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Nearly been on Ciao for a year so I decided to share my thoughts on Ciao.

Q1. When and why did you join Ciao?
17.2.2010, wanted to join Ciao for a while only got the Internet in 2010 and my friend Tom1Clare aka Mildred was a member and it sounded like a great site to join.

Q2. Name and Ciao Username?
James other wise known as WrestlingReviewer87 due to my hobby of ballet well not really professional wrestling is my favourite hobby and I was born in 1987.

Q3. Dot colour and number of reviews written?
Purple and 18 reviews so far.

Q4. How many hours a week do you spend on Ciao?
Quite a lot probably 10 hours per week.

Q5. What is your policy on adding people to your CoT?
I add people who are good writers, whose work I enjoy reading, members who read and rate my reviews regularly and of course cash bribes will result in a COT addÔä.

Q6. How do you react when people add you to their CoT?
I usually do a Tracey Smothers dance (wrestling related) and shout WONGA from the envirofone adverts. Or normally think great and Iím pleased someone likes my reviews and has added me to their COT.

Q7. What products or topics do you enjoy writing about, and why?
Wrestling, Wrestling and Wrestling. Professional Wrestling is my favourite topic to review usually Pay Per View event DVDís, I enjoy giving my opinion on wrestling shows and matches describing if the match is any good or not. I like to portray wrestling in a better light and try to explain that the wrestlers are great athletes and entertainers. I enjoy reviewing computer games and hopefully review some films in the future.

Q8. How would you describe your writing style?
Like a fine wine it gets better with age, erm descriptive write about what you can expect to see in the product.

Q9. Do you read everything that's published, and, if not, which is your favourite section and why?
I read all the reviews that I rate, I donít scroll down and click v.helpful without reading as I feel this is unfair to a ciao member who has took time to write a review. I donít go through the latest reviews as much because I find too many new writers who do one review which is usually somewhat helpful and normally on the latest computer game (Call of Duty especially) never to write again and they wonít return the rate. I usually stick to members who are in my COT and email alerts.

Q10. What do you think of the Ciao Cafť?
Not really visited it much but there looks like some good topics discussed.

Q11. Do you read/rate/comment on the reviews of members irrespective of whether they reciprocate?
It depends on the topic I usually rate wrestling reviews regardless of whether they rate back or not, I will rate other members on a variety of topics if they donít rate back Iím less likely to rate their work again.

Q12. Do you think you're hard to please or easy to impress? For instance, do you give many Exceptional ratings? Or Not Helpful, or Off Topics
I tend not to give many Not Helpful or Off Topic ratings if I see the review has a NH rating I wonít bother to read it. I donít think Iím hard to impress generally possibly on wrestling reviews or topics that I have knowledge about, I donít hand Eís out, if the review is worthy of an E it will get one, but because a review is over 2000 words does not grant it E status quality writing will win me over not quantity.

Q13. Are you concerned about revenge rating if you rate an OT or NH to a member?
Luckily not really had many revenge raters possibly because I donít bother with OT or NH ratings, people who revenge rate most likely wonít stay on the site for long anyway.

Q14. How do you react towards raters who consistently rate your reviews lower than your average rates?
I moan and complain until they give me a higher rate, but seriously peopleís opinions are different and their entitled to their opinion if they rated a review lower than average I would like to know the reason why so I could improve future reviews.

Q15. Do you think that there are members in Ciao who have multiple memberships in different names? And what about "clicking cartels"?
Not sure really I donít think so but it wouldnít surprise me. Clicking Cartels I think may be more prominent with members who are buddies there are certain reviews which in my opinion arenít E worthy but because they are buddies with members they get more Eís. Me and Tom1Clare have been friends since 1998 (he may try to deny this) but we donít give each other Eís just because we know each other some times I may be more critical of him for missing something from a review.

Q16. When you receive ratings/comments of your reviews, do you acknowledge?
Sometimes if a question is asked or someone has written a nice comment I will respond.

Q17. What do you think of comments you get? Is there a running theme or any that really stand out in your memory?
ďDonít know how you guys can watch this knowing its all fixed lolĒ Regarding wrestling, why watch films and television shows then when there all scripted? Because itís entertaining I watch wrestling because itís usually entertaining.
Staffenburg comments make me laugh, Pennywa leaves nice comments, Tom1Clare and Dentolux as well.

Q18. Which is your own favourite of all your reviews?
Hmmm, probably The Bash or SWKOTOR was thinking about a game review shall I write one or not decided to and was happy with the feedback I got.

Q19. Have you ever written something, a review, comments or guest book entry, that you regretted later and wanted to delete?
ďTotally disagree with your opinion, people who have only seen wwe briefly have little idea on the sport but they slag it off without knowing the facts, if people don't like wrestling fine but before they think they know something about it they should do some research on itĒ I was slightly harsh with this reviewer lol but I got added to their COT so maybe I should be more aggressive.

Q20. Best piece of advice you could give a newbie?
Donít churn out reviews, rate various members on the site so they can see your work and take constructive criticism they will help you improve your reviews.

Q21. Best piece of advice you could give an oldie?
Donít churn out reviews let other members get their reviews out on the site.

Q22. Best piece of advice you could give any member?
Read my reviews lol, members who write comments just to get points and donít maybe add anything to the comments section, copy and paste comments.

Q23. Do you think that some writers publish too many reviews?
Absolutely my email is sometimes clogged up with the same members reviews, I feel the writing standard is not as good when reviews are churned out.

Q24. Do you think you've made many friends through Ciao, or does that not matter to you, and if not what have you gotten out of Ciao?
Iíve met a lot of nice people on Ciao and enjoyed talking to them and reading their opinions on various topics. Gotten a bit of wonga from Ciao but mostly just the enjoyment of writing and talking to new people.

Q25 If you could ask the people who run Ciao to change one thing, what would it be?
Limit the amount of reviews members write 1 a day is enough.

Q26. Which three Ciao members would you like to nominate to complete this challenge?
Well a lot have done them already so if you have let me know if I missed yours. Pennywa, Dentolux, Hishyeness, MizzMolko and Mrolympia19.

Questions from Ciao members
Where do you see the future of wrestling as a Sports entertainment given all the changes and controversy that has gone on in the last several years? From Novabug
Great question for a wrestling mad fan like me, I have watched wrestling from 2000 and have since caught up on past events dating back to the eighties and the differences have been amazing. Wrestling will always be controversial due to the companies that promote it and the wrestlers that work their, wrestling today is on a slump due to bad storylines, lack of new stars and the various scandals that have tarnished wrestlingís already bad reputation. Due to the deaths of Eddie Guerrero and even more so the Chris Benoit double murder suicide, wrestling WWE specifically is trying hard to clean up wrestling with a new drugs testing policy any wrestlers working for WWE who violate the act have a three strikes rule where you are suspended on first offence 2 months for second violation and third your fired. This helps WWEís image but more importantly the wrestlers themselves far too many wrestlers have died due to mainly drug and painkiller abuse, a lot of the wrestlers who have died should still be here most recently Lance Cade who was only 29 when he died. So I hope the current wrestlers will still be with us and not die young like so many of their peers and I hope the drug testing will help this.

Chair shots a lot of people who attack wrestling for being fake have no idea the punishment the wrestlers take, chairs used are real not made of tin foil, I am glad to say WWE and TNA have banned unprotected (taking a chair shot to the head without blocking) chair shots to the head due to the evidence linking them with concussions which can lead to suicide. Chris Benoitís brain after the autopsy was described as being like an 80 year old with dementia due to the various concussions and hits to the head, numerous other wrestlers have committed suicide that were known to have taken punishment to the head.

WWE has took some good steps with their programming it is now PG13 rated so wrestlers can tone down the physical action which reached highs during the attitude era (1998 -2001) and hopefully this will lower injury rates. I would like WWE to lower the travel schedule the wrestlers are on, they are on a hectic schedule travelling the world without any off season. So preferably WWE talent should have certain periods to take some time off.

Hopefully a union can be created for wrestlers, they have none WWE has fired wrestlers whilst injured and pregnant so this aspect has never been addressed and I donít think ever will. I feel overall the wrestling business is making some good steps towards the future they have had to learn from the mistakes a lot which could have been prevented. I think wrestling will still be successful and hopefully people will have a better perspective of it in the future.

If some wise-cracking genie came up to you and offered three wishes, what would they be (world peace not accepted, as they did that on X-Files and everyone just disappeared)? From Tom1Clare
Firstly I wouldnít fall for the trick Jafar did,
1) Become a Billionaire so I could retire at 23, help my friends and family with money and pay off some off the debt the UK is in.
2) Have my own wrestling promotion
3) Manage England FC

Thanks for reading

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emily.ha 18.06.2011 09:52

Interesting read:)

Zurich11 06.06.2011 19:11

Interesting to learn about you xx

marymoose99 07.05.2011 14:54

A belated happy Ciao birthday!

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