Neighbours - The Iconic Episodes Vol.2 (DVD)

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Neighbours - The Iconic Episodes Vol.2 (DVD)

Contains some of the most iconic episodes in the history of the legendary Australian soap NEIGHBOURS.

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published 11/09/2017 | Candyperfumegirl
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"Everybody Needs Good Neighbours"

Neighbours - The Iconic Episodes Vol.2 (DVD)

Neighbours - The Iconic Episodes Vol.2 (DVD)

I'm really not into British soaps at all, Eastenders, Coronation St, and Emmerdale are just so dark and depressing, every time I happen to catch a snippet of one of these long running shows someone seems to be bawling their eyes out in a dingy pub or cafe on a rainy day. No, I like a bit of escapism when it comes to a soap opera, I like something more light hearted and with a happier brighter setting. I like the Aussie soap Neighbours - no scrap that - I love it. Growing up in the 80's Neighbours was one of the most popular shows on TV and although this popularity as wained a little over the years it still has a loyal following, who have stuck with the show even when it left the BBC for C5. Fans of Neighbours will know that the show takes a long break over Christmas, so I purchased the Iconic episodes on DVD to ensure we still got our Neighbours fix over the festive period.

Today I will be reviewing Neighbours: The Iconic Episodes Volume 2 DVD.

Neighbours in an Australian soap opera, which follows the residents in a small cul-de-sac, Ramsay Street. It first aired way back in 1985 and still runs today, there have been 7,685 episodes of Neighbours as of the 8th September 2017.

The show has been a springboard for actors with many residents going on to great success after leaving the show, most notably: Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Guy Pearce, Holly Valance, Natalie Imbruglia and most recently Margot Robbie.

Many of the long running characters include Paul Robinson (Stephan Dennis), Jarrod Rebecchi a.k.a Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and of course wife and husband Karl and Susan Kennedy (Alan Fletcher & Jackie Woodburne).

What Does it Look Like?

Presentation wise, this set isn't anything to write home about. It comes in a regular plastic DVD case so standard in size. I certainly would have preferred something more box set like, a keepsake if you will. The cover shows the Iconic Ramsay street sign against a photo of some of the houses along with three photos - Lassiters on fire, Scott & Charlene tying the knot and a hospital scene.

On the reverse we have another three photos, this time featuring Charlene, Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson, Lou Carpenter and Harold Bishop. There is a blurb about the show and some examples of episodes included.

Inside we have brief guides to the episodes included.

There are a total of three discs in the set, with each disc showing the same Ramsay street photo as on the front of the box.

My Thoughts

I'm not going to give you a blow by blow account of every episode included, with 24 episodes making up 9 hours of footage, we'd be here all day. So, I'll be given a general over view of the discs instead. It is worth noting, that each episode contains a recap of previous episodes which helps set the scene a little.

Disc one

Each disc has a different theme, lets start with Disc one, there are a total of 8 episodes here all featuring fires. It will probably come as no shock that the Lassiters complex is involved in most of these, as it seems to burn down an awful lot - probably when the producers feel they need to kill off a few characters and give the set a face lift. That being said, we also have the 1999 New Year cliffhanger fire at the Scully resident here too. Big fire story lines are usually spread over a good few episodes so we have a lot of joining episodes here, for example there are 4 episodes from the Scully fire. For the life of me I don't know how the makers whittled it down to just 8 episodes, there have been so many fires in Neighbours over the years, but there are some fabulous episodes here. I was on the edge of my seat throughout, trying to remember who made it out alive. My favourite out of this collection was the fire behind Lassiters (Ep 1825 & 1826), because I remember watching this one as a kid and it featured two of my favourite characters Beth and Brad (Natalie Imbruglia & Scott Michaelson).

Disc 2

The second disc is probably my least favourite, but no doubt I am in the minority here. I guess, it was only inevitable that there would be a whole disc dedicated to Charlene starring the lovely Kylie in the role that would propel her to stardom. It's not that I don't like Kylie - I do - but her association with the show gets a little boring for us fans. She was actually only in the show for just 2 years and it is worth remembering that Neighbours has been running more than 30 years now. Having said that, there is no arguing that she is the most successful Ramsay Street resident and therefore here we have a collection of her greatest moments.

We start off with episode 234 with Charlene's arrival, many will not know that she arrived so late on. This episode was a bit of a let own for me, as Charlene doesn't arrive right until the last few minutes and the rest of the episode isn't important in the slightest. Still, it was worth the wait to see Charlene arriving and punch Scott right in the face - and so the Kylie & Jason romance began. Most of these episodes do feature the off and on again relationship of Scott and Charlene, which finally leads to their iconic wedding. Hankies at the ready for that one. There's also plenty of Madge with her gravel voice, dastardly Paul Robinson......and Jim - remember Jim!

Disc 3

Onto Disc 3 and we are treated to 8 of the favourite episodes as voted for by the fans. I wasn't asked to vote in this (!) and find some of the episodes a bit random. As if we hadn't had enough of Kylie, we are treated to two more episodes of the pint star princess, this time featuring her departure from Ramsay Street, never to return again. These are quite tearful episodes as we follow Charlene taking a sentimental journey around Erinsbourogh. She won't return, not even for the 30 year Anniversary special which saw so many classic characters return, so clearly she not longer feels sentimental about Ramsay Street. Charlene who?

Fast forward a good few years and we have the fabulous Murder Mystery Episode here, this is Neighbours in all its outlandish glory. Fan favourite and all round busy body Julie Martin is found dead during an outing to a Murder Mystery day and we end up in a 'real life' whodunit, its a shame there was only one episode here as I really got into this one and wanted to see more. Another episode that left me wanting more was the return on Harold Bishop, missing for five years and presumed dead he turns back up in Ramsay street having no recollection of his former life. Characters returning from the dead and amnesia - classic Neighbours.
Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed these classic Neighbours episodes and have re-watched them a few times now. The characters are just fabulous and the story lines so daft yet engaging at the same time. Its great to go back and revisit favourite characters and eras of my favourite soap. However, I have to say that I prefer Neighbours: The Iconic Episodes Volume 1 for content really, for me it just has a better selection of episodes. I felt that some of the episodes included on Volume 2 were a bit random and not really what I would consider to be 'Iconic', for one I can't believe Bouncers dream wasn't included here. Still there's still a lot of enjoyment to be had here and fans of the show will no doubt love it. I'm still tentatively waiting for Volume 3, but its not looking likely.


The DVD has a RRP of £9.99, but can be found much cheaper than this second hand.

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Contains some of the most iconic episodes in the history of the legendary Australian soap NEIGHBOURS.


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