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"My Fairy" is an application which can be added to Facebook.com profiles by users, and played with other users who have searched for and added the same application on the social networking site. It's basically a game which you can play with other users, although people are required to sign ... Read review

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The Fairies of Facebook Diamond review Review with images

AdvantagesGreat, Free app, Lots of Potential, Fun Games, Achievements, Spells, Dust and Alchemy

DisadvantagesAttempts to stay in flavour sometimes fail, Might get boring without those Achievements.

"...sign into both Facebook and My Fairy to play. First of all, some general info on how the application works within Facebook (I'm afraid you might not understand this if you don't use Facebook…) On a Facebook user profile, the game appears as a thin box (see pics) which is perhaps best suited to the Facebook sidebar since the box is quite thin, and doesn't really change shape when placed on the main-page part of the profile. One can access the ..." Read review

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Facebook expert analysis of this...

AdvantagesNice to show support of Ciao! on my Facebook

DisadvantagesNot very easy to use, not very fun, boring, unoriginal

"...Awards one, where me and my friends give each other awards for different things. Great fun! There really are applications for everyone, no matter what age etc. ===1st Impressions Of The Ciao Wall=== Now the Ciao Wall is a downloadable application based on the site itself. You can find the link on the Ciao website, or searching for Ciao in the applications search on Facebook. So what do you do with it? When I looked at the community announcement ..." Read review

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nice application, but do we need it?

Advantagessome good ideas there

Disadvantagesdont really need it

"...myspace has been by far my favourite in terms of just how simple it is to use. Facebook is probably my second favourite however I don’t really use it much as I don’t know a lot of people who have face books (as its seen as the site for the older generation). Bebo which is apparently the most popular of the three main social networking sites is actually my least favourite site, it doesn’t’t offer anything different to myspace ..." Read review

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Ciao Wall - yay or nay? Review with images

AdvantagesIncorporates two well established sites

DisadvantagesIs fairly useless if your friends haven't added it

"...of these people are in my Facebook friend network, and therefore this is where the Ciao Wall loses it's appeal for me. My Ciao Wall is completely empty apart from the gifts I've sent to friends, so therefore it really only stands as an eyesore on my profile at this point in time. I'm sure in time when more people have added the application it might become a bit more exciting, but as it stands at the moment, I really don't find it all that appealing. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2HAYLOLS


Brilliant idea.

AdvantagesEasy to use, excellent source of information.

DisadvantagesNot enough users yet.

"Ok. So I came across this the other day and at first I though this was yet another silly facebook application. then I realised that it's actually a really good idea. It has taken the concept of ciao and put it on one of, no wait, the most popular and widely used networking sire on the internet today. I think that this will take off big style, although I think that I might be a bit of slow starter as there are alot of people who don't know what ciao ..." Read review

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Type Social Media; Facebook Application


Listed on Ciao since 03/04/2008

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