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Are you trying your hand at playing an instrument or perfecting your skills? Either way you have come to the best place! In this category you will find musical instruments, such as guitars, keyboards, percussions, DJ turntables, as well as recording equipment and software to satisfy everyone's musical creativity. Read ... more

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Guitars, Amplifiers & Effects
Guitars (1027)
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Guitar Amplifiers (272)
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Effects Pedals (752)
Keyboards, Synthesizers & MIDI
Keyboards & Synthesizers (169)
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Keyboard, Synthesizer & MIDI Accessories (31)
Percussion & Drum Machines
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Live, Studio & Recording Equipment
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DJ Equipment
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DJ Cases (12)
DJ Lighting (27)
Classical Instruments
Pianos (20)
Woodwind Instruments (74)
Brass Instruments (133)
String Instruments (53)
Classical Instrument Accessories (97)
Music Software
Music Software (67)
Sampler Software (11)
DJ Software (2)
Effects Software (5)
MIDI Software (1)
Sequencing Software and Virtual Studios (25)

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Great first electric- Chord CAL63 Guitar

28.05.2016 Review of Chord CAL63 Guitar

"I purchased this guitar for £99 as my first electric and to this day I feel it was a great choice. For someone who is just starting out playing guitar I would definitely recommend this, after doing some research it also appears that the price has decreas ..."

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Known and loved by all

15.04.2016 Review of Shure SM 58 LC

"...You couldn't go far wrong buying a Shure SM58 as your first microphone, and it will probably outlive all of those more expensive, glamorous microphones you buy later down the line. The SM58 is the workhorse of the audio industry and is used on many inst ..."

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Paiste the opposition with these.

16.03.2016 Review of Paiste 14" Alpha Sound Edge HiHat

"== First impressions == If you love your percussion then the chances are you will have played the drums at some point. Music in general is all about beat, but when it comes to the drums you certainly have to have a special skill. Different musical instru ..."

Read full review by danielclark691

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Bullet Strat : Only for beginners

14.03.2016 Review of Fender Squier Bullet Strat

"I think that nobody should take this guitar onto a stage.This is a very good guitar for practicing at home,but that's it!This guitar offers very less at a very little price.The pick-ups can't take distortions,even the clean sounds don't sound good.The thr ..."

Read full review by prantik21

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