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... They were able to get their site back, but had lost a lot of business through the erroneous classification of their site as a spam site, and were not thrilled to be told there was no guarantee that the same mistake might nor happen again! So, what else can the small businessman or small ... Read review
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Mr Site Seller

Mr Site Seller

If you dream of creating your own website and selling your own merchandise the supremely ... more

simple Mr Site Seller is worthy of consideration.
Essential elements Mr Site Seller will allow you
to start your website from scratch affording you a
unique domain name. In addition, Mr Site Seller
facilitates the creation of an unlimited number of
web pages in addition to free hosting and
unlimited bandwidth. Design and interactivity
features Mr Site Seller enables you to make your
website look as great as the idea that prompted
you to make it. Mr Site Seller allows the addition
of multiple, zoomable images and product slide
shows to showcase your wares on your homepage. You
will also be able to promote star products with
featured categories and even highlight matching
products to browsing customers and show off new
products with a few simple clicks. There are even
social network widgets, which help you expand your
Facebook and Twitter followers for increased sales
opportunity potential. Customer accounts can also
be created allowing customers to register with
your online store to make it easier to place
repeat orders and also let you keep track of what
they are buying and what they are spending. Search
and shop features Importantly, Mr Site Seller
gives you SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
features to help you climb the search engine
listings. Make use of Meta tags and the software's
compatibility with Google Analytics to make sure
you're high in the rankings. If you need to sell
online, the great shop facility lets you showcase
up to 500 products, and take charge of your stock
control so you'll never miss a sale thanks to
clever stock monitoring tools. You'll also be able
to conduct secure, easy transactions with your
choice of PayPal, Nochex and WorldPay. Why wait to
join the online revolution - get Mr Site Seller to
build your very own website to rival the big
brands you are competing against!

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Mr Site Website In A Box Classic

Mr Site Website In A Box Classic

Design your own perfect-sized website with the brilliantly straightforward MrSite Website ... more

In A Box Classic to give your visitors all the
information they need. Essential elements Showcase
your work via some glossy photo-galleries,
information pages or even a whole shopping section
if you need to sell online. Since it's imperative
that designing your own website be easy and
intuitive, Mr Site Classic enables you to change
content, update your pages when you need to, and
generally stay in control, wherever you are. The
package lets you start off with your very own
website address (which could be www.yourname.com)
- .com, co.uk, .net., .org, .info, .biz, .org.uk
and .me.uk names are also available - or if you've
already got a domain name, you could use that too.
Plenty of pages This great home web design package
gives you 50 web pages, 49 of which can be PayPal
shop pages. Accept credit and debit cards payments
with an uncomplicated, secure, easy-to-set-up shop
driven by PayPal There's also 500 MB of storage
space for all your images and content, 20 email
addresses and 2 GB bandwidth. Design and
interactivity features Mr Site Website in a Box
Classic enables you to make your website look as
great as the idea that prompted you to make it.
Make the most of its incredible design features,
which include customisable designs, support for
video content, image galleries and slide shows, a
guest book, user poll, forums and support for
audio content. Educate and entice visitors with
great images, get their feedback and engage them
via polls and forums, or blog to let visitors know
what you're doing, what's coming or general
information. There are even social network
widgets, which help you expand your Facebook and
Twitter followers for increased opportunity
potential. Search and shop features Importantly,
Website in a Box Classic gives you SEO (Search
Engine Optimisation) features to help you climb
the search engine listings. Make use of Meta tags
and the software's compatibility with Google

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Mr Site Website In A Box Starter

Mr Site Website In A Box Starter

Get yourself going with your own website in a jiffy with MrSite Website In A Box Starter , ... more

perfect for those who value simplicity. The nitty
gritty For many internet users, a fancy website is
just not necessary - all you need is a few great
pages with classy images, information and your
contact details, or perhaps a link to your social
network feeds. Mr Site Website Starter Kit lets
you build your own website, enabling you to change
content as needed for a low price. You could even
be up and running within a few hours! Receive your
own dot com website address (which could be
www.myname.com) - .com, co.uk, .net., .org, .info,
.biz, .org.uk and .me.uk names are also available
- or use a domain name you've already got. Page by
page With Mr Site Starter you get 5 web pages, 1
of which can be a shop page. You'll also be
provided with 250 MB of hosted space for your
website and emails, and a 2 GB bandwidth. Use the
great design features on hand to customise your
site to look totally unique. At your disposal are
customisable designs, support for video content,
image galleries (with a Flash slideshow), social
media plug-ins, forums and audio content support.
Let your visitors know what's going on, what's
coming or what you think via the blog feature,
engage them using the forum, and link up with your
Twitter and Facebook feeds for additional scope
and coverage. Search and sell The SEO (Search
Engine Optimisation) features in Mr Site Website
Starter Pack enable you to climb the search engine
rankings, using Meta tags and compatibility with
Google Analytics to see how you're doing and where
you could create more impact. You'll also be able
to sell online, accepting credit and debit card
payments with a simple, secure shop that's powered
by PayPal and so easy to set up. Your 1 shop page
can feature up to 99 products, including support
for downloadable products. Support If there comes
a time when you get stuck or run into trouble, the
friendly Mr Site team is on hand to guide you
every step of the

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Mr Site Website In A Box Pro

Mr Site Website In A Box Pro

MrSite Website In A Box Pro is the perfect package for those who need a website that ... more

matches their big ideas. Great features that are
easy to set up If you're building your own
website, you want it to look great, draw loads of
visitors and include the facility to sell your
services or wares. You also want it to offer
choice and ease of use to your prospective
customers - and you want all of this to be simple
to set up. With Website In A Box Pro you'll
receive a dot com website address (such as
www.yourname.com) - .com, co.uk, .net., .org,
.info, .biz, .org.uk and .me.uk names are also
available - or you can use an existing domain name
you may have. Under this address, Pro gives you
100 pages, 98 of which can be shop pages. There's
also a massive 750MB of web hosting space, 50
email addresses and unlimited bandwidth (according
to conditions and limitations). There are even
social network widgets, which help you grow your
Facebook and Twitter followers for greater sales
potential. Design, search and business features To
help your website stand out, Mr Site Website in a
box Pro gives you design features including
customisable designs, video support, image
galleries and slideshows, an image editor, guest
book, user poll, a 'Contact Us' form, a forums
channel, support for audio content and even space
for a blog to big up your business. Engage with
your visitors, let them leave messages and have
discussions, and talk about what's new, what
you're up to - and don't forget to add loads of
visual treats for a more exciting customer
experience! Helping your ascension through the
search engine rankings, SEO (Search Engine
Optimisation) features include Meta tags, Google
Analytics compatibility, SiteBoost, Keyword boost,
Sitemap creator and Visitor statistics. There is
also a range of great business tools at your
disposal, including creator facilities for
letterheads, stationery and business cards.
Professional web store Enjoy selling online more -
with an advanced Mr Site Pro shop, you'll

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Moodle Addons: Extending your Moodle site with Community Addons - Mr G Henrick

Moodle Addons: Extending your Moodle site with Community Addons - Mr G Henrick

Pages: 246, Edition: 1, Paperback, Moodle Add-ons - Using Add-ons to Enhance Your Moodle ... more


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amazon marketplace books
Postage & Packaging:  £2.80
Availability:  Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days...

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Community Level 6Martinscho...


Mr Site for a quick and cheap website

AdvantagesEasy to use

DisadvantagesMore templates might be a good idea

"...small businesswoman do? Buy a Mr Site Takeaway Website,that's what! For under £40 you get a website domain name and access to the Mr Site system. You sign in and it takes you through the whole process, step by step. There are ready made templates that you can use, plus options to add a retail feature and also the ability to place Google Adsense adverts on the site. You can use other advertising services on your site, too, but you have to set these ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Promised Alot but was Difficult to use for a Novice

AdvantagesHas a lot of features but missing some obvious ones in my opinion.

DisadvantagesBut tricky to use in my opinion

"...so was attracted to the Mr Site Takeaway Web Site. Initially I was very optimistic about creating a web site customised to my own needs and it being easy but when I got into the nitty gritty in my opinion I found that what I could do regarding text formatting and inserting banner ads was very restrictive. For example I was told by the 0870 prefix calls charged for help line that there was no way of getting text to scroll or be animated using the ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

Mr Site Takeaway Website

AdvantagesNice easy way to setup a working website, in simple steps, no web skils required

DisadvantagesTemplates are similar and some features are too simple

"Have recently purchased "Mr Site Takeaway Website" from Amazon. You get an Insturction manual, an Activation code and a copy of the manual on CD. The whole process is done very easily via their website. Once you have opened the activation page, you enter your code, then select your domain name, the site checks to see if this is available and if It is then onto the next step, choosing the setup of the website through a whole list of templates. You ..." Read review

Ciao members have rated this review on average: helpful

Show all 3 reviews

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Platforms: Windows XP Mac OS X

Product details

EAN 4020628996956
OS Required Windows XP
Manufacturer Mr Site
System Requirements / OS Required Windows XP
System Requirements / Platform Windows


Listed on Ciao since 11/03/2007

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