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published 10/04/2004 | yvonnedavies
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Pro good alround creepy psychological film based on a true story
Cons if you want gore, this isn't your film
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"The Mothman Proficies - a gripping Film"

Looking at the reviews on IMDB for this film, it seems you either love it or hate it, and I fall in the loved it category. In fact this has now taken pride of place in my top 5 films on my personal home page.

Mothman prophecies is a hard film to classify. It’s not really a horror film in the usual chop and hack stalking terror kind of a way. It’s not really terrifying but is creepy. The closest thing to this out there is the x-files but even that doesn’t cover it. I think the closest words I can use to classify it is “psychological” and “mystery”.

The story revolves around the main character John Klein (Richard Gere) who was a happily married reporter whose wife (Debra Messing) dies, but before she dies she sees a creature of some kind. After she dies John finds the drawings of the eerie creature she saw and is apparently disturbed by this.
Two years later he heads off on a short journey and his car breaks down so he goes for help. He however discovers he has somehow travelled over 400 miles in 90 minutes to a place he had no intention of visiting called Point Pleasant in West Virginia. Here he quickly discovers that everyday normal people have reported seeing and hearing strange things, and a sketch of the creature seen was almost identical to the one his wife had drawn before she died.
Slight Spoiler

John sets about a detailed investigation of these experiences to try and uncover the reason for his wife’s death. He discovers that this creature, which sees to appear differently to different people, is prophesising impending tragedies, however the majority of the people are more upset by the disturbing image of this moth/man like creature with eerie glowing red eyes. He starts receiving telephone calls himself and tests the creature’s clairvoyance ability methodically. He is quickly convinced and takes the tape for analysis, where he discovers it was not made from human vocal cords. He then reaches an expert in the subject and discovers these creatures are only seen before an impending accident/disaster. This meant something bad was going to happen in Point Creak. John is giving the warning that if he was called there, then he was called there to die, and that he should choose to live instead of looking of evidence. The expert also warns him that he can’t uncover the truth about them, as they are not “meant to know”. This pushes John to abandon his search for what the mothman is, and instead try and discover what the message is that it is trying to relay.
All in all, as I have said this is a psychological film. There is a feeling of an impending doom throughout and you are left not wondering if something will happen, but the when, what and who will die, (which is where the main tension in the film lies) thought I’m not going to spoil the film by telling you the answer to that. The creepiness of the images of these creatures sometimes sends a shiver down your spine and keeps you wondering through a lot of the film about their true nature, and as this is left open, and based on a true story, you may find yourself wondering this a few hours later when your alone in bed as well.

All in all – if you like psychological creepy films that make you think instead of handing you all the answeres on a plate – you’ll like this
However if you’d prefer blood and guts and stalker psycho killer films, you may not be as impressed
And if your in-between? Go and watch it and find our for yourself

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  • n13roy published 10/01/2005
    Saw this in the Cinema when it first came out...Really enjoyed it....After reading this review think I will get the DVD,there must be "Special Edition " ou by now ???........Roy
  • stuleg published 10/04/2004
    I think I would like this. Stuart
  • JessL published 10/04/2004
    I'm terrible with scary films, so I don't think this is for me! x
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