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Are you trying your hand at playing an instrument or perfecting your skills? Either way you have come to the best place! In this category you will find musical instruments, such as guitars, keyboards, percussions, DJ turntables, as well as recording equipment and software to satisfy everyone's musical creativity. Read ... more

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Guitars, Amplifiers & Effects
Guitars (1026)
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Guitar Amplifiers (272)
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Effects Pedals (752)
Keyboards, Synthesizers & MIDI
Keyboards & Synthesizers (169)
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MIDI Equipment (90)
Keyboard, Synthesizer & MIDI Accessories (31)
Percussion & Drum Machines
Drum Machines (15)
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Drum Cymbals (1082)
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Live, Studio & Recording Equipment
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DJ Equipment
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DJ Cases (12)
DJ Lighting (27)
Classical Instruments
Pianos (20)
Woodwind Instruments (74)
Brass Instruments (133)
String Instruments (53)
Classical Instrument Accessories (97)
Music Software
Music Software (67)
Sampler Software (11)
DJ Software (2)
Effects Software (5)
MIDI Software (1)
Sequencing Software and Virtual Studios (25)

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Great Sounding, Compact and Portable Drum Set!

17.04.2015 (19.04.2015) Review of Roland TD-4 Drum Modul

"I bought Roland TD4 last year. Prior to that I also owned and play an acoustic drum set. (Brand: Sonor) I don't have a studio at home and our neighbour's house is very adjacent to each other and there is concern over the loud sound from acoustic drum se ..."

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The Numark Groove Tool - a little gem.

16.04.2015 Review of Numark Groove Tool

"...I play predominantly classical LPs, and bought the Japanese-made Numark Groove Tool because I find it useful to have a pickup to hand to play those discs which are not in the best condition. It has a specified playing weight range of 2.5g - 3.5g, and is ..."

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Better Protection From Gator Than Gaping Areas for Dust?

13.04.2015 Review of Gator Stretchy Keyboard Cover GKC1540

"Now that the home keyboard has been purchased, a new cover for it was required because I thought I could get by with the more than ten year old Yamaha branded digital piano Nylon cover that I use all the time. After its last wash, the “machine washable” N ..."

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Yamaha's Touch Sensitivity Affected By Price Sensibility?

08.04.2015 Review of Yamaha PSR-E343

"Normally when it comes to electronic musical instruments and my ownership, I tend to keep some keyboards for a period of five years before moving on. The reason isn’t because I am spend thrift, but rather due to the new ways in which technology moves on l ..."

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