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published 18/08/2006 | BadCompany77
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"Tis An Art To Ciao'ing Don't Ya Think"

Tis An Art To A Good To A Good Ciao !!!!

My Ciao habits have changed a lot over the last few years and I guess it's all to do with learning from mistakes I have made. Sometimes I guess all of us make the mistake of not remembering that that name with a coloured dot that you read and leave a comment with is a real person with feelings and problems of their own……..

For me Ciao began a few years ago now and I must admit to being totally addicted to it. "Do you not mean you were a dick to it Art". "Yeah my friend online I guess that is exactly what I was indeed". And that is what I always ended my reviews with way back then, my signing off piece, "as ever, your friend online"………..

I joined as Artatthemovies and I think I stayed on Ciao for just under a year with that name. To be perfectly blunt, I was a total twat back then, and yeah I guess I still am to a certain extent but back then I was just as bad sober !! ......

I would log onto Ciao about 9pm and check out my reads and then I would look down the list of who had read the review. I was a bit petty back then because I noticed certain people who I had read on a regular basis were just not bothering to read any of mine. I know, welcome to the land of Ciao where a read can be like life or death, for some that is. Back then I was obsessed with it all and I actually had people that I totally disliked with a vengeance. The funny thing is, and it amuses me no end is that even on Ciao today these petty little creatures exist. I know of at least ten who would read this but not rate it because it's me; I know you do it and it so makes my day. Now myself and my ciaoing, I read anyone and I read about anything whatsoever……..

I read reviews about mascara just out of pure interest; I read about you women and your waxing and shaving just out of pure curiosity. For me these days my biggest pleasure is finding some new writer who has written a short review plastered with spelling mistakes and full of a load of old crap. To take an interest in that writer and point them in the right direction and then sit back and watch them improve is for me what a writing site should be about. I am here a year on the 27th August and as I look back I see loads of members who have vastly improved, for example the talented FabulousGirl………

I also used to get really into how many reads I got and also got annoyed if say for example a certain member who normally reads me didn't. "That still annoys you Art; sure you got at someone the other day cause you thought she had fallen out with you". "I so wish you would go open your own account and butt out of mine". But yeah I guess it's true and it's also what makes Ciao so interesting. It's like when I log on I know Babyuk was away but is back, that the Glasgow meet is today and it's like I know that Gemerina is looking for a house. So how exactly would I describe how I Ciao then, do I use it like a chatroom, do I use it as a Library or a place to post my artistic writing, "jeeez please give me a bucket, yer writing is pure and utter crap, they only read ya cause you kiss ass" "Oh bugger off you, you have been talking to that Tallulahbang"………

Believe it or not when I first joined Ciao I actually posted a review every single day. Most times now it's once a week and as you lot know, always on a Friday, I am a creature of habit. But for me Ciao was and still is a place that I can write about something or just express my views and get it published on a website for all to see. Ok if you don't believe the power of ciao go to google and type in your user name, you impressed ?? So now I log on Ciao mostly to read and comment, I am getting bored with writing. .

I must admit I love reading some of the writers on Ciao at the moment. Even though there is some total crap written, "yeah as I said yer reviews Art", "Oh bugger off". "But they are, they are a pile of crap and I am sick of you getting more reads than me". "I am you, you complete plank !" Anyway jeeez back to what I was saying before he butted in, I really must renew my medication as he is popping up more than usual, "didn't that girl say the same thing to you last night", "oh behave you, tis a family site"…Anyway sometimes I would be reading loads of crap when all of a sudden a gem of a review just appears and that is why I Ciao. Before I joined Ciao I imagined all females as things that are put on earth for us males. Like I never would have dreamt how amazing they are at writing. Many a time I have read a review and then went back and read it again just because it was totally amazing. Anyway enough about my reviews ok I am only jesting….

My Ciaoing now is usually I log on first thing in the morning to see what drunken comments I have left from the night before. "I am Art and I am an Alcoholic, I am not really ok as I don't drink on a Tuesday". Anyway after I look at my comments and shudder at what a fool I look I pop round a few friends and say Good Morning and also reply to any guestbook comments. I also try and read a few reviews whilst I am on as well but sometimes time doesn't allow it. I then log on again for an hour between 530pm and 630pm and then I do read a lot of reviews. I would reckon I must read at least 50 reviews a day and I try to comment on most of them. I think a comment is an important thing to leave as it tells the writer what you think. I know a lot of people get annoyed if you just type "Good Review" but if I am in a hurry and I think it's a good review then there you go, I type it……….

I will tell you how I pick a review that I give an Exceptional to, "yeah you give it to one of yer clicky cartoon mates", "it's actually clicking cartel you tosspot". This is of course totally untrue and a slur on my good name. For me I go for a really good personal input in a review especially if it's a film or book review. A great wee writer recently did a razor review which I thought was a great review but I didn't give it an E; it was because for me you can't really do a personal review on a razor. But someone writing about a holiday and after I have read it I am laughing and actually feel like I have been on that holiday with you, then you get an E. But if it's as long as Blackbeard's beard and full of boring facts etc then sorry I lose interest and skim the review and usually give a Very Helpful............

So I guess that is my ciaoing, "what about all yer fighting Art, you gonna just gloss over that". "No, let's talk about it then". To be honest I think a good old bust up on Ciao every now and then livens the site up. Ok I know the site is for writing serious reviews for the consumer "Yawnnnnnnnnnnn", "Oh sorry about that, it's just that word serious and consumer combined makes me yawn out loud". I guess I have been in more fights on Ciao than any other member and I think at least 10 people have removed me from their trust over some silly fight. Ok let's get one thing clear, at the present time Ciao is totally dead, and serious just don't recruit new members and sure as hell don't make old members log on as much. So yeah I do love a good bit of banter and it does no harm, but I think Ciaos reaction to a lot of silly squabbles is just plain silly. They have become like a Big Brother, they ban a silly condom review, they give you a warning over a comment that a kid in primary school uses in the playground. This is a site with over 300 members on it, the odd little row will occur. Introduce a couple of guides who are members to step in and deal with it, it has just got too petty and just encourages certain people to report every comment they don't like. I totally hate you petty little people that run to Ciao like little pampered kids shouting " I am telling Ciao, I am telling Ciao", get over yourself for godssake………..

Why do I still Ciao, why do I still log on regular if I am bored and the site seems a bit dead at the moment? Why do I always threaten to leave like a little drama queen but return the next day as if nothing has happened? I will tell you in just three letters why I Ciao, Y O U ……..You are what makes me Ciao, yes you sitting in front of that screen reading this. You allow me to express myself in my own way and you let me into your home every Friday night and without you, well I guess without you I am just plain old ordinary Art and not BadCompany77….I log on to leave Art behind and take on the identity of BadCompany77 and enter a place were I have made great friends. People like Richada and Torr who write like a dream and inspire me, Kelr101 who kicks my ass for writing crap, "Jeez she's the only member that knows your crap". But mostly I log on for YOU, and well thank YOU……Because of YOU I will continue to write and continue to Ciao for another year at least…………….

This has been a BadCompany Production…….2006

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Comments on this review

  • lizngaz published 29/02/2008
    Great review (sorry it just had to be done!) ha ha ha xxx
  • abcdefg published 01/11/2007
    Brill - what more can I say? Lisa x
  • shazzaspannered published 17/01/2007
    Everyone has their own way of Ciao’ing…..I know since I first started writing reviews my style has changed. I now read a lot more than I write and I try and read as much as I can, although there isn’t always time. I enjoy being here a lot more than I used too – whether that’s because I’ve settled in a bit more now though I don’t know. It’d be nice to get to the 100 reads level that you seem to get quite regularly!
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