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Are you trying your hand at playing an instrument or perfecting your skills? Either way you have come to the best place! In this category you will find musical instruments, such as guitars, keyboards, percussions, DJ turntables, as well as recording equipment and software to satisfy everyone's musical creativity. Read ... more

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Guitars, Amplifiers & Effects
Guitars (977)
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Guitar Amplifiers (272)
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Effects Pedals (752)
Keyboards, Synthesizers & MIDI
Keyboards & Synthesizers (166)
Digital Pianos (80)
MIDI Equipment (90)
Keyboard, Synthesizer & MIDI Accessories (29)
Percussion & Drum Machines
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Live, Studio & Recording Equipment
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DJ Equipment
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DJ Cases (12)
DJ Lighting (27)
Classical Instruments
Pianos (20)
Woodwind Instruments (71)
Brass Instruments (133)
String Instruments (53)
Classical Instrument Accessories (96)
Music Software
Music Software (67)
Sampler Software (11)
DJ Software (2)
Effects Software (5)
MIDI Software (1)
Sequencing Software and Virtual Studios (25)

Most Recent Reviews of Musical Instruments & Equipment »

Epiphone EB-0 is a quality instrument for the price

19.07.2014 Review of Epiphone EB-0 Electric Bass

"Quite often with instruments you get what you pay for - more money = a better instrument. However, I think this bass really bucks that trend, it has a great sound. For me personally the short scale is fantastic (I am a 5 foot tall woman - my hands are r ..."

Read full review by Gozzil

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

A Good Starting Point.

30.06.2014 Review of M-Audio Keyrig 25

"I will start off by saying I do not use any of the software that came with it. I use it with Reason and Fruity Loops so my review is based off of these programs. When I first got this i was incredibly excited because I got an extraordinary deal on it. I ..."

Read full review by StephenCGreen

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Heavy, Heavy, Heavy.

30.06.2014 Review of Digitech Death Metal

"This was one of the best investments I ever made. The pedal is affordable and it is heavy. The controls work very well and I was surprised at the variety in tone I could get. The quality is more than I would expect for the price tag. This thing is unbreak ..."

Read full review by StephenCGreen

Ciao members have rated this review on average: somewhat helpful

Who knew heaven was so cheap and sounded so good!?

21.06.2014 Review of Yamaha F310

"I bought this guitar as I was little short of money at the time and was told by someone that this was the guitar to buy. Boy were they right! This guitar is an absolute peach for the price of £100 and an item I now wonder how I ever lived without. After p ..."

Read full review by davehasdoneit

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