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published 10/06/2006 | syke7
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Cons Everything - Richard Gere! The mothmen - No little gerbil to provide some humour
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"Should be called the boredom prophecies"

I've seen a lot of bad movies, many of them recently. I'm always amazed at what trash will get funded by major studios. SAVING SILVERMAN!!! FREDDIE GOT FINGERED!!! TOMB RAIDER!! But one thing those movies had going for them...I got through them. MOTHMAN PROPHECIES put me to sleep in the movie theatre!!! That never happens. I can endure just about anything, except I'd never realised how lethal a combination of dark images, people whispering a lot, a totally worthless plot that's damn near impossible to follow and Richard Gere can be. I dozed several times.

Much has been made of how creepy the movie is. True, they do try to make it creepy and mysterious, but frankly, you should at some point be able to say..."Ah, I see what's going on," or atleast to say at the end of it all, "Now I know what happened." THE SIXTH SENSE was slow and you didn't know what was going on, but it was well crafted and kept one interested in what would happen next. MOTHMAN drains interest with every passing moment.

THe final scenes, where a disaster happens, are actually well made. The low budget actually helps the events seem more realistic. But by then, you are flabbergasted that this is all the payoff the movie will give you!! I wanted my two hours back, right now!!

Laura Linney, who I used to dislike, but really loved in YOU CAN COUNT ON ME, is totally wasted. Her character is only a character in that she wears a costume and says lines, but she is a total cipher. Will Patton, whom I do like a lot, is a "creepy" character with no payoff whatsoever. What the heck happened to the character. Lots of creepy things that never get fully explained. Why did Richard Gere's wife see the Mothman? Who knows. Why did Richard Gere suddenly show up in this strange town? Never fully explained. Why does the mothman call Richard Gere and sound threatening? Is Richard Gere in trouble? We don't know, since sometimes it appears the mothman may actually have good motives...but maybe not? If you like movies cold, confusing, slow, dark, badly acted and unresolved...MOTHMAN may be for you. If you like anything remotely entertaining, stay away.

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  • Soho_Black published 16/02/2009
    Re-rated based on Ciao's insistence that such reviews are no longer considered "Off Topic"
  • Soho_Black published 19/06/2006
    I see you've posted this as a DVD review, but you've not mentioned the DVD. Are there any extras? If so, what are they and are they any good? If you add to this, or if you change it to be posted as a "Film Only" review, which can be done by accessing "edit review" in the top right of the review and changing the drop down menu under the "Which format are you reviewing?" question at the bottom, please let me know and I'll re-rate.
  • loki23 published 12/06/2006
    One to avoid then! It IS amazing the amount of junk that Hollywood produces.
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