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published 28/09/2009 | Thehonesttruth
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"A foxy little browser that lets me feel safe on the internet!"

I've been using Firefox for a few years now, and I have to say, I love it .

I was perfectly happy with internet explorer - I'd never had any problems with it really, or any major issues with security . Then, a few years ago, odd things started happening to people who played the same online game as me - their accounts were being compromised at an alarming rate, resulting in them losing characters they had spent years building up . The hackings were done by Chinese RMT (Real Money Trade) companies, who would then sell off the characters in game currency, and often the characters themselves, for cash . These hackings were traced to certain websites that were downloading scripts onto PCs to log keystrokes . In threads discussing the problem on forums, one recommendation popped up with stunning regularity - switch to Firefox, and get Noscript and Adblock add-ons to increase security.

This I promptly did - and it was a simple as going to the firefox website, choosing to download, rebooting my computer, and then setting firefox as my default browser . This took me no more than 5 minutes to do, and was incredibly simple .

Now, basic Firefox is not altogether that different from Internet explorer - if you're familiar with IE, you will have absolutely no problems in getting started on Firefox right away - everything is in the same place and works in the same way . The wonderful thing about Firefox though is just how much you can customise it so it will do exactly what you want - you can get various skins that change it's appearance (at one point I had a rather lovely vampire based skin!) as well as plugins that enhance security or add additional functions .

The plug-ins are what make Firefox stand out from the crowd. I'll tell you a little about the plug-ins I personally choose to use (there are thousands out there!)

1)Adblock - I hate adverts on websites - especially those pop-ups that never seem to go away, or those adverts that come accompanied with annoying sounds . This plug in will block most adverts automatically, and any adds that do slip through the filter can easily be added to the block list, so once you've seen them once, you'll never have to see them again!

2)Noscript - this one I added purely because of all the problems with gaming accounts being hacked - it basically stops any website from downloading a script onto your computer without your say so - again, there are certain pre-made filter lists to choose from that automatically block out sites known to be dodgy . While this plug in is incredibly useful, at first it's a little bit of a burden, as you do need to select to allow certain sites . For example, I had to tell it to trust dooyoo, youtube, and other sites I know from personal experience to be safe and reliable .

3)Twitter Bar - this allows me to post to twitter from my address bar without having to visit the twitter site - incredibly convenient!

The good thing is that firefox will let you know the second your add-ons are updated, so you keep up to date with the latest versions , and that the add-ons are free (although you do have the option to make a small donation to the developer if you choose to . It will also give you the option to update as soon as firefox is upgraded, and let you know if upgrading will effect any of your add-ons (some older add ons might not be compatible with the newest version of Firefox!)

I personally love Firefox, and would never consider switching back to Internet Explorer - however, it isn't perfect - sometimes it can be a little slow on certain sites, and can take a long time to close down on occasion, although this may be my internet connection rather than firefox itself . Below, I've given two links - the first to the Firefox downloading page, and the second to the add-ons page in case you'd like to have a browse around!

Overall, an excellent browser that makes me feel more secure in my browsing - and best of all, it's FREE! 5 STARS!

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Comments on this review

  • paulpry118 published 05/10/2009
    I downloaded this a while back when Ciao was having problems working in IE but I removed it when I found I couldn't watch anything on the BBC iplayer through firefox
  • TheHairyGodmother published 30/09/2009
    Fab review, well written and informative :)
  • bobbetta published 28/09/2009
    I can't stand internet explorer -couldn't stop the pop ups! I changed to safari which is great but I'd consider firefox based on your review-well reviewed !
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