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Munchkin Hot Safety Bath Duck

Munchkin Hot Safety Bath Duck

I give my son a bath pretty much everyday, during the week when time is more limited it will be a quick wash, a little splash about and then straight out and off to bed. However, on the weekends when things aren't so hectic I like him to spend a bit more time in the bath so he can enjoy the water, bubbles and play with some toys. Whilst drawing him a bath one weekend last month I noticed that a number of his toys were looking a little worse for wear, some had turned a little black in places, no doubt due to the fact that they had been stored in a wet area. I ended up chucking the majority of them away and making a mental note to pick him up some brand new ones as soon as possible. The very next day I spotted a few of these Munchkin Bath Ducks in Tesco reduced to clear, down from £2.50 to just 80p so I added one to my basket.


Munchkin produces a wide variety of baby items including toys, safety equipment, bottles, cups and feeding equipment. We have owned a number of products from the brand before and have always been happy with the quality, so I felt confident choosing this product from them. I must admit my experience with the Munchkin brand has been more on the feeding equipment side, we have never owned any of their toys before, at least none that I can remember.
Hot Safety Bath Duck

What does it look like?

The Munchkin Hot Safety Bath Duck came attached to a cardboard slip which clearly showed the brand and product name along with a picture of a child playing with the duck in the bath. There was also plenty of information on the toy, all of which should be read thoroughly before giving to a child. The duck itself was not covered in any plastic packaging so I was able to touch and feel the duck before purchasing. Removing the duck from the packaging was as simple as tearing the cardboard sleeve, there were no plastic ties or anything to have to deal with.

The duck itself looks pretty much like any generic bath duck albeit a nice one, he is bright yellow in colour with molded wings either side of his body and a pointy tail. He has a big bright orange beak which is opened slightly to give the appearance that the duck is smiling, he has large blue oval eyes and eyelashes. He looks very happy and friendly. He is of a nice size, I can fit him easily in the palm of my hand. I say he but I have no idea if he is a male or female, personally I think he looks more like a boy but my six year old daughter insists it's a girl, so I guess it up to the individual. For the sake of continuity I will continue to refer to the little dude as a boy.

The Hot Safety aspect

As I mentioned earlier, I purchased this duck to be used as a bath toy. However, when I got it home I realised that the duck has a duel purpose. Not only is he a fun, cute duck for playing with in the bath but he is also a temperature indicator. This White Heat technology allows the parent to check if the bath water is too hot for their child, thus preventing a nasty scalding. Turning the duck over he has a large blue circle on his underneath with the word hotwritten in big block capital letters. Unfortunately the temperature marking is very unreliable, in fact it constantly just shows the hot sign regardless of temperature. I have actually held the duck under the running cold water tap in our sink and it still didn't change despite the fact that the water coming out of the tap felt icy cold to me. I thought that perhaps my duck was a dud, but a quick look on the Amazon reviews shows me pretty much every other person has had this experience.

I would therefore say that if someone was wishing to purchase this as a way of testing the temperature in their Childs bath is safe then don't bother, it simply doesn't work. I would suggest buying a specific temperature thermometer designed specifically for a babys bath which shows the exact temperature of the water. Or do what I did, use your elbow and a bit of common sense.

Bath Time

As a simple bath duck it works perfectly and I would suggest that this is the only real use it has. He floats well on top of the water, bobbing up and down and doesn't sink, although sometimes he can get tipped upside down with his little bottom floating in the air instead of his body. My son likes to bat and hit at the duck sending it spinning off across the water, he will scoot along on his bottom trying to recover it. Often the duck will become hidden in a mound of bubbles but its bright colour means my son can still see it and so he enjoys playing a kind of hide and seek game with the duck. The easy visibility of the duck means my son does not get frustrated that the duck has disappeared out of sight.

My one year old son can easily grasp the duck and hold him comfortably in his hands. The duck doesn't slip from my sons hands even when wet as he doesn't seem to become slippery. The grooved wings act as a grip too which also helps my son keep a good hold. Whilst holding the duck, my son likes to investigate the ducks features, he will stare intently at the ducks eyes and beak touching them with the tips of his fingers. My son has two bottom teeth now and he likes to bite the ducks beak with them, it something I discourage as more often that not he also gets a big gob full of bubbles too which isn't the best.

The duck does not make any noises, he doesn't squeak when squeezed or anything like that.

Age Recommendation

This toy has an age recommendation of from birth + which I feel is appropriate. As far as I can tell it looks perfectly safe for newborn although I think the play factor would be lost on them until around the 3-4 month stage, but of course all babies are different and develop at slightly different rates. My son enjoys his at one year old and I have even caught my six year old daughter playing with this one in the bath too, although she insisted she was just testing it for her baby brother.

I feel this toy would be a nice gift for a newborn baby, especially if you are unsure as to what things the baby has already been bought. You can never have to many bath toys and the good ol' rubber ducky is classic and timeless.

Cleaning and Care

Probably one of my favorite things about the duck is the fact that it is water tight. There are no random holes or crevices like there are in pretty much every other bath toy. Inevitably these toys always end up going black from the inside due to a build up of water which is usually to difficult (and time consuming) to remove. This particular toy should remain mold free and so far it has. I do like to give it a quick wipe over with some anti bacterial spray on a regular basis, especially as my son is prone to putting toys in his mouth so I want it to remain as germ free as possible. I also dry the outside rubbery material with a towel after each bath just to stop it becoming slimy and smelly. This has worked well for us, the duck is still in an excellent condition and I feel confident it will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Final Thoughts

I am having a difficult time using the star system to rate this toy. It really is a lovely, cute little bath duck, clearly made to a high quality standard and my son absolutely adores it. It is always the first toy he reaches for in the bath. If I were to be judging it on its play value alone I would say five stars all the way. But the fact of the matter is, Munchkin claim this to be a useful aid in testing the temperature of the bath and it simply fails in this department, it just doesn't work. I therefore feel a three star rating is appropriate.
Price & Availability

A quick look online shows me that the Munchkin Hot Safety Bath Duck has a RRP of £2.50 which isn't a bad price really, but similar ducks can probably be found for cheaper. As I mentioned earlier I got it at a reduced price and I am happy with the price I paid for it, but I probably wouldn't really pay more than a quid for it.

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