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Nelsons teetha easy to use homeopathic granules for the relief of the symptoms of teething. Nelsons Teetha is a homeopathic remedy specially designed ...

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published 26/03/2004 | Vodkaboy
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"Works instantly and he can go back to sleep"

Our little one is cute, adorable, lovely... and teething. So far he has two lower and one upper tooth, with another one coming. This means the poor boy wakes up several times a night, crying.

For the infantly challenged, teething is when the first teeth grow - they cut through the gums which is uncomfortable and painful to the little chap/chapette, who cannot tell you what is happening, so they cry. This usually happens at night - that is when the teeth seem to grow the most (perhaps because the chap/chapette is horizontal so gravity can assist).

Most remedies work by applying them to the affected area, and teething remedies are no different. One takes a tube of the stuff, squirts a small amount onto the (clean) finger then, when the chappy/chapetty is distracted in mid-howl (and the mouth is conveniently open) one inserts finger and wipes the dollop of remedy over the gums. Pain is eased, chap/chapati falls asleep again, so does relieved parent.

We've tried the usual ones, which did help but now he seems to object to them and they don't work any more. He resists Calgel - hates the stuff. When we try to rub it onto his gums, he turns his head away, writhes and wriggles, pushes our hands away, basically says "Sod off you with this stuff". Ambesol was okay to start with, but he won't take it now either. We needed something different. Someone suggested we try something homeopathic.

Acccording to the box, Nelsons have been making family medicines since 1860, which is quite a long time and so they should be quite good at it by now. They are a British company, based in London. They make a wide range of homeopathic medicines.

I am sure there are reams of stuff written about homepathic medicines on Ciao (if "reams" is the write word for electronic data storage? Maybe "there are chips of stuff" would be better?) so I won't bore you with much more. Suffice to say, homeopathic medicines are natural; they don't contain pharmaceuticals. Nor are they like herbal medicines, they don't use naturally occuring chemicals or substances which can be just as damaging.

Rather, they use minute quantities of naturally occuring substances to stimulate the natural healing processes at work within one's own body. They help the body repair itself.

Nelsons Teetha relieves teething pains and, conveniently, is safe for young children and infants. It comes in powder granule form, in sachets. One box contains 24 sachets. Each box has a cute picture of a baby on it sticking two fingers into its mouth.

Each sachet contains 300mg of the stuff.
The stuff is chamomilla, in minute quantities, along with lactose, xylitol and starch.

The product is sugar free which is good as it doesn't damage the teeth that are being produced. It also means that it is unlikely to cause hyperactivity or give energy bursts.

To give a dose, when chappy/chapati wake sup crying in the middle of the night, if you believe it is due to teething you just open the box, remove a sachet, tear the top off and empty the contents into his/her loud, open mouth. He/she should then close mouth to swallow, pain should be relieved and peace should be restored.

Further doses can be given every two hours, up to six doses, so if chappy/chapati wakes up again you can give some more (as long as it is two hours since the last dose).

Yes. A resounding yes.
Our little one, as I mentioned, was objecting firmly to the regular medicines. It would be a battle, he would immediately push our hands away, so we would have to slip the finger with gel into his mouth really quick, before he realised. We only got one shot at it. And invariably he would be awake crying again half an hour later. So we tried this one.

When we poured the first sachet into his mouth, he immediately closed his mouth and swallowed. Seconds later he had stopped crying and seconds after that he was asleep again.

"Must contain a sedative as well," I mused. "Vodka, perhaps, or chloroform," but no.

He woke again about three hours later. We poured another sachet into his upturned, open, loud little mouth and the same thing happened again - seconds later he was asleep.

Fantastic. Does exactly what it is meant to. He was very happy and refreshed this morning, and he didn't smell of a mix of tears, sweat and licourice that he used to after a night of half hourly Calgel doses.


Nelsons Teetha is the stuff.

Produced by A. Nelson and Co
5 Endeavour Way
London, England
SW19 9UH

Available in places that stock homeopathic medicines - try health food shops, chemists, or supermarkets. We got ours in Tesco. They come in packets of 24 sachets, £4.20 for three packets (72 sachets in total).

For info on homeopathic medicines you can try the quack, the neighbourhood medicine man, or

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Comments on this review

  • missixty published 25/04/2005
    Aw luckily I've not had too much trouble with my little girl......YET! When I do I'll be stocking up on this! x
  • kitchengoddess published 03/10/2004
    Great review and glad it worked on your little chap. It brings back memories of our 2, giving them the homeopath's version of this, ie chamomilla. I do believe in homeopathy; if you're interested you could see my op in "Member advice on Health; Homeopathy." Hope the teeth are all thropugh now! Lois.
  • Connoisseur_Haggler1 published 03/04/2004
    Ha, ha this worked for you on your chap! The chap/chapati made me laugh I was thinking of indian bread1 My little ones teething too but has so many teeth now -I tried bonjela when he was first teething but not this time around. I will bear it in mind. I expect the powder tastes nice and dissolves easily if it shut your chappie up!
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Nelsons teetha easy to use homeopathic granules for the relief of the symptoms of teething. Nelsons Teetha is a homeopathic remedy specially designed for the soothing and calming relief of the symptoms of teething, thus calming both baby and mother. Teetha comes in an easy-to-administer granule form. Sugar free. Homoeopathy is a system of medicine which stimulates the body's own natural healing processes and helps to maintain balance. It has been used for many years as a safe and side-effect free remedy, suitable for all the family at any age.

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Long Name: Teetha, Teetha Teething Granules

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Manufacturer: Nelsons

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