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published 09/01/2004 | ElizaF
Member since : 14/08/2003
Reviews : 73
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About me :
Pro May be fun to do for some and interesting to read for others
Cons May bore the socks off everyone
very helpful

"One Ciao or two?"

This is a simple 25 questions on people's ways and means of using Ciao. I hope it will be fun to do and interesting to read. I would really appriciate it if you could leave a note in my GB when you complete the survey so I can have a nose around your answers.

i. Full name:
Elizabeth F. - Hence the username.

ii. Ciao Username:

iii. Date when you joined the Ciao community:
14.08.2003. My first birthday on the site came and went without me even noticing. Oops.

iv. Why did you join Ciao?
I was doing research on the Internet on breast pumps as I was considering returning to work after giving birth to my son, Jack. I found a very good review on the Medula electric breast-pump but no information on where to buy it in the UK and the only way I could ask the reviewer a question about it was to join..... and so an account was born.

v. Are you a member of any other review sites?
I joined Dooyoo ( a few months back but I am not as active there as I am here. Ooooh, for more hours in the day :)

vi. Reviews written to date:
When I first wrote this review, I had just written my 50th earlier in the day. This was my 51st. I thought it might be interesting to do a survey on people's use of the site.

Now I am up to my 70th op and writing about two pieces a month. I wish I could say that it was something like quality over quantity but it is more like time verses pleasure.

vii. How many ops/reviews do you write in average a week?
It was between one and three. It all depended on how busy I was with work.

I was contracting on-site for an IT company and had a bit of free time to spend on the site during lulls in work, now I have sold out and gone straight with a full time permie and can spend no time during work hours on the site unless I am working from home.

viii. How long does it take you on average to write and op?
About an hour for a food/perfume op and about 3 days for a technical op as I constantly edit and refine tech ops for clarity and (I hope) simplicity.

ix. How would you describe your writing style for ops?
Stream of consciousness with headings. I write things as they occur to me, this is the habit I have evolved from years of writing reviews for technical magazines. However I am a firm believer in headings as when I consult a review (from any source) it is usually because I am looking for the one piece of information to tip the balance of my buying decision one way or the other.

x. Which is your favourite of all your ops?
It is the one I wrote on labour and childbirth "So I huffed and I puffed" as it is my actual birth story. I wrote it just enough graphic details to give Mothers to be an idea of what to expect, make those with children running around nod and make teenage female go "bleughhhhhhhh". See the comments section to see if I succeeded.

xi. Comments written to date:

xii. Do you write a comment with every rating?
As I have rated 5151 reviews then the answer is "not quite". I mostly leave a review unless it has all been said by other people who r/r/c'ed before me. (* r/r/c = read/ rate/ comment) I know that not everyone on the site does but it is just a habit I got into because reading other people's comments on my ops are one of my favourite aspects of Ciao. I also think it may be useful to people to know why I didn't rate their ops as high as I could or to know that the hard work they put into an op is easily recognisable.

xiii. What merits an 'exceptional' rating in your opinion?
An op which has all the basics covered; who, what, when, why, how, where, one with a huge amount of personal experience of the writer included and one which has a little bit of heart. I know that is almost an indeterminable quantity to nominate but you know it when it is there.

xiv. Have you ever willingly or unwillingly been a Ciao abuser?
Unwillingly I was, yes (oooh the shame) On my first day I posted 5 ops without taking care to read the site instructions carefully. At that time it was forbidden to post more than 3 reviews a day. I was soon put straight by some very kind members who left messages in my guestbook pointing out the error of my ways.

I have always felt it that it was a pity that this rule was dropped and even more a pity that it was not enforced with the same zeal that the 5-exceptional ratings a day is. This is especially true as I peruse the 12th rubbish review in a row, all posted one after the other by the same reviewer.

xv. How many hours a week do you spend on Ciao?
Between 3 and 5. It depends on how busy I am at home.

xvi. Do you log into the site daily?
I try to log in once daily between Monday to Friday. Weekends are spent with my hubbie and 24-month-old son and as wonderful and entertaining as this site is NOTHING eats into my weekends with my family.

xvii. What is the main time of day you are active on the site?
After 9pm in the evening.

xviii. What is your favourite non-commercial area of the site?
The 'About me' ops in the member's area. I love the small glimpses into the people behind the familiar Usernames that it gives me.

xix. What is your policy on adding people to your CoT?
I add people who write consistently good ops, who are entertaining to read, who show good manners and courtesy when dealing with the other writers on Ciao, who I get on with online. That is not to say that EVERYONE I have not added does not fall into these categories, it is just to say I have not got around to adding them yet.

xx. How do you react when people add you to their CoT?
I leave them a message in their GB (guestbook) thanking them and put them on alerts in order to be able to read all their future ops.

xxi. Best piece of advice you could give a newbie? (1 piece only)
Don't copy. You'll be found out and may be kicked off the site. This is a great community and best approached in the spirit of honesty.

xxii. Best piece of advice you could give an oldie? (1 piece only)
Don't forget you were a vanilla coloured dot once and give advice graciously.

xxiii. What do you like best about Ciao?
The spirit of community, the humour of the ops and some of the fantastic characters it has been my privilege to meet whilst online here.

xxiv. What do you like least about Ciao?
The amount of people who think that "More details needed", "More information required", "Need to add more" ARE constructive comments. They aren't!

xxv. Can you remember the first op on Ciao that you ever read?
Yes, it was an op by riian on the new VW Beetle. I read it after I had posted an op on the same subject and immediately became aware of the sheer amount of detail needed in a review to have it given a 'VH' rating. The same op went on to get a diamond a few weeks later.

Now, thanks for reading and why not have a go yourself? To date, 187 other people have!

Thanks for reading

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  • Expired-Account published 29/01/2008
    Nice review, makes very interesting reading, I may well steal this for my 50th
  • n13roy published 01/09/2007
    Really well written, detailed and very informative review there indeed............Roy.........
  • zoobremia published 04/03/2006
    To come into my CoT there are nearly the same things needed, except I know the users from German-ciao or personally ...
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