be too good to wait, and phoned around the local video stores – only one (Blockbuster of Morgantown, W.Va.) had a copy left – they’d started off with 25!

After getting it home we dispensed with the usual ritual of watching the trailers, we were both looking forward to seeing this movie about our home state!

For those of you who have ever read any of my movie reviews, I am still trying to perfect my opinion-writing technique. I will try and give you a taster about the movie without giving too much away. Here goes!

John Klein (Richard Gere) is a successful reporter for the Washington Post who shares a loving relationship with his wife, Mary (Debra Messing). They go along to view the dream house they’ve always been looking and at last find it – life, it seems couldn’t be better.

On the happy drive home, Mary sees something unusual in the car’s headlights which causes her to brake sharply. The car spins out of control. In the process (this scene is particularly good, as it slows right down) Mary hits her head on the side window knocking her unconscious.

John calls the paramedics on his cell-phone and the injured Mary is taken to the local hospital. When she comes to (this makes the viewer jump!) she asks John if he’d seen it? John doesn’t know what she’s talking about. However, not that long afterwards, when Mary dies, he discovers some strange sketches of a mysterious-looking winged creature, which Mary had drawn in a note book.

Several years later, John’s life is gradually coming back together, but he is clearly a man altered by tragedy. He is asked to do a political interview in Richmond, Va., about 100 miles south of Washington, DC. On the way he appears to just lose his bearings. He comes to a deserted crossroads where the car just stops, apparently some kind of electrical problem which also affects his cell-phone. He decides to go looking for a house where he can use their phone. He arrives at a farmhouse, where after knocking, the owner (played by Will Patton of “Armageddon”) looks at him and says: “I’ve been waiting for you.” Gordon takes Klein upstairs at gunpoint, wanting to know why he’s been around for the last three nights. Gordon’s wife Denise (played by Lucinda Jenney) calls the police who arrives not long afterwards as Sgt Connie Parker (played by Laura Linney), someone well-known to the Smallwoods.

After calming the situation, Connie says she will deal with Mr Klein and takes him outside. She divulges that the entire county is on edge due to a recent series of odd disturbances. It is only now that John realizes that he is in Point Pleasant, West Virginia -- four hundred miles from where he thought he was. It is not logically possible. But here he is. How?

His curiosity piqued, John decides to stay in Point Pleasant to explore the reports of unexplained phenomena in the town. He soon realizes that they may all be related - not just to each other, but also to the strange sketches Mary had been obsessively drawing just hours before her death. However, what exactly is the connection? The events defy simple explanation and, even more disturbing, seem to predict impending disasters. Plane crashes, earthquakes… surely it must be a gruesome coincidence? The more he unravels, the more John begins to question his own sanity. Are there unknown forces behind the strange sightings? What terrible thing awaits the people of Point Pleasant? For John, it’s a race against time to figure it out - and try to prevent something terrible from happening.

Cast & Crew

John Klein......Richard Gere
Mary Klein…………..Debra Messing
Gordon Smallwood..Will Patton
Denise Smallwood..Lucinda Jenney
Sgt. Connie Parker.Laura Linney

Director..Mark Pellington (Arlington Road)
Producers..Tom Rosenburg Gary Lucchesi (The Gift)
Gary Goldstein (Under Siege)
Executive Producer……Ted Tannenbaum (Runaway Bride)
Co-Producer..Richard S. Wright (Autumn in New York)

The film overall is very fast-paced and has you guessing at every turn. Look out for Sgt Connie Parker’s hat, which resembles the one worn in the film “Fargo”. There is also a quite minor role of Alexander Leek, played by British actor Alan Bates, who has experienced the premonitions.

I highly recommend this movie -- most definitely if you’re into the horror/mystery genre.

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  • LBuSBu1 published 14/04/2003
    A really well-written review. I watched this film at home with my mother a few nights ago. I had planned to, after watching the film, going upstairs to have a shower. I was destined to go, though, with unwashed hair because I was too scared to go upstairs in case Mothman was waiting for me. And so I curled up for the night on the settee and didn't go upstairs till morning! An informative review which I enjoyed reading very much.
  • logan7 published 26/07/2002
    A very good op... On the italian Ciao I notice that on 13 ops, a half aren't so positive with this movie... that I haven't still seen. Riccardo.
  • paula_tanser published 04/07/2002
    Hi Luigi, good op, I've been debating wether to get this film or not, but now I think I will. Thanks. Paula :o)
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