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Intro It wasn’t until a few years ago that I discovered that I had an eye problem. Off and on for years I had suffered quite frequently from sty’s and eye infections. Most of the time the doc just gave me drops or antibiotics to cure the problem, no-one including myself ever thought to delve ... Read review

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Don't see much point if you can GOOGLE

Advantagesfew googling provides pretty much the same results

Disadvantagesit's really a bit pointless

"...before any infection sets in. == == There really isn’t much to say about this sight since it doesn’t actually provide any information concerning eye treatment, I happened upon it by chance when searching for some better artificial tears than the ones I am currently using. What the sight is, is a linking place to lots of other sites which provide eye care, this said quite a lot of the linked sites are ones I also happened upon whilst ..." Read review

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A comprehensive source for Eye care and Vision information usa

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Type Eye Treatment Resources
Type for Subname Eye Treatment
Genre Eye Treatment Resources


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Origins A Perfect World for Eyes Firming Moisture Treatment with White Tea

(+) Works like a dream,light and sinks in well, firms and brightens
(-) Nothing at all

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Can get pricey depending on prescription, changes your life, new way of living
The pain of having it done and discomfort on the day. (*)
The gift of unaided vision; cheaper than a lifetime of glasses or contact lenses
Perfect results not 100% guaranteed (*)
Eye Treatment - Eye hospital / Medical college
Friendly no-pressure service.
none (*)
To be able to see unaided
Expensive (*)
Impress your friends that you have private medical cover
They take your money and do not deliver when you need them, read the small print (*)
Cheap and effective
Tricky to apply first time after then it's fine (*)
Friendly services, lots of frames to chose from, provide the NHS service,
Some expensive frames offered.. (*)
20/20 vision. Both eyes done on the same day
Very expensive (*)
good eye test
An unusable pair of glasses not replaced to time agreed (*)
painless and simple
expensive (*)
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