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published 28/06/2017 | NBCMad92
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Pro Bobsledding, Nature Walk
Cons A little boring
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Family Friendly

"Once You're Done... You're Done"

The view from the sky explorer

The view from the sky explorer

On my adventures through Jamaica, my friend and I came across Mystic Mountain. A rainforest experience that offers a chair lift up the forest, zip line, bobsledding and nature itself. When we were deciding what to do, we decided that bobsledding would be amazing. How often can you bobsled through the rainforest whilst singing "we are the Jamaican bobsled team!"? We decided that this was a must and booked to bobsled away.

Mystic Mountain

Mystic Mountain is a rainforest in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. It is a beautiful green rainforest that spans for miles. It has amazing views of Ocho Rios and is educational to its customers.

The team at Coho Rios look after the Mountain well, they are very concerned with the environment and keeping it. They have built habitats for some of the creatures that live there. There is a nice habitat for the humming birds, who were lovely to see, I had never seen a humming bird up close and it was nice to see it flying and drinking, you can walk right into the habitat and sit and watch them.

They are also striving to be eco-friendly by their solid-waste management program. They did explain this right at the start of the trip but if I am honest I cannot remember entirely what it is about.


We booked this trip through our rep at our hotel (First Choice). You are given a choice of:

- Sky explorer
- Sky explorer and bobsled
- Sky explorer, bobsled and zip line
- All of the above and Dunn's River Falls (making Mystic Mountain and Dunn's River both half trips).

We opted for the sky explorer and bobsled as we felt we could do a zip line anywhere and we wanted to make Dunn's River a full day rather than a half day.

This cost us around $70 (£55, at the time of writing). You can pay by American Dollar or Jamaican Dollar. Please note that in Jamaica they have to accept Jamaican Dollar but they do prefer American. Jamaican Dollar is quite low in rate.

This can also be booked through the Mystic Mountain website who will give you the same choices plus a view additional choices.

What Will You Need?

- Money
There is a gift shop there including a few stalls that sell handmade jewellery and wooden ornaments.
- Swimwear and towel
There is a pool and waterslide there.
- Insect Repellent
In the rainforest, there are lots and lots of bugs. They sell the insect repellent bands at the location which costed around $5.
- Sun cream
You are in Jamaica, the sun is hot, please do not get burnt.

Getting Up There

We were taken in a coach to the mountain. The coach drivers in Jamaica are lovely and 9/10 they will give you a little talk on Jamaica. Although, when you have been on a coach a few times, they tell you a lot of the same things and you probably will end up being able to give the talk yourself.

You start at the bottom and get taken up in a sky explorer where you get a sky view of the beauty that is Jamaica. The clear blue sea and the glorious sunshine is remarkable. It takes a while to get to the top but if you are with good company, it is lovely to sit and hear the birds chirping and feel the sun on your face. There will be a photograph taken of you which you can purchase at the top. Honestly, the photograph quality was not really good, we ended up not buying it in the end.

The chairs themselves are totally safe, as much as they do not look like they are. My friend and I were looking at them worryingly but everything was totally fine. Clearly, as I wouldn't be writing this review.
TIP: Take off your sunglasses and hold your bags in front of you when you are about to sit on the chair. I had my sunglasses on top of my head and just as I was about to take them off, the chair came up from behind me and knocked them off for me. Luckily, the gentleman was able to give them back to me before I went off into the sky.


When you get to the top you are able to go to your chosen activities. Zip lining or bobsledding. I cannot comment on the zip line because we did not do it but we did do the bobsled. You waited in the queue to enter the bobsled and you can either go on your own or together with one person at the front and one behind. The person at the front will be in control of the bobsled. You are given a tutorial on how to control the bobsled. You can either slow down or keep the stick forward for ultimate speed. Guess what we picked? My friend said "I'm not pulling the break by the way", to which I replied "I would judge you if you did".

When it was our turn to go we zipped through the rainforest at an alarming rate of speed. It was so quick but amazing to experience. There are points on the bobsled that turn and twist and it feels scary because you think you are going to come off, especially if you are going as quickly as we were but you do not and right at the end you make the bobsled slow down and take a slow pace back up to the top where you get out.

TIP: Please ensure that you keep at a good speed. If you are too slow then another bobsled may come down and end up hitting you. Let’s not have any accidents please.

You can choose to go again if you wish but this was a lot of money, around $25. We thought there was no point as we had already done it and it would basically be the same.

Food & Drink

There was a little restaurant there were we ordered some food. It was reasonable priced, the meal cost us around $30. Mainly your basic food menu. Burger and chips, jerk chicken, salad etc. Nothing too fancy but something to fill the stomach. The food tasted nice which was the main thing and the waiting staff were friendly.

At one point we ended up sitting at the bar and ordering cocktails. The drink menu was large and there was a variety of drink to choose from. I cannot remember the exact cocktail I had but it was a signature one to the bar which tasted great. These were also reasonably priced at around $5 - 10.

Nature Walk

The nature walks are hourly and you will be taken with a guide through the rain forest for roughly about an hour. It was simply something to pass the time but it was still interesting. We went down into the forest and our guide gave us a talk on the different things there. She told us that due to the conditions of the rocks, they believe that this part of the forest may have been under water at some point. She explained to us the trees that were there and what they did for the forest. There is one tree known as a "strangler" tree that basically slowly eats away and kills other trees by entangling in them! There was not a lot of animals on our walk but we did see a hermit crab.


There are toilets available in the restaurant and at the bottom where you get picked up. The toilets at the bottom are eco-friendly.

Disability Friendly

I would say that this trip is not suitable for those who are physically disabled. There is a lot of walking involved and it probably would not be enjoyable for them.

Family Friendly

Maybe families would enjoy it, there are a few things to do but I would imagine that children may get a little bored after a while. There is only so much time taken for bobsledding and zip lining and once that it done it is mainly sightseeing and I am not sure how many children enjoy looking at trees.

Other Activities

There was a waterslide there which we did not know about which was unfortunate as we did not bring a spare change or clothes or swim gear. There was a little pool and a poolside where you could sit down. The pool went almost off the side of the mountain and gave you an amazing view.

==Gift Shop=

We did venture into the gift shop but we did not buy anything. It sold the basic things that most gift shops in Jamaica sell: rum, spices, novelty Bob Marley gear, snow globes, magnets, keychains etc. They did sell their own Mystic Mountain clothes to show that you had done the bobsledding or zip line but that did not appeal to us really.


It was an okay day out but I would not recommend it. Once we had done the bobsledding we was at a loss of what to do until we got picked up. We done the bobsledding straight away and it only lasted around less than 5 minutes. So we were left wondering around.

The nature trail was okay but it was not something to shout about. Again, simply something to pass the time.

We went up and down on the sky explorer again which we did to pass the time. It was good to get some more pictures of the view.

It did get a bit boring once we had done everything. We were mainly waiting around.

I would say this is more of a relaxing trip rather than a get-up-and-go trip. I think you will find yourself a little bored after a while. I would not say it was worth the $70 we spent on it.

Thumbs down from me, sorry.

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