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Nerf Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow

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Review of "Nerf Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow"

published 08/09/2017 | sellerleygirl
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Pro Kills zombies!!
Cons Doesn't really kill zombies!!
Wear and Tear
Value for Money
Age Group

"Perfect for when the walking dead attack!!"

Nerf Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow

Nerf Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow

Nerf Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow


When aged 44 and had been treated for the menopause for 16 weeks, I found out that I was pregnant I was – to put it mildly – rather surprised!
I already had four daughters – two of which had just found out were expecting their first children themselves. When at just turned 45 I gave birth to my first son (just 11 weeks before my first granddaughter arrived!) my life was changed forever.
Jack came in to our lives as a shock and has managed to delight us, entertain us, annoy us and wear us down over the last 21 years, but we wouldn’t be without him!
I quickly got used to the Action Men in the bath rather than Barbie, went through the Bey Blade obsession, learnt all I know about football from helping him with his football stickers, queued for the latest FIFA game, laid awake waiting for him to come after a night in town etc. I thought that now at 21 and in his final year at Uni, settled down with a beautiful young lady I could say to my ‘baby boy’ (courtesy of Rudyard Kipling) “you’ll be a Man, my son!”


I am continually surprised (or not!!) with some of the stuff he comes home with.
One of his most recent purchases was made early this summer, before the children broke up for the holidays. He came home with a Sainsburys bag which obviously contained a box – “look at this”, he cried in exaltation, “a bargain – only a tenner from Sainsburys” – and out came a Nerf Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow.
He didn’t even attempt to say he’d bought it with the kids in mind, we all knew better!!

What is the Nerf Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow?

“They might not seem like much one at a time, but when they're in a group all riled up and hungry, man, you watch your ass.”

Well, according to Nerf

“Nerf Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow is the newest battle gear for zombie fighters to defend themselves from zombie attacks and to strike back using this crossbow!”

So, we will be safe in post-apocalyptic Lancashire!!

Why is it Zombie proof then? This crossbow/blaster is different from other Nerf guns, because it is designed with details that indicate that the survivors of a zombie strike have created it with parts that they have been able to find in many different places – like scissors, pliers, spanner etc.
a standard spring-powered cylinder blaster.

The blaster comes in a cardboard box that measures about 2 ½ x 16 ½ x 12 inches and comes in two parts - the blaster and the bow arms with 5 green sponge darts and instructions.
While this looks like a compact crossbow, it is actually a simple five-shot cylinder blaster with a detachable cross bow, and needs assembling before use.
The rotating cylinder is holds five darts and will take any of the standard NERF darts. You cock the gun with a pull-back primer that is shaped like a pair of orange scissors. Simply pop all of the five-supplied darts into the front of the cylinder, then pull back the scissor-shaped cocking handle, squeeze the trigger and the dart is launched.
The bow part of the blaster is in one moulded piece with an elasticated string tied between each end, and it clips into the top front of the blaster, just ahead of the single accessory rail.

This blaster is recommended for ages 8+


• 5-dart rotating drum
• Real crossbow action
• Fires 1 dart at a time
• Includes 5 Zombie Strike darts
Our Experience

We are quite used to Nerf products in this house; over the years we have had a variety of different Nerf blasters and we have always been happy with the quality, the design and the build of them.
We all especially loved the design of this blaster, especially the fun details that tell of a Zombie Strike story where the survivors have created weapons with household items. One of my daughters is a huge ‘Walking Dead’ fan and she and the kids (and yes, she IS in her 40’s) love playing in our gardens, barn and out buildings making ‘safe zones’ – so this gun was used a lot in some of these games!!

Although the blaster needs assembling before use this is a very easy job; the crossbow part and string simply slot on, the string then just needs hooking over the priming handle and that’s all the assembly done. The bow doesn’t actually do anything, it's purely for aesthetics, but it does make the blaster look an impressive and large weapon and is bound to deter zombies!

One detail I love is that the pair of pliers, that form part of the handle, are made to look as if they been attached with duct tape – this blaster really does look as though it has been made out of whatever parts the survivors have found lying around.

I found that while the right-handed users of this blaster found the aim to be really good, my 15-year-old grandson who is left handed found it lacking in this area - whether this was down to his skill/technique, or his left-handed line of sight. Firing is done by pulling back/cocking the weapon and then squeezing the scissors trigger. There is nothing complex and no batteries are needed as they are with some of the Nerf weapons, this model has power f - easily contending with large battery-powered models
Because is a 5-dart rotating drum, so you don't have to reload immediately and there is space also enough space to attach a sight on top if you want to be more precise. The firing rate of the blaster is good, but the reload isn't fast,
This blaster has been well played with by people from 43 – 6 and all have enjoyed it; it is a good size but it is also lightweight and 6-year-old Olivia was able to hold it comfortably, aim and shoot (usually at Nana!!)
Because it shoots so quickly it does run out of darts very quickly, it only takes seconds to shoot the five darts then they have to be found (if you’re lucky) and reloaded so I really would suggest buying more darts to be able to reload more quickly and the replace the ones in the gutter or the tree!! You can buy a pack of 30 Zombie Strike Darts for £7.99 – but any regular Nerf darts will fit.

Overall, I think that this blaster is well made, good value for money and loved by children and adults – just perfect for the post-apocalyptic attack of the walking dead!!

Pros and Cons


• Will kill zombies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• Looks attractive
• Clever details with the use of tools etc
• Very well made and good value for money
• Quick and easy to shoot at target
• The firing rate is good,
• Can be used with or without the bow arms

• Doesn’t really kill zombies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• Runs out of darts very quickly
• The crossbow is not easily removed for storage so does take up a lot of room when stored.
• Reload isn't fast

How much will it cost to save yourself from the walking dead?

It was in June that Jack picked up his gun for £10 from Sainsbury’s, as of the 7/9/17 it is available for the following prices.

• Smyth’s Toys: £16.99
• Amazon: £16.89
• Toys R Us: £19.99
• Argos: £22.95
• E Bay: From £8.00 (used) and from £13.99 + £4.99 postage (new)

Would I Recommend?

I would certainly recommend this Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow, I would say that this is my favourite of our arsenal of Nerf Weapons.
I think that it reasonably priced for what you get (especially if you get a £10 bargain like Jack did) it is an effective, simple and good-looking item that is both lightweight (despite its impressive size) and well balanced.
It has had a lot of use over our summer holiday period and I’m sure in October Jack and his big sister and the grandkids will have a lot of post-apocalyptic fun when they come for the autumn holidays, as they evade the local zombies.

1. What you get
2. Close up of some of the 'I made this with whatever I could find’ details
3. Scissor handle looking catch in action
4. The rotating barrel that automatically turns when the bow is reset.
5. The gun after more than four months of zombie/nana shooting.
6. I do worry about my children, my 43 year old daughter with a ‘zombie baby’ from their last game.

Thanks for reading I do hope that this review has been of some help!

© Sellerleygirl September 2017

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