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My favourite beers!

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... My favourite lager of all time had to be Fosters Premium, which only lasted about a year here but was bloody lovely. I think they bought it out for the World Cup in 2002 if my memory serves me right. Carling also bought a similar one out but it again flopped, perhaps seen as too gassy ... Read review

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Lets drink a cool one to send Bin Laden on to hell! Review with images

AdvantagesIts the weather for it


"...shoulders above the rest, and my staple bottled beer in the pubs. Its Germaness is roar and I believe it's actually brewed in the country of origin for once, unlike most of our supermarket brands. I know the so called Aussie tipple of Fosters is brewed in anywhere but and is made in Warrington from hops picked in anywhere but the Outback. Smirnoff Vodka is made in Doncaster, a brew the Fosters people also own. In my dads day he would drink the ..." Read review

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