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published 31/07/2004 | mystikchick17
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Pro Removes hair quickly and painlessly from underarms and bikini lines
Cons That icky, horrid chemical smell
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"Nair it!"

I have recently become a fan of waxing my underarms, because it results in finer hair growth and lasts longer than shaving. This is fine when I'm back in India, where waxing will cost me less than a dollar, but not such a great alternative in the US, where the procedure can cost as much as $25. I was faced with the situation of either giving in and shaving (which I was loathe to do), or continue to go around with underarms that had gone past all limits of decency (so which was the lesser of the two evils?)

Then I found an answer to my prayers: depilatory cream. A depilatory cream works by dissolving the hair at the root by basically eating away at the follicle with a chemical cocktail, and then once the cream has done it's job, you simply wipe off all the hair for a wonderfully smooth and hairless armpit.

Nair is one of the best known makers of hair removal products, and I've used their stuff before successfully, so I figured, why not? It'll do what I want, and I won't have to risk getting stubbly hair back - perfect! Nair has a huge range of depilatory creams, but I chose this particular one because it seemed it would be more convenient than having to spread the cream on with a stick (the applicator is shaped like a deoderant stick, so you apply in the same manner), and it also said it would work on my bikini line (which needed some touching up), and so I willingly forked over the $4.20 at Target and took my purchase back to my friend's house to use it. As an added bonus, it also said it contained baby oil, to leave me soft underarms? :S

The instructions on the back say that you should do a skin test 24 hours before using the product, and that the cream should be applied to an area where hair was going to be removed. They caution that this should be done even if you've used their products before with no reaction. You wipe the cream off after no more than 15 minutes, and this is also meant to give you an idea of how long your body will take to dissolve the hair, since everyone's hair is composed differently. I therefore dutifully followed the instructions, and when the required time period had passed, there was no reaction, and so i set to work.

As I previously mentioned, the container is shaped like a deoderant stick, and just like those, there is a twisty knob at the bottom to raise the cream to the surface so you can apply it. This was easy enough, and true to it's word, when I applied the cream to my underarms, it did indeed glide on with no difficulty. I then moved on to my bikini line, which proved to be slightly more difficult owing to the fact that I had to manuver my legs into the right position to apply the cream safely, and I did have to use my hands to smear the cream on evenly over the hair I wanted to remove. This was contrary to the claim that this design renders the application of hair removal cream 'no touch,' and was duly noted.

As with the skin test, the recommended time for application of the cream is not to exceed 15 minutes, so I gave both an even 12, figuring that would give me enough time to dissolve the hair in both areas (bikini line hair can take slightly longer owing to it's tougher, more wiry texture). The instructions say to wipe the cream off with a damp washcloth but not to use soap to wash away the cream, but I was stuck. Since this wasn't my home, I had no towel with which I could use to wipe away the hair. Thinking quickly, I wiped off as much as I could with firm strokes using toilet paper, and when that failed, I hopped into the shower, thinking I would rinse away the excess hair.

I was sorely mistaken. When they tell you to wipe away the dissolved hair with a damp washcloth FIRMLY, boy, they're not kidding. The hair wouldn't budge, and, lacking a loofah or similar bath implement, I had to resort to scraping the hair off with my fingers, which was nasty and unpleasant. Still, that's not really the fault of the company, as they do warn you, but it makes me think that if I ever use a cream again, I'll buy the new ones that come with a bladeless razor, which seems like the obvious solution to situations such as this.

When I was done, I looked in the mirror to inspect my handiwork. Nearly all of the hair along my bikini line had come out, and my underarms were clean save a few small patches here and there where I don't think I got the cream on thick enough. Still, it had done the trick for the time being, and so I happily slipped into my bathing suit to enjoy swimming with the confidence that all hair that needed to be removed had been. The baby oil had even delivered on it's promise and left me with deliciously soft skin on my underarms!

While the immediate results were good, I cannot say I was thrilled with the long term. First, the hair did not dissolve down beneath the root as the packaging and the website claims it will, and so it was not much better than shaving in that respect, because it meant that I still had some visible stubble, and this grew more noticable over the course of the next few days. Secondly, as a result of waxing, my underarm hair had become much finer, and when it grew back, I could take a longer time to wax them again because the hair growth was fine enough to not be noticable at a distance. When the hair grew back using the cream, it left me with a thick black fuzz that forced me to cover up to the best of my abilities out of embarassment (this took about two weeks). Worse still, when I went to get them waxed in Bombay last week, it was as painful as if I had been shaving, because the cream had made the hair grow back thicker and more stubborn. I was completely satisfied with the results along my bikini line though, and fully intend to use it again there in the future. As for my underarms, I think I'm just going to have to figure out a way to wax them myself in college - the cream isn't worth it.

There are also other points to take into consideration.
Each time you use these sorts of creams, you are using fairly harsh chemicals to destroy the hair. Now once in a while may be fine, but personally, I'm not super comfortable with the idea of letting a whole bunch of chemicals (including Cetearyl Alcohol, Calcium Hydroxide, Ceteareth-20, and Sodium Hydroxide) sit and absorb into my skin on a regular basis. Plus the smell is dreadful.

Secondly, I get the distinct impression that this model of applicator isn't nearly as convenient as those that come with a razor (the newest type on the market), for the very reasons I mentioned earlier: who wants to dirty a washcloth removing the hair when there must be easier ways?

Lastly, this applicator has traveled with me from Phoenix to Washington, then to Italy, and finally back to India. In that time, I suppose the knob at the bottom must have been hit by other articles in my luggage and turned, because there's now an oozy mess of cream inside the cap which I'm loathe to open up and clean, but I suppose I must eventually do so.

While not the best and most ideal hair removal product on the market in my opinion, this does make a good quick fix if you're truly desperate to get rid of hair and don't like the thought of shaving. The results last about 1.5-2 weeks before you need to eliminate the fuzz again, and considering the chemicals, it does seem to be fairly gentle on the skin. It's also not the most convenient design, but it will do in a pinch. You'd also get a good number of applications out of a single tube, which I'd consider to be decent value for money at $4.54 compared to the 10 dollars I spent on Veet Wax (and the strips weren't reusable!) I'll definitely use this again on my bikini line, but I doubt I'll use it for my underarms again.

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  • LR_17 published 07/08/2004
    I think I'd rather shave. I do like some creams but some of them like this one...I can't stomach the smell. Leila :)
  • Fruity_Tart published 03/08/2004
    I think I'll stick to waxing cos the smell of these depilatory creams makes me heave! Chris x
  • supersexycoolchick published 02/08/2004
    never tried nair - maybe i should because veet's range is awful! xara
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