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Mount and Blade (PC)

War has come down on Caldaria. Mercenaries, cutthroats, knights and adventurers flood into the land looking for fortune and glory. But war is a harsh ...

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published 04/10/2011 | Saintly31
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Pro open ended and engaging will keep you occupied for a long time
Cons no multiplayer and you really need to be a fan of the genre
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Value for Money
Difficulty & Complexity

"Mount and Blade.Prepare for Warfare."

Hi there and welcome to my first review on Ciao. First of all i would like to say i bought this game a couple of years ago and was instantly drawn to the title. Mount and Blade, the promise of mounted warfare appealed to me as a fan of wargames in general.

Right lets get started , the initial instalation of the game was quick and easy as it only took around five minuits to install. After that it was easy to get started. I started with the battle tutorial wich was simple enough. The controlls were easy to pick up but did have to change my mouse sensitivity as i found it a bit too quick and almost immposible to land a hit on my opponent. After that it was much easier to play. Graphicly it was good but the combat training was set in a dungeon so hard to get the full experience. Once the mounted training started yopu got a good feel for the graphics. Renderd well and visibly attractive you find yourself in a feild with rolling hills and forest in the distance. Riding your mount was pretty easy just your basic w,a,s,d keys and the mouse to controll your charecter.

Right now once you complete the tutorial it was time to create your charecter. Pretty easy stuff. You can choose a male or female charecter and get a series of questions to determine your starting stats. Once all that is done you are ready to enter the game world.

Calradia is a land that is devided into five warring factions that all want the throne for themselves and are constantly at war with each other. You are randomly placed within one of the kingdoms. This is where you are left on your own. I think that the lack of story is an advantage as it lets you make your own destiny. Its up to you how you play and is so open ended i think you could play for years and not really acheive much. When starting out you need to consider how you want to play, be it a bandit praying on villages and trade caravans or become the trader yourself and defend yourself from roving brigands. Do you become the loyal vassel of one of the mighty rulers, or do you become a rebel and seize castles and towns for yourself.

The choice is yours, but to acheive all this you need soldiers. Find recruits in the local villages or hire mercanaries from the larger towns because you will need them. Visit the taverns and you may even find a compannion who will stand by your side in battle. Once you have a few soldiers its a good idea to start a few fights avoid the big lords with hundreds of troops and try to catch some looters or robbers. you will need the experience to train your men.

The battles range from small skirmeshes to all out epic battles with hundreds of soldiers. from pitched battles on large killing feilds to beseiging large castles and towns and even the defence of your own property. The battles are engaging and you cant lose concentration as you will find it hard to command your troops the mounted warfare is a great concept but to be honest i found it hard to controll at times and found it easier to dismount and wade in on foot.

All in all this is an incredibly addictive game that will keep you busy for a long time.
I would recommend Mount and Blade to anyone who is a fan of medievil warfare but in my opinion to get the most out of it you need to be a fan.

Thank you for reading my first review.

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  • mum2boys82 published 11/10/2011
    Welcome to Ciao! Rebecca Xx
  • siberian-queen published 10/10/2011
    Welcome to ciao :)
  • LadyValkyrie published 09/10/2011
    A very good start on Ciao.
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War has come down on Caldaria. Mercenaries, cutthroats, knights and adventurers flood into the land looking for fortune and glory. But war is a harsh master. It gives away death and grief to the lot, fortune to a chosen few, and glory, wise men say, to none.Still, people ride to war, for one or another reason. Some because they are looking for thrill and excitement, some because they are desperate and know no other way. Some because they are so bitter and hateful that they are willing to unleash doom on earth... And yet some, because they are the very heroes who will step forward to stop that...

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