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The Hero Inside (Help for Heroes) - Quiller Publishing

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... The book is a paperback and has a picture of Joanna Lumley with Major Peter Norton who lost a leg in service. The Help for Heroes logo is at the top of the book and the title is at the bottom. The back cover of the book has 5 paragraphs which have been written by a variety of people commending ... Read review

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AdvantagesExcellent couragious stories, raising awareness of the charity

DisadvantagesMay be hard reading for some

"_‘Today the word ‘hero’ is too often used; for me it is a very special word and should be used sparingly: a hero is someone distinguished by exceptional courage, nobility and fortitude. This wonderful book by Gill Shaw is to raise funds for just such men and women injured in the line of duty whilst serving our country - REAL heroes’ Ross Kemp, Patron of Help for Heroes._ This book came to my attention when I was looking on the Help For Heroes charity ..." Read review

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There's a hero inside us all - you just need to look!

AdvantagesAmazing stories of bravery that will raise a smile and a few tears


"...I got my copy from the help for heroes website at www.helpforheroes.org.uk but Tesco were selling copies in store with £3 going to the charity, and w h smith also stock the book although if you are a charity giver I wouldn't recommend getting it from them as only 50 pence goes to help for heroes. Help for heroes has been around for just over 2 years and was the brain child of two amazing people Emma and Bryan Parry who wanted to do their bit to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Serenfish


A must have book for your coffee table

AdvantagesInformative with interesting pictures

DisadvantagesNot hard back, so not as hard wearing

"...interesting, it tells you about the charity, who they help and what people do to raise money for the charity. This is a relatively new charity and although I thought I knew alot about it I learnt alot more by reading this book. It is really easy to read as on most double pages it is either a different charity fundraising event or a biographical piece written by a soldier or someone involved in the charity. The fundraising events which are well photographed ..." Read review

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Unique insight into the man behind the comedy...
Written by his wife ... any sense of bias? (*)
A thought provoking book which is both sad but inspiring
You wont want to put it down once you start so make sure you have a few hours free (*)
Detailed. Full of anecdotes.
Descriptive rather than reflective. (*)
compelling reading
heartrending (*)
Well-researched and analytical.
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Great stories about growing up in the East End of London
Only the first volume!! (*)
Great story, easy to read and informative
Sad at some parts, repetitive and pretty short (*)
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