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Pro Instant results which are clearly visible
Cons £30 per 10ml... High Price Tag
How easily is it absorbed?
Value for money

"Instant Radiance... At a Price"

Murad Instant Radiance Eye Cream

Murad Instant Radiance Eye Cream


Although I'm unfamiliar with the Murad brand, a friend of mine swears by it and is more than happy to recommend. A while back I found a little pot of this in a gift basket from her... Lucky me!

Instant Radiance for the eye area is the claim, providing the lucky user with the appearance of having plenty of rest, allowing for a fresher faced, more youthful appearance. As someone who rarely manages any kind of healthy sleep regimen, this sounds a product of which may be perfect for me, should it deliver what it boasts.

After years of a less than healthy sleep pattern in addition to rarely drinking enough water despite having the best of intentions, the bags under my eyes are often a delightful shade of purple and sunken somewhat. Not the most attractive look and one which requires significant effort to cover with a variety of cosmetic products on a daily basis.


As I am nor familiar with the brand, I did a little research for the purposes of this review and also to see whether products were ethical, as this is something I am usually very staunch on when buying for myself and for others. According to the 'About Murad' section of murad.couk :

''Howard Murad M.D. is a board certified dermatologist, trained pharmacist and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at the Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA. He has personally treated over 50,000 patients, which has helped him to shape the solution-driven skincare formulas sold by Murad today. Dr. Murad founded Murad Inc. in 1989 with a mission to share his ground-breaking skincare formulas, and a desire to help people look and feel younger and healthier. He encourages people to achieve whole-body wellness, effortless weight management and freedom from stress, which he believes are the keys to living well and ageing well.''

This is a very small portion of the About Me section which I personally felt gave us a wealth of information on Howard Murad and his continued innovation and accomplishments and awards alongside more personal information about the good doctors hobbies, but little about the nitty gritty I was looking for. In this respect especially, I did not find the website particularly clearly signposted or easy to navigate.

Fearing this was a deliberate ploy to evade total transparency, I searched elsewhere online and found my questions answered by , where I was thrilled to discover that Murad do NOT test on animals, nor do they manufacture or distribute to countries who do. In addition to this, Dr Murad is apparently stringent in ensuring any ingredients used are not tested on animals either.

After finding this information on a reputable website, I am satisfied that Murad is cruelty free but am somewhat bewildered as to why this information isn't more readily displayed or available on the company website, as for the ethical buyer this is a huge consideration and a massive selling point in itself.

Initial Impressions

I am unsure whether the full size product usually comes in a box but I received it in a tiny little clear plastic pot with a white plastic lid. The pot is no deeper than a few millimetres and is the diameter of a 10p coin size. The appearance is clean and professional but very simplistic. I can't help feel this would be ideal for travelling due to its tiny stature and light weight. My teeny tiny pot contains 3.5ml which seems a teeny tiny amount that will be used and gone in no time at all. At this stage this is my only real criticism.


Whenever I try a beauty product for the purposes of a review, I make a special effort to ensure my face is thoroughly washed, cleansed and dried to remove any traces of other products, dirt, grease or dead skin. I feel this gives the product I am trying the best opportunity to perform at its optimum level.

After following through with these steps. I gently applied the product to my eyelids, my brow bone and immediately below the eyes (in the baggage area, as I've come to think of it). I wasn't looking in the mirror when I applied the solution but ensured that I applied it to one eye at a time to observe the results and any visual difference this little product was capable of making.

The 'cream' is a slightly strange texture and is somewhat drier than a cream and somewhere closer to a paste type substance. It is easy to get a small amount on the fingertip without really having to 'scoop' at all, the cream easily transferring. As a result of both the pot format and the composition of the cream I found it easy to get the right amount and maintain control over the amount used at all times. Speaking of amounts, I shouldn't have made the mistake of judging this tiny product so quickly. The consistency spreads well meaning a tiny amount spreads well, stretching an awfully long way and absorbing seamlessly and rapidly into the skin. My little pot isn't half powerful!

The skin around my eye is markedly different after application and immediately so. Murad have truly lived up to the 'instant radiance' claim for me and for this I commend them highly. So many products claim to give you that wide awake look but fall woefully short of the mark. Firstly, my skin seems calmer and the cream has given the skin around the eye a much more consistent complexion. The baggage area has been cleared and the skin appears much plumper, the slightly hollow and sallow qualities I'm usually so conscious of disappeared in an instant. The area immediately below my eyebrow seems similarly improved.

I have to comment, if I had better overall complexion and blemish free skin or I could find something that that has the same effect as this on my entire face, I would be happy not to wear make up... Yes, we are talking about that level of significant improvement. Unfortunately, I have yet to find anything that makes my face look nearly so flawless, so the next test came when applying make up over this product.

I opted to wait five minutes after applying the Murad Instant Radiance Eye cream before applying any make up but this was probably a little excessive. In all honesty, the my skin seem to absorb the cream instantly, desperate for its powerful, beautifying magic and I could have probably began my cosmetic application almost immediately. Many products seem to effect the way in which make up performs and can also effect the way it sits upon the skin but I found no issues of this nature. My make up was as easy to apply as ever and due to my improved skin tone, I found the appearance of the make up to my eye area much more striking than without. The wide awake look of that much plumper under eye area probably has a huge hand in this!

The effects of the cream seem to last for a good 6 hours although after this I found it less apparent, although this could have been because my bed was beckoning by this time and genuine tiredness and fatigue had kicked in...

Pricing and Availability

I was shocked to discover that Murad products were even pricier than I had initially expected! At the time of writing this review (December 16/January 17) I have found this product available for sale from multiple retailers. Fragrance Direct, John Lewis and Fragrance Direct all sell this at £45 however I have seen it offered for as low as £38 and as high as £54 elsewhere online so be aware!


When visiting and purchasing from for the first time, the visitor is offered 15% off their first purchase in return for subscribing to the mailing list. This would be no bad thing as subscribers are the first to receive 'sales, special promotions, skincare tips and more'. You'll be pleased to know, UK delivery is also free. Murad Instant Radiance Eye Cream sells for £45 on their website which seems to be the consistent price amongst retailers, therefore opting for 15% off and free delivery may be the cheapest way to get your hands on this.

Value Factor

The high price of this product really does seem particularly eye watering, especially when considering handing over almost £50 to receive just a small pot in return. For most of us that's well over a days work! I'm a frugal penny pincher... I'm downright tight in any circumstances but the instant improvement this product creates really does speak for itself, as does the visual longevity of those improvements. The power contained in that tiny tub really does speak of a superior, luxury standard beauty product to me... No wonder all these celebrities look so good if they can afford stuff like this!

Only a tiny amount is needed per application, therefore I feel the value for money factor is evident here too and feel this is a product which wouldn't need to be replaced too often, although if used daily a full sized pot of this would probably only last 6-8 weeks or so at most, although it may be possible to extend this to 10-12, but only with the most careful and light of applications, although this really is all you need so wouldn't be any hardship. When breaking down costs however, £30 per 10ml still seems a price more suited to the splurgers as opposed to the savers.

Overall Conclusions

Safe to say I'm beyond impressed... I'm a little blown away, a little mesmerised at the way this luxury product performs and that wonder has in no way dissipated over the six weeks or so this has been in my possession. In those six weeks I've probably used this around 8 times... The high price means I feel like I'm very aware that this will not last forever and for that reason I've used it very sparingly. Although I've been cautious and slight in my use, I do not feel that I compromise on the results and I'm thrilled to say that the amount of cream in the tub appears hardly touched.

With my current budget, the high price tag means that this is a product I could never afford to use on a regular basis but is a fantastic emergency gem to keep in the arsenal for when you really need to whip out the big guns. If I had an important party or occasion, a wedding, job interview or important meeting and I was looking less than my best due to a lack of sleep, I wouldn't hesitate to pull this out and would feel reassured that I'd still be able to look my best. On a day to day basis however, the world is simply going to have to tolerate my tired mug!

I really do recommend this product very highly. From the ease with which it sinks into the skin to the longevity of its results, I couldn't be happier. This doesn't sink into or sit in my lines or blemishes the way many of its rivals do but virtually erases them, wiping away a few years and a fair few tears. I have an old but very large and obvious scar next to my eye and Murad seemed to work wonders even on this, making it appear less deep and prominent and preventing my make up from sinking into it the way it has a tendency to do, therefore this may be a promising product for anyone with a minor cosmetic imperfection for which they require a temporary fix. From the benefits, to the ethical company behind the product, I'm happy with everything... That pesky price tag is still a snagging point but I do anticipate replacing my little wonder pot when this one is spent.


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