Nclarke NCM36 Mains Grooming SET

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Nclarke NCM36 Mains Grooming SET

Hair Clippers - Mains + Rechargeable, Mains - Washable

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published 23/02/2009 | JasonJRogers
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"Nicky Clarke"

Product: Grooming Set

Make: Nicky Clarke

Price: Varied

This Nicky Clarke Grooming SET is the most easily used and most efficiently looking grooming product. Nicky Clarke products are normally stylish, and come with the best looking features, and accessories. I have one similar to this, it comes with, a high carbon steel blade, ideal for the closet shave, most ideally for those who want a skin head, it's clean, washable, rechargeable and works the way you want it. Some come with an interchangeable shaving foil, to insure you get the closet shave. Products like this one; also come with an A.C motor for professional cutting performance, to insure you get that pure perfection look. I don't normally keep to one style, the one I have provides 5 attachment combs which is ideal for me; they can cut from 2-12mm length of hair. I bought one from Argos called the Nicky Clarke Extreme kit, which came with a detailed body trimmer, even though I don't really need to use this item, it's still quite handy to have, as it comes with an extra long detachable handle, for hard to reach areas. The head clippers are for wet and dry use as well; the one I have is cleaner, faster and safer, and being this is Nicky Clarke, It shouldn't be much different.

What I like about the whole kit is; the stylish travel bag that comes with it, made to fit all your items. I love the complete barber's accessories which include: 7" Scissors, Comb, Cleaning brush, Lubricating oil, and Hair collection cape. These accessories make you feel more professional and confident when using, what I love about every one of these items is the following:


- 7" Scissors: These are a unique pair of scissors, there clean and tidy looking, very comfortable handling; they're a proper pair of grooming blades. The handling of the scissors can get around the most difficult parts of the scalp; they leave a nice clean cut finish.

- Comb: A very similar barber's comb, that is very soft and comfortable to use, the wide and thin area of both ends, gives a nice stylish look.

- Cleaning brush: I received two of these, a really small black one, and a slightly bigger grey coloured one. These are ideal for cleaning between the carbon blades, to dispose of any hair. I also use them for brushing off hair from the 5 attachment combs; I find it the easiest and cleanest way.

- Lubricating Oil: I used this for cleaning the blades before every use, I do this incase of any cuts and infections. I add at least two to three drops of this oil to the blades. Again to dispose of any hair, it's the cleanest thing to do, before the next use.

- Hair Collection Cape: A silky cape to keep the hair off your clothes, the set is not complete without a barber's cape. I love the using this, you can't get any hair on clothes, apart from the cape, soon after your finished, you can just easily brush it off.

The pro clipper has a blade adjustable lever; this is ideal for a sharper and shorter cut, positioning the lever up, the blades will give you the closest cut, positioning the lever downwards increases the cutting length. Whilst cutting, I find it easier by do the following:

- Always take off a little bit of hair at a time; you can always trim off additional hair later. Other wise you may end up taking off more than intended.

- Hair may collect on top of the cutting guide, this may slow down the motor, make sure you frequently shake excess hair from the clipper, I don't want to clog it up.

- When using it, do not place too much pressure on the clipper, this might crush the motor, causing it to pack up, so use it gently. Hold the clipper with a relaxed, comfortable grip, using short strokes, working slowly and precisely can achieve your desired cut.

Now, talking about the attachment combs, which come in five sizes; the lowest cut is a 0, the highest cut provided, obviously is a 4. I usually shave my head in so many style of cuts, If I feel like that clean, crop look, I'd go for a 4 on top, 2 on the sides, sometimes it can be a 1, depending on how short I want it. If I want it to look really short, I'd use a 1, shorter than that, I'd use a 0. If I decided to go bald, which I have no plan on doing this yet; I'd remove the adjustable comb, and just use the naked blade. My point is, every one of these cut's, leave a clean, and sensational style, it doesn't matter how you have you hair, whether it's crop cut, or nothing, it leaves behind great results!

Other things I like about the pro clipper, the lever is conveniently located near your thumb, and it can be easily adjusted whilst in your hand. The lever adds versatility to your clipper by allowing you to gradually change the closeness of your cut without attaching a comb. When using the pro clipper I always do the following for safety reasons:

- I make sure my hands are dry before handling the mains plug or the mains appliances. If I don't do this, obviously, I will receive an electric shock.

- I always ensure the blades are aligned before I use it. If the blades are out of place, it could lead to a very unpleasant cut.

- I check for any damages, if there is any. I won't use the clipper if there is some sign of damage, incase this causes any unnecessary hazards.

- I make sure the plastic piece goes back over the plug soon after use, you never know, if you've been using it for a while, the three prongs could be quite hot, and could leave behind a little spark.

- You never wrap the wire around the appliance, I don't want to end up untangling any kinks of knots, and this could damage the main wire inside.

- Lastly, keep the appliance and the mains plug away from moisture, and away from the heat. If they get too greasy or too hot, this could severely damage your lovely pro clipper.

If your grooming kit comes with the body trimmer I mentioned early, all the safety tips I have written, applies the same. The Nicky Clarke grooming set is absolutely neat and to perfection, it gets you to your potential goal of a truly remarkable cut. No barber's, no charge, no fuss, satisfy your needs, and make life easier with this FANTASIC complete grooming set from Nicky Clarke.

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  • Theshield1000 published 28/05/2013
    Sounds very handy, saves going to the barbers!
  • obscuredbykep published 05/04/2009
    Good read : )
  • lillamarta published 10/03/2009
    Sounds like a great gift for my man! Well-reviewed.
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Product Information : Nclarke NCM36 Mains Grooming SET

Manufacturer's product description

Hair Clippers - Mains + Rechargeable, Mains - Washable

Product Details

Manufacturer: Nclarke, Nicky Clarke

Power Supply: Mains + Rechargeable, Mains

Power Capacity Control: Yes, No

Washable: Washable

Number of Guide Combs: 5

Adjustable Guide Combs: No

Type of Electronic Infoscreen: No

Washable/Wet&Dry: No

EAN: 5011773026635


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