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published 11/12/2003 | Kukana
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"My Moulinex manual mixer"

The Moulinex Supermix 150

The Moulinex Supermix 150

I bought my Moulinex hand-mixer around five years ago, for about £10. Previously I had had larger mixers, the kind that come with a stand and a bowl. However I had found some distinct disadvantages with this type of mixer: for one thing, they either take up a great deal of space on the kitchen work surfaces, or get packed away in a cupboard and then it's a nuisance to get them out. Then there's the problem that only one bowl (that supplied with the mixer) will fit the base, so if I wanted to mix two or three things in separate bowls, I had to keep decanting what was already mixed, and cleaning the bowl out. And if the bowl breaks, the mixer becomes useless, unless you can find a replacement. With some mixers it's possible to remove the main mechanism from the stand, and use it as a hand-held one, but I never found that this worked very easily - and it occurred to me that it would be much simpler to have a simple hand-mixer that could live in a kitchen drawer, and be used in any bowl without hassle.

• The Moulinex Supermix

When we needed a new mixer, we checked what was available, saw that hand-mixers were all around £8 - £15, and chose a brand we knew to be reasonably reliable. The Moulinex Supermix Compact 150 (ie 150 watt power) came in a simple cardboard box with minimal instructions, but then it's a fairly simple appliance. The main body containing the motor is white, weighing about 750g, with a comfortable grip. There are two types of mixing tool attachment: ordinary beaters, and dough hooks.

The tools are attached by slotting them into holes underneath the body of the mixer, and pushing gently until there's a little click which ensures they won't fall out. They can easily be removed for washing by pushing down a white button at the front, on the top, which releases them.

• Using the mixer •

To operate the mixer, there's a pale green gently serrated disc near the top of the body, which can be set to 1 for slow mixing, 2 for medium speed, or 3 for fast beating. Setting to 0 switches it off. I find it well-designed, so that it's easy to hold the mixer in one hand, and use my index finger to adjust the speed, depending on what I'm mixing and how thick it needs to be. With something like cream, for instance, it's best to start on a slow speed until it begins to thicken, otherwise cream will splatter out of the bowl.

• Effectiveness •

I find this mixer works just as well as the more expensive free-standing mixers that I've used previously. Evaporated milk will whip thickly in about a minute, and egg white even more quickly. Cream sometimes takes a little longer. On the highest speed, these things will whip to very thick consistencies, with the expected peaks, and trails left by the mixer.

I rarely use the dough hooks; if I'm going to make bread or pastry, I tend to mix them by hand, since dough can easily get caught up in the hooks, and it tends to take me longer to keep pushing it off than it does to do it by hand. However I've found this with every mixer I've used, it's not unique to this one.

• Other advantages •

I very much like being able to use the mixer in any sort of container, whether a pyrex jug or a mixing bowl of any size. I also like being able to move it around the bowl, rather than having the beaters only in one place for the whole time, since this seems to me to give a more even mix. I find it easy to use - I just take it out of the drawer, slot in the beaters, plug it in, and it's ready to go. While all these advantages would probably apply to any hand mixer, this one is by far the most comfortable I've used. The balance is just right, the weight is not so much that my hand gets tired, but nor is it so light that it doesn't feel sturdy. The speed switch is extremely well placed for comfort.

• Cleaning •

Cleaning the beaters is very easy, since they can be removed after use and washed with general dishes. The body can only be wiped clean (when unplugged, of course!) and my one minor complaint is that it's very awkward to clean some little indentations on one side, which are probably air vents, and seem to get clogged up easily with minor splatters of food from the mixer.

• Life of the mixer •

After five years, it still works as well as it did when new. I don't use it every day, but once or twice a week, on average. That works out to £2 a year (so far) so I consider that it's been extremely good value, and when it finally dies I shall have no hesitation in replacing it with the same model (if I can find it) or something similar, preferably by the same company.

• Availability •

I can't find any online shops where this particular mixer is still sold, which is a pity as it's such a good model. However it can no doubt be picked up second-hand at many places. I would recommend this (or something like it) to anyone - even if you already have a free-standing mixer, as it's so convenient.

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  • CelticSoulSister published 26/11/2015
    Well reviewed!
  • cornishchic published 14/12/2014
    vh x
  • Nar published 09/03/2004
    Great review. My mum has the Moulinex 120 which is an older model than yours - we dont for example have the round dial that you have on your model, although to look at, they are quite similar. My mum's surprised really at just how long this model has lasted, because it will be more than ten years this year when she bought it from Woolworths. Infact I believe that Index (Littlewoods) and Woolies sometimes stock Moulinex kitchen products. Only thing we dont like about our Mouli is that it cant stand up on it's own - the mixer has to be put on its side. N
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