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published 23/02/2004 | Little-miss
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"Nair? Hair? Deliberate?"

When the time approached for me to go away for the weekend (not my Dublin expedition, but a girls trip to Brighton just before Christmas), I came across the dilemma of shaving my bits. I didn’t want to be fussing about shaving my legs whilst away as knowing my luck I would cut them and go out looking awful with sore legs.

I didn’t fancy waxing at the time so I decided there was no other option than to try a hair removal cream. I’ve tried various ones before and never been too keen on them. They either smell horrible or don’t work properly.

I chose Nair glide on because of it’s supposedly easy on application due to the product design. It basically looks like an elongated cream deodorant tube, whereby the cream comes out of three slatted holes in the top of the tube.

The product is suitable for legs, underarms and bikini area, and has vitamin E, camomile, baby oil and aloe Vera included into the cream.

I’m always dubious about the mess these things create, but willing to give it a go, I read the instructions and armed myself with towel, bowl of water and lots of hopefully free time to experiment. You can shower this off but I get it everywhere so I chose to flannel it off into a bowl of water.

I twisted the nozzle, and twisted.... and twisted.... All of a sudden it splurged out, so I slapped the cucumbering smelling cream all over my leg.
I soon became used to the nozzle and learnt how to turn it enough to get just the right amount out at a time. It does seem to flow out quite freely though unfortunately.

I applied a liberal amount to both legs and waited the allotted time of no more than fifteen minutes before washing off. I did check after ten but the hairs seemed to be quite happy attached to my leg at the time.

The cream felt very cold on my skin, but I didn’t experience any burning so there wasn’t any allergic reactions happening anywhere. (You are advised to do a skin test 24 hours before using the product, but I have to admit I rarely do this). I was pleasantly surprised at the aroma of the cream. Some products can smell foul, but this wasn’t unpleasant at all.

As I proceeded to wash the cream off my legs, I did need to give some of them a helping hand with a little help from my flannel, but most of them did in fact come off. The flannel wasn’t a pleasant sight let me tell you.

Afterwards my skin felt quite smooth, it wasn’t unhappy with having being plastered in cucumber cream for a short while. There were a few stray hairs I did notice on later inspection, but even waxing professionally doesn’t get rid of every hair first time round.

Seeing as my legs worked so well I decided to have a go at my bikini line. This didn’t work quite so well as it’s obviously a smaller area and the top of the tube being about an inch and a half wide, I found I managed to take off quite a bit more than I originally intended. (Oops).
The hair removal itself however worked very well (wouldn’t it just as I’d done too much).

I didn’t convince myself to do my underarms, as I couldn’t imagine sitting around for ten minutes with my arms in the air.

Nair is dermatology tested and suitable for all hair types. There is the usually babble on the back of the tube about what not to do when using this product etc, but all that is common sense and anyone using a product for the first time will read it. (Wont you?)

Hair growth wasn't visible for at least a week which was more impressive than having to shave again two days later.

I bought mine for around £3 (100ml) in Superdrug and I’ve used it for two applications of legs and one bikini line. There is probably enough left to do my legs once more, so it’s fairly good value. I’m not sure if I’ll buy it all the time though as it takes up a chunk of time, and can be messy, and I just know someone is going to ring the doorbell one-day when I’m plastered in the stuff.

I must get around to trying waxing one day, and save myself all this fuss.

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  • Belle published 02/03/2004
    I can't stand that immac, absolutly hopeless.I might try this stuff but i'll need a couple of tubes as I have strangely long legs - even though I'm only 5'8 or so - that 100ml just doesn't cover!! K xxx
  • Sarcasm101 published 28/02/2004
    Sounds better than that immac stuff (that really does stink, trust me!), Great review. XX Sarah.
  • FrenchCancan published 27/02/2004
    Well, I will take this into account the next time do my legs... once in a while.. just before hitting the town.. you know what it is darling !! Great review..
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