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Are you trying your hand at playing an instrument or perfecting your skills? Either way you have come to the best place! In this category you will find musical instruments, such as guitars, keyboards, percussions, DJ turntables, as well as recording equipment and software to satisfy everyone's musical creativity. Read ... more

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Keyboards, Synthesizers & MIDI
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Music Software
Music Software (67)
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Effects Software (5)
MIDI Software (1)
Sequencing Software and Virtual Studios (25)

Most Recent Reviews of Musical Instruments & Equipment »

Not very good

11.03.2017 Review of Danelectro Honeytone

"This amp breaks very easily and the sound quality isnt very good eithe, in my opinion the only thing i like about it is that its transportability is very good because of how small it is. I think that you could find better quality amps. I bought it because ..."

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The best spent $100

03.01.2017 Review of Tascam DP-004

"I was looking for a compact digital recorder for some time when suddenly discovered about DP-004. It was reasonably priced and had NO cheesy features that all the other companies like so much. No built-in drum machine, no digital effects, no karaoke, no s ..."

Read full review by engels

Ciao members have rated this review on average: very helpful

One of the most popular compressors for guitar and bass

02.01.2017 Review of Boss Compression Sustainer CS-3

"BOSS CS-3 is a very well known and popular pedal. It is relatively cheap, selling for around £70 new these days, and almost every guitar shop will have one. First introduced in 1986, it remains in production until today. I'm believe there are hundreds of ..."

Read full review by engels

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The masterpiece reissued

01.01.2017 Review of Ibanez TS808 Reissue Tubescreamer

"This John Deer green pedal is not just another guitar effect. This is one of the most copied, praised and abused solid state masterpieces in the world of guitar stompboxes. Tube Screamer is an institution and if you play electric guitar you must know what ..."

Read full review by engels

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