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published 25/09/2015 | SamanthaL82
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As you can probably tell from my numerous reviews of nail polish I have a bit of an addiction (to say the least) to nail varnish and nail colour. Well it was that inspired this particular purchase (although I will say from the start I didn't actually buy this kit but instead saved up my Boots advantage points for it) as I love getting Shallac and Gellure nails done. For those who are thinking what are those (and I thought exactly that when I first heard of them) they are a super shiny long lasting manicure - they claim up to 14 days but for me I get about 12 from my salon manicure. I love the look of my nails when I get this done and it is perfect for the Christmas party season, holidays or birthdays as there is no need to keep reapplying your polish and they look super shiny and groomed. However, it's not a cheap habit to get into and with some salons charging about £20 a go (or about £8 if you get a money off voucher which I always try to do) it can soon add up. Therefore, when I saw this kit in Boots for £70 I wanted to try it but not having a spare £70 kicking around I saved my advantage card points. OK so that is a background to why I bought it but what do you get for your hard earned cash?

***The Kit***
In the starter kit (which you will need in order to use the nail polishes in this range as you need a lamp to cure them) you get*The SensatioNail Starter Kit which they say contains all you need for 10 perfect Gel Polish applications (this include Lint free wipes, an orange stick, a gel primer, a get topcoat/base coat, cleanser and a buffer
  • A Pro 3060 LED Lamp
  • A gel nail colour (mine was Raspberry Wine)
    The idea of the kit is that you cure your polish under the LED lamp and if done properly it's supposed to last for up to two weeks with that really shiny/glossy look you get from the salon.
  • **Applying the colour***
    The first thing you need to do is file and cleanse your nail so remove any ridges and then wipe the cleanser (using the lint free wipes) over your nail. You then need to apply the primer and let that dry in the air. I have found the best thing to do here is to apply a really thin coat and to apply it just shy of the edges -if it goes right to the edge of your nail it is harder to remove while if it's too far away you might find it lifting,

Once that is dry you need to carefully apply the basecoat - here it's best to do four fingers on one hand and do the thumbs separately as you will struggle to fit a whole hand under the lamp. Make sure you are really careful when doing this step as if you don't coat the whole nail or go over the edge (which will then dry rock hard and look like you have superglue attached to your nail) it will affect the final finish of your nails (think of it like plastering a wall if you get that wrong it will show up under your paint work). The secret is fine even coats. This then gets cured under the lamp for 30 sec (it will beep to tell you it's ready). Then do the same for the rest of the nails.The colour then gets two coats (again thin is the name of the game here) and get cured for 60 seconds each time. If you are using your own nail colour sandwiched in between the base and top coat (which I am told you can do) make sure it is completely dry before applying your top coat. Then it's the same process for your top coat as your base coat. You will find it feels a bit tacky but a quick buff with a lint wipe will do the trick.

***How I found it***
I have tried this kit about 5 times now and have had mixed results. A couple of times it has lasted for just over a week and looked fab the whole time but a couple of times it has lifted really quickly and one time I had to remove it and start again because it would set. The times it went wrong was when I was in a rush and doing my nails far too quickly so I made school girl errors. Whereas the times it has worked I sat down concentrated on what I was doing and if you are new to it doing your nails in twos may help this. The thing to remember is it will not set until put under the lamp so if you do too many at once it will run onto your cuticles. If you do make a mistake its best to wipe it off before you set it and start again. It's not a quick rush job you do have to concentrate I am afraid.
When applied properly it does look really good - I bought a red colour and glitter topcoat and that looks just like it has been done at the salon. There is also the fact that once you have cured your nails it's completely dry so there is no chance of ruining your manicure. I also find that is if I sit down and concentrate and apply it properly it's really easy to use the problems I have had have been when I was rushing and normal polish would go wrong under those circumstances. Once on you can open cans do what you want and your nails are pretty indestructible for a while and it doesn't feel like your nails are weighed down.

For me the biggest con is the price at £70 in Boots and £60 on the SensatioNail website it is a heavy outlay to begin with and with the essentials refill kit costing £25.00 in Boots and the coloured nail polish is a further £15.00 - although you can get is cheaper on the SensatioNail website and in Asda. I have also read reviews that say you can sandwich existing nail colours between coats of the basecoat/topcoat so that would reduce the cost but I have yet to try this (it's my next experiment though).

It also doesn't last the two weeks days it's claimed to do on the packaging (I get about 5-6 days out of it) and if you don't apply it right you sometimes only get a day at most as the polish can lift of the nail and peel off. It's also a pain to remove but then any gel based or shellac polish is so I can't mark it down for that as I knew what I was getting myself in for.

It can also be a bit tricky to apply - this is especially the case for the base and top coat if you are not accurate with it it can leak onto the nail bed and onto the side of your fingers which then sets rock hard when you cure your nails so make sure you have a steady hand. This is not a kit for someone who doesn't know how to paint their own nails well or when you are in too much of a rush. Therefore, while I haven't had a professional manicure since I bought the kit I can't see it replacing a professional manicure but it is a good addition to my tool kit. I really want to give it 2.5 stars but as Dooyoo won't let you do that I will go for three but only get if you are confident with painting your nails.

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