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published 09/08/2007 | gav-o
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Pro quick, secure, great extension/add ons, looks great (themes)
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"Fire up Firefox!!!"

Firefox is possibly the safest and most sophisticated web browser in existence to date. Its drawing appeal and wonderful security is an essential for any desktop PC, laptop or notebook owner. Using firefox will give you a healthy piece of mind knowing that you are safe from trojans and other pop up problems.


The interface of the firefox web browser is very easy to understand and work with. it has all the features found on that of a normal internet explorer with the addition of things called extensions or "Add-ons" these features allow you to customize the appearance of your firefox web browser to a style of your choice. My firefox features the "Noia" add on which makes everything look more professional. There are many different themes including "Vista aero" and "Blue Ice".

How does Firefox keep you safe?

Well as i mentioned in the previous part of this review there are extra downloadable features that are called extensions or add ons. The good thing about these is that they are not very large some are only around the 500KB mark and thats a small file for so much protection. These add ons can be found at there you will find everything.

A particularly useful add on i use is "Adblock Plus" it gets rids of all the annoying little ads and banners that make the web pages longer to load. And the other extension i use is called "No-Script" and this little extension is probably what makes Firefox the safest web browser around. It allows JavaScript to run only in domains you choose that are suitable. in easier terms this basically means it keeps you safe from pop ups and adverts and you can select certain pages to allow everything like your home banking web page or myspace account. By having only these two extensions you are guaranteed a safer environment than that provided by Microsoft Internet explorer.

Cool Features

With Firefox you can save you favourite websites or webpages by "bookmarking" them to the browser. this saves you the time of typing in the sitename and domain into the tool bar. You can save passwords and choose to forget them. You can check for updates on your firefox software. Check History, download software with minimum effort all under a safe and controlled environment. Get the latest internatinal news updates straight from the BBC website.

Tabs are a new handy feature included with the web browser. rather than having to open a whole new window to load a web page you can just right click and link and select "open link in new tab" and just below the task bar will appear your new tab. this saves a lot of time and is an impressive feature that i have yet to see in the microsoft internet explorer.

The best thing about the firefox software is that its all FREE. All the safety and ease of use for absolutely nothing is superb. You can get FoxForecast and other extensions for use with you ebay account.

Why change from Internet Explorer to Firefox?

The answer is simple. Fire fox is the safer option and Internet Explorer really does take the biscuit in its lack of defences and its just rubbish. Its a well known fact that most people use Microsoft Windows as their Operating System on their computer and unfortunately the Microsoft Internet Explorer is installed when you install Windows. People who make viruses and spyware are aware that more people use the Internet Explorer, so they make their spyware and viruses to attack the users of this browser who are practically defenceless. a warning to all those who might say ayyyy hang on a minute im using Norton Anti-Virus software and this just gets rid of everything. But the answer is you wouldnt need to purchase your pricey defence packages if you just made the smarter change to Firefox. The creators of Firefox are constantly updating their extensions just for your safety and to keep out the bad guys.

How well known is Firefox?

Firefox is gaining more and more credit day by day and its achievements are recognised as it recieves awards for World Class from PC World and it is always coming up in Computer magazines and newspapers. Its class is being realised and appreciated more and more everyday. So get your Firefox Web Browser now.

How easy is the setup and download?

If you have a broadband connection downloading firefox shouldnt take more than a few minutes at the most. The installation and instructions provided are easy to work with and manageable. You will have the option of transferring all your details and passwords for you alternative web browser which saves lots of time and hassel. Before you know it youll be running FireFox.

NOTE: to download Firefox you can simply google "Download Firefox" or type the following into the browser task bar The rest is up to you.

You wont have any trouble with Firefox and thats a promise. Surfing the web has never been easier. Thanks for reading this review is based on my opinion and other people i know that use the web browser, obviously without problems.

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  • michaleks published 11/08/2009
    Did not find comments on IE & FireFox very helpful especially comments on safety regarding IE. "defences and its just rubbish" could you elaborate on this sentence? for me is an empty sentence with no profs whatsoever. Majority of people use FireFox these days. "People who make viruses and spy-ware are aware that more people use the Internet Explorer, so they make their spy-ware and viruses to attack the users of this browser who are practically defenceless" The above sentence is just lame and "rubbish". IE's main purpose is not to protect from viruses and spy-ware but to browse. There is loads of other software that has to be used for safe browsing on the Internet. To sum up: Very narrow opinion / review that completely lack of opinion on real experience from the user point of view. Overall found this review with no
  • paul33innes published 29/08/2007
    He has described mozilla firefox in great detail and has highlighted how good a browser it rely is.great review
  • alfyopare published 09/08/2007
    firefox is brilliant i reviewed it myself and swear by it
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