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Pro Interesting game - very different
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"Jack the Ripper runs wild in New York"

Mr. Jack in New York

Mr. Jack in New York

Mr. Jack in New York Game


Pass the paracetamol, my home has been inundated with grandchildren and daughters!!
Well at this moment one granddaughter and one daughter but on Monday 3 more rug rats and one 41 year old child will be joining us.
This means several things – barbecues (no matter what the weather), a threatened drought in the European wine lake and lots of games sessions!
So I wasn’t surprised when Stephanie arrived with a new game – one she’d chosen with her big sister in mind - one based on Jack the ripper; Yvonne has a keen interest in Jack the Ripper! Yes I do have some very strange children!!

In order to know what we’re doing when we play the game next week we had a practise run last night with me and my husband playing one game , my 20 year old son and 27 year old daughter playing another and then the winners of each playing in the grand final!.
This is a review on that game.
The Game

‘Mr Jack in New York’ is a 2 person murder mystery game based on the infamous British murderer, Jack the Ripper. The scenario for the game, as given by the manufacturer is:

“London - November 19 1888. As part of the case of Jack the Ripper, Francis J. Tumbled quack doctor was arrested and released on bail. He immediately fled to the United States.
New York. Manhattan Island - January 1889. Alerted by London New York police launch a search for Tumbled. Some witnesses have reported his presence in Manhattan and crimes similar to those in London are committed. The police then called the most distinguished citizens of the city to assist in their inquiry. Is Tumblety really Jack? If not where is he hiding?

The game comes in a box measuring around 11 x 8 ½ x 2 ½ inches that is very dark and Gothic looking with a Jack the Ripper type figure looking from a ship at the Manhattan landscape.
Inside the box are:

Character Tokens

These are round, double-sided coloured tokens. Both sides feature a picture of the character, but the side with the white background shows that particular character to be innocent.
Turn Marker

This round, hourglass token moves up the track as turns are completed. When the marker reaches the last space and Mr. Jack is not caught, the player playing the role of Mr. Jack wins.

Character Cards

There are eight character cards with light blue backs, one for each character. Four will be drawn each turn and both players will be moving these characters around the board and perform special actions.
Alibi Cards

There are eight alibi cards with dark blue backs, one for each character. The player playing Mr. Jack receives one in the beginning of the game at random and keeps the card face down in front of him throughout the game. The rest are face down in a pile, to be drawn later in the event someone lands on the informant.

Witness Card

The witness card is double-sided. One side indicates that Mr. Jack is “visible” and one side indicates that Mr. Jack is “invisible.” Throughout the game, Mr. Jack will be flipping the card to the appropriate side to “help” the detective eliminate suspects.

There are multiple double-sided tiles that represent various structures that can be built on empty spaces during the game. These structures include parks, buildings, metro stations, and lit street lamps.
Informant Token

Players who land on this token can draw an alibi card. The character shown on the card is hidden from the other player. The detective could utilize this mechanic by eliminating suspects secretly to keep Mr. Jack guessing on who they actually suspect. By the same token, Mr. Jack could use the informant to remove just how many suspects the detective can secretly eliminate using this mechanic.

Investigation Tiles

Two investigation tiles that resemble police tape will be moving around the board, restricting the movement of the characters.
Steamer Tiles

Two steamer ship tiles will be moving from dock to dock, serving as a possible escape route for Mr. Jack.

There is also an instruction leaflet and a game board representing Manhattan Island; there is a game summary and turn track on the right of the board.

The game is described as being suitable for players aged 13 – 17 but personally I would say it is an adult’s game.

Game Set Up

First decide who is taking the role of Jack the Ripper, they will then be referred to as “Jack”, and
they are only one who knows Jack’s real identity. Their objective is to either to escape the Detective’s clutches by foiling him from discovering his true identity, or to leave Manhattan under cover of anonymity.
The other player is the police Inspector and known as “Inspector”.
His objective is to discover Jack’s real identity, and to arrest him before the end of the 8th and final round.
Then arrange the board so that the detective is facing the yellow border and where Mr. Jack is facing the grey border – so Mr. Jack will be looking at the board upside down; there is a pre-arranged setup for all of the character tokens and tiles in the manual.
Shuffle the alibi and character cards, separately) “Jack”, draws one alibi card, looks at it, and places it face down in front of him. The character on this card is then Mr. Jack and the person who “Inspector” must catch.
Playing the Game

On each turn the player takes two character cards; depending on where the turn marker is, the Inspector and Jack will be able to pick one or two at a time in a set order, to move and perform special actions.
Each character has a special action, some of which have to be performed before or after moving them.
After the four characters are moved, Jack will announce whether or not he is “visible” or “invisible” by flipping the witness card to the correct side. A character is considered visible if they are next to to another character or next to a street lamp; a character is considered invisible if they are not next to to another character or if they are in a park.

Inspector will be able to flip over the character tokens that are opposite o Mr. Jack’s current status, marking them as “innocent.” He must eliminate as many suspects as he can every turn in this fashion and Jack before he escapes.
Inspector wins if they manage to get another character onto Jack’s character and formerly accuse him before the time limit expires.
Jack wins if he manages to evade inspector until the time limit expires, if inspector accuses the wrong person, or if he manages to land on a ship space or the exit city space while the witness card is shown to be invisible.
Our Opinion

Reading back on the game instructions I realise they sound rather difficult; however with the game (and instruction sheet in front of you) the gameplay is easy enough to understand within just a few minutes. It's possible that we just didn't play enough to get into it properly because it didn’t really knock our socks off; however I can imagine people getting very much into the game once played a while.
I was ‘Jack’ in the first game (which I won) and ‘Inspector’ in the ‘final’ (which also won CHAMPION) and find myself having quite a lot of fun with either scenario. It’s a bit like a game of chess in a way where both players control the pieces on the board, except of course, that the pieces are all one colour and there are only certain pieces that can be moved at certain times.

I began the game thinking that is was going to be VERY hard but after a few turns I realised that it is actually quite simple. As inspector the idea is to make half of the CURRENT suspects visible and half of them invisible - this will maximize how many suspects are eliminated after each turn. Whereas Jack will be attempting to manoeuvre ALL of the suspects to be either visible or invisible to limit how many characters are eliminated at the end of every turn.
The quality of all the parts seem to be a very quality; with good thick cards and solid character tokens.

This is a decent two player game that doesn't need a large time commitment as the setup only takes a few minutes and you could easily play 2 rounds in 30 minutes. What I liked was the fact that playing Jack and playing Inspector had a very different feel; this makes the game feel much less repetitive if playing a few games.

Overall a different game, not my favourite – but not the worse game I have played!!
Pros and Cons


Gets the brain working
Neat pieces and fun art
Sturdy cardboard bits and cards
Great artwork


Only for 2 players
Not a family game
Price and Availability

Here’s the problem - the RRP for this game is £29.99.
I can’t find it anywhere for much less either it is around £20 on Amazon and £25 - £35 on E Bay. My daughter picked hers up at a charity shop for £5 – so maybe scour your local charity shops!!

In Conclusion

This is a great game for anyone who likes mysteries; also it is quick to play, especially when you got used to it a little. It’s perfect for two people but not a family game; however if you like games that involve a little deduction and brain power you will enjoy this game.
I do think however that the price is rather high for what you get and for this reason I give the game 3 stars.

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