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published 20/08/2011 | koribee
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Not for me
Pro Dirt cheap, Great Features, Aesthetic Appeal
Cons Memory, Camera quality, freezing, lagging, battery, poorly made, overheats
Look & Feel
Durability & Robustness
Battery standby time
Battery talktime
Value for money

"I do not care if you are HOMELESS, buy anything other than this."

Open view of Morola Flipside.

Open view of Morola Flipside.

I received this phone as a replacement for my Motorola Backflip by my insurance.

The Flipside is extremely similar to the Backflip aesthetically.
Sporting it's:
  • sleek appearance
  • silver bordering
  • mirrored screen
  • full keyboard
  • same general motoblur layout
    Some features that set the Flipside apart from the Backflip:
  • Slide out keyboard, nothing too special
  • Small square on bottom of screen used as mouse cursor
  • Slightly grippy rubber backing (Falls off EASILY and is flimsy as a piece of paper)
  • Camera on back of phone instead of on bottom left of keyboard
First Thoughts

Initially, I was in love with this phone. My Backflip did not allow me to access the entire market including the raved about apps and games such as Angry Birds and Words with Friends due to an inside problem with Google's copy rights in the phone. The moment I switched the sim card into this phone, I went directly to the market and discovered that everything in the market was in fact available to me. The phone was also very fast and displayed much potential.


This phone has so many flaws that this large section following it is completely necessary.
Unexpected Shut Offs

My satisfaction with this phone soon faltered as I kept noticing that my phone would often display the ATT start up screen, as if I was turning on my phone, but it would stay there until I had to take the battery out and restart my phone. This would happen about 4 times a day, on average. In addition to that, it will on occasion shut completely off, with a full battery and even when it's plugged in. Of course leading to immense amounts of frustration when I depended on my phone's alarm to wake me up and I would wake up late because it would have turned off. (I'm a heavy sleeper and have 3 alarms set on my phone as well as one actual alarm clock)

The actual display quality of this isn't very spectacular. I'd have to say I'd give it a 1.5 out of 5. It's pixel-y ALL the time and seeing a high resolution photo at it's true quality is impossible with this phone. The brightness is also quite tricky. There's an automatic and manual option. I prefer to keep my brightness at a minimum for battery preservation but it for some reason always seems to be higher than when I set it each time I check. This is strange because I have the "automatic" option checked off every single time. Also, sometimes the touch screen freaks out, I think and your screen will shake the picture on your display in this strange pattern whilst vibrating as if you're touching it but you really aren't. My solution to this has been just taking out the battery, waiting for it to cool down a bit, then putting it back in.
Lack of Internal Memory

This factor right here is probably the most distressing thing to me in the entire world. First of all, on my old phone, I could download as many apps as I would like to, not delete my text messages for 2 months (which took 5 hours to delete, have you) and really not have to dwell on the memory I had left or was taking up. The very first day I started downloading my go-to apps that I had on my old phone (Facebook, Wordfeud, Heytell and TextPlus) and also a few new ones. By few, I really do mean FEW. I think I had downloaded about 7 when I got a "Low Internal Memory" error. This to me was a bit shocking, I remember staring at my phone with this look of disbelief. So my excitement fell and I deleted the apps that I didn't use everyday.

You can imagine how annoying that was; having about 4 apps on your phone and only downloading others when you needed to use them or wanted to use them, then immediately uninstalling once you were done with it. Now I am also a very social person, texting like crazy. After maybe the second day, I got the "Low memory: delete messages before you can send or receive". Me being used to not even deleting texts and being able to enjoy looking back into months of conversations wasn't even sure what to do. This must have been a joke... It wasn't.

Bottom line: Memory wise, this phone is worthless. Currently I only have the following apps (It's all I have space for):
  • Google Maps
  • Instaroid
  • Wordfeud FREE
  • Facebook for Android
  • Omegle
  • Paypal
  • Tumblr
  • Ebay
  • textPlus
  • Google Translate
  • APN on-off widget
  • picplz
  • Angry Birds
Camera/Photo Gallery

The Flipside has a 3.0 megapixel camera located on the back of it. Photo quality? Extremely poor. It's very gritty and any color that is apparent in real life is totally toned down and looks dull and lifeless. I almost refuse to take pictures on this, completely taking the convenience of a smartphone away since I cannot stand how horrible each photo takes, therefore auto sharing/uploading isn't utilized. Not only is the photo quality poor, but the amount of light needed to actually get a relatively good photo is HORRIBLE. Expect to be in a brightly lit area or outside in the day time if you want a picture you can actually SEE. The photo gallery.... I feel like the company should be embarassed about it. It's horrible, just horrible. And absolutely no easy way to sort by day or view all your photos with one swipe of your finger. It's quite obvious that it's using Apple's cover flow concept and not well at all. The Gallery itself consists of a bunch of ugly sections. Basically excessive use of folders. One being Camera Roll, which is of course the photos taken on your camera. Then on my phone below it there is My Tags, Folders, All Photos, All Videos and Copy Protected as sections. Maybe for some people having the additional folders folder would be helpful for them but for me I believe only Camera Roll, All Photos and All Videos should be there. It all depends on personal preference, I suppose.

My biggest problem with my Backflip was LAGGING. It'd take me about 8 minutes to send a text because each letter would take forever to actually appear and you know what I mean. Well this phone is just HORRIBLY slow and laggy as well as full of bugs. Often times, apps won't open when you click them and it can take forever for it to unfreeze while you're trying to just jump to a different page. More recently, when I try to text; typing the name in the bar and waiting for all the suggestions to drop down doesn't work anymore, you have to do it manually.
Miscellaneous Issues
  • Sometimes the wifi turns off or stops working. In response to this you'd of course go turn it off/on, right? Well whenever I try to do this it says "Cannot turn wifi on (or off, if you were trying to do that)". Solution: Turn off then back on. As always.
  • Overheats quickly.
  • Hardly ever lets you answer a call. Most people don't even call me anymore, knowing that a majority of the time I can't answer and will instead leave me a text saying "Call me."
  • Call audio quality is always flip flopping, very unpredictable.

I feel like I've missed a lot of important topics, but I already wrote a HP novel and you probably only skimmed/stopped reading. I'm almost done!

Explanations for Specific Criteria

My criteria ratings may or may not match with my review in your opinion, so I will explain!
Look & Feel

Look wise it really isn't bad. It's a typical slide out and it's pretty chunky so it's not spectacular but it's very sleek and cool looking.
Durability and Robustness

It's quite poorly made and the back piece is incredibly flimsy and falls off every five seconds, but I did give it one little bit of credit due to me dropping it so many times and it still hasn't broken.
Battery Standby Time

Um, it's horrible. Max five hours for me.
Value for Money

This phone is given out for free with an agreement or renewal, I'm pretty sure. So although it's a horrible phone for me: an avid phone user. It may just be worth it for an older person or someone who really only uses their phones on occasion.
Range of Features

It's range of features is really AMAZING. I can't even lie and say that it isn't. They added so many additional useful things into this phone, however I think everything needs to just work better.
Ease of Use

It's easy to use. Simple as that. Just frustrating.
Reception Quality

Ultimately depends on your carrier but since this is an ATT phone. It's really all over the place. You never know. However, it's mostly bad for me.
Battery Talktime

Is this even a question?


This phone could have been amazing if it wasn't for some small physical details and some massive internal ones. This phone has TONS of amazing features to use and I congratulate Motorola for it, however, it just wasn't good enough. You can't expect the loads of good features to make up for the poor running of them. I feel like if they clean up this phone a bit and release it again; it might be a huge hit. For short term phones or if you rarelyt use your phone this may just be for you. For a texter/workaholic/soccer mom/ANYBODY who uses their phone more than every other day, I would not recommend this at all. The next to nothing price isn't worth the disappointing battery, memory, camera, phone quality, and everything else. My advice to you? **Find something else!**

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    Great review. Very well thought out.
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