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My Ciao'ing

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... My aunt told me about this site, and from August 14th 2007, I was hooked. First Reviews Everyone has to begin somewhere, but I really do wish that Ciao would let me get rid of the reviews I did in the ‘early days’. I have not only found them embarrassing to look out now, every time ... Read review

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My 250th Review Review with images

Advantages2 years on the site, and I've enjoyed pretty much every minute of it

DisadvantagesCiao gremlins, Ciao surveys and some problems with members

"...with something to write for my 250th review I was stumped, even with the help of some brilliant friends on the site, I still had no idea what to write. I even started to write a review for the Product of the Month and call this my 250th review, as this is the best summer I’ve ever had, however it just didn’t seem to work. That review was written and discarded to the side. I then began to think, I have never written a review about my time on the site. ..." Read review

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Grumpy Celebrates His First Ciao Birthday By Griping

AdvantagesGetting to play the grumpy old git

DisadvantagesMay raise a few hackles...

"...Friday 12th March will mark my first anniversary here on Ciao (it feels like I’ve been here longer LOL). It’s been an eventful time. Since my first tentative steps as a “white dot” member I’ve written in excess of 100 reviews, made some brilliant on-line friends, and even managed to earn a couple of elusive diamonds. The site has also seen a fair share of controversy and change with site redesigns, an influx of Ciao.com refugees, less than friendly ..." Read review

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Ciao, the Craggybuk experience (controversial in places)

AdvantagesGreat concept, fun, enhance your writing skills

DisadvantagesBugs, frustrations

"...had an operation to repair my knee after a bad footballing injury and needed something occupy my time during my month off work. I had previously done some Ciao surveys and after completing one of these, I found myself browsing the Ciao site in some detail. I wasn’t originally aware that you could write reviews, I had always assumed Ciao was just a survey site. I had always fancied myself as a writer so I thought ‘Perfect’ this will keep me entertained ..." Read review

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What does living in Ciaoland do to your brain? Review with images

AdvantagesIn it for the experience, not the money

DisadvantagesFar too many to mention

"...felt emotional lump lodged in my throat, and it wasn’t a sugar lump. '''Not a place for theorists''' – especially those who have opinions Initially, I didn’t write. I didn’t write at all. I read, and sometimes didn’t even rate. I never signed up for the coinage possibilities partly due to inheriting an economic comprehension. Ciao, predominantly is to me about having a voice, delivering an opinion, learning from authors – and lastly, serving an ..." Read review

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Community Level 6dempsey_re...


My Ciao'ing so far

Advantagesgreat community


"My Ciao'ing so far Introduction Well members of Ciao, we are half way through 2006, and I don't know about you, but I am certainly looking forward to the summer. As of tomorrow, I am off too sunny Spain to work for the summer, modelling for various holiday brochures for 2007 catalogues. I don't often talk about my work, and I don't intend to now, maybe for a later review perhaps? What I will tell you is that I won't be on this site until ..." Read review

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A little more about me.
none that I can see (*)
"These Foolishe Thyngges...."
"....Remynd me of Aprille." (*)
Lack of communication, disorganised site, (*)
No ex-boy band members, R&B "artists" or soap characters
None (*)
Free, You dont have to pay, Urm Free.
Can be useless and the Postman will hate you. (*)
Some things are free
Some may disagree (*)
You could fall asleep
I nearly did! (*)
Some real gems
None at all (*)
Its over!
Too many to list here! (*)
You find out more about me
Perhaps you didn't want to know some of the things you're about to find out (*)
Some surprising choices
I wouldn't last long (*)
Financial security, put a smile on some faces
Staying grounded (*)
ten school memories .
there are only seven ! (*)
It's different
Vegetarians might not like it, and it's a bit long... (*)
Evenings pass pleasantly enough
Evenings tend to pass unmemorably (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members