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published 04/06/2007 | spottydog2
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"Wrap around my tail."

When horses are travelling it is necessary to safeguard them against possible injury. When a horse is in a lorry or trailer, they may be tied up and in a fairly small area, but they can still move around with the motion of the vehicle, around bends, pulling away or stopping. No matter how careful and skillful the driver is, it is not possible to completely eliminate movement. The legs of the horse need to be protected, some protect the poll (in between the ears) and thea tail needs to be covered. The horses tail may be hair, but there is a long piece of flesh covered bone that runs about half way down the tail, which is in fact the end of the spinal column. It makes sense that this needs to be protected also, especially as it is close to the rear bar there is a high chance of it becoming knocked.

Tail Protection.
* * * * * * * * * * *

There are many types of tail protection on the market that are designed specifically for travelling. Some people prefer to bandage. Tail bags are used a lot by people who show and have to keep the tail clean. There are material tail guards available which have a tie to attach to the rug. Neoprene tail guards seem very popular.

Neoprene Tail Guard.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Neoprene tail guards are made from neoprene (you would never have guessed that would you?) which is stretchy synthetic rubber, the same thing that wetsuits are made from. The thickness of neoprene ranges from 2 to 6mm and I would estimate the neoprene tail guard to be around 3mm. The prices range from around £8 to £15 depending on where you buy them from. The material is soft and slightly spongy and almost rubbery but not quite. The one in the picture has 5 velcro fastenings. I have used one also that only has one velcro fastening that extends down the entire length of the tail guard. The ease of fastening makes them quick to use. They are easy to wash and dry quickly.

Are they easy to put on?
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

They are very easy to put on, the one with the single velcro sewn in the material being marginally easier as it is just one fastening. You just lift the horses tail, put the tail guard in place (make sure you put it up nice and high so that it doesn`t slip), wrap it round and secure the velcro straps. The single velcro strap goes on easily but may crease sometimes if put on quickly. If it does crease then it is easy enough to undo and do up again. The 5 strap one does take slightly longer but not much and either kind only takes seconds to put on. Once it is on, it tends not to slip due to the material.

Do they offer excellent protection?
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The spongy texture of the neoprene offers cushioning and protects the tail against knocks and getting pressed against the back bar. It covers the entire dock so protects the bit with sensation but doesn`t extend down the tail to cover the hair. The protection offered is good, but the material is not exceptionally strong. I have used these for a number of years and have found splits in the neopene where it has got caught on something. I supose, unless you were to use cast iron (which wouldn`t be very comfortable), the material will get split. I think cotton padded tail guards are probably less likely to get cuts in them, but I think the neoprene offers the best comfort as it is spongier.

Do I still use them?
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It depends where I am going, which horse I am taking and which mood I am in. The neoprene tail guard still has a place in my tack room and is probably my first choice when travelling. However, if I am taking my light grey with the white tail I don`t use it. The reason for this is that when his tail is newly washed and conditioned, it looks fantastic and I want it to stay that way when I get to our destination. If I am going to a show, I am especially careful. What I do then is bandage the dock of the tail to protect it, Then put a tail bag over this. The tail bag is thin waterproof material a bit like a kagoul. It doesn`t protect the dock but it protects the hair from dirt. The tail bag encloses the entire tail. Why bother I hear you ask. My gelding leans agains the back bar and comes out with a silvery grey stripe accross his back end. I know the tail bag doesn`t stop this, but it greatly minimises the damage. Often when I am driving up the drive, my geldings tail (they always do a dropping when they first get in) is over the back of the ramp. I can see it cascading in the wind behind us and you can imagine the state that it gets in. It gets covered in his droppings. My mare doesn`t do this and her tail is dark and doesn`t show the dirt as much, so the neoprene tail guard in excellent for her.

The neoprene tail guard is cheap, easy to apply and effective. I recommend it but suggest that you see what your horse it like. Some travel better than others, some are dirtier than others so select your tail protection accordingly. I would think that the neoprene tail guard is suitable for most horses though.

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  • inbetweendaysx published 16/06/2007
    woah that was really interesting. my friend owns a horse and a pony. this review would intrigue her. fantastic. filled with info x
  • octavio.teixeira published 11/06/2007
    Nice review, well done.
  • sifair published 10/06/2007
    Great review
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