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Pro Entertaining and well acted
Cons Some poor editing where the commercials were
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"The story behind Neverland"

Neverland (DVD)

Neverland (DVD)

-•- Neverland-•-

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Journey Back to Where It All Began.

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• Adventure
• Fantasy
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‘Neverland’ was a two-part TV series from Sky TV, first aired over two nights in December 2011, it was released on DVD in May 2012. Bob Hoskins returned to play the role of Smee that he played in the 1991 film, ‘Hook’ – this was his last TV performance before retiring.
Based on J M Barrie’s’ Peter Pan and Wendy’, ‘Neverland’ tells the never-before-told story of how Peter Pan became the; Boy Who Never Grew Up’, and takes place in 1906.

Film Details

Written by Nick Willing
Directed by Nick Willing
Country United Kingdom
Producer Redmond Morris
Cinematography Seamus Deasy
Running time 161 minutes
Sky Movies Production
Release 9th December – 16th December 2011
-• The Trailer •-

-• The Story •-

Unlike other versions of Peter Pan, this series tells the story of how a turn of the century street ragamuffin became Peter Pan – a boy who never grows up, and the beginning of his confrontation with Captain Hook.
Set in Edwardian England, just five years after the death of Queen Victoria, this series is rather like a cross between Oliver Twist and Peter Pan. Young orphan, Peter (played by Charlie Rowe) has been raised on the streets of London, he and his pals survive by acting as pickpockets for their mentor (and Fagin like character) a fencing instructor and ex-socialite, Jimmy Hook (played by Rhys Ifans). Hook gets the boys to snatch a precious orb, which is believed to have magical powers.
The orb transports them to an enchanted planet, where no one grows up - Neverland. There the urchin lost boys soon discover that they are not the first people to arrive here when they find a pirate ship captained by Elizabeth Bonny (played by Anna Friel), a tribe of Indians that includes Aaya (played by Q'Orianka Kilcher), a giant spider, a 10-legged crocodile, a wealthy mystery man named Dr. Richard Fludd (played by Charles Dance) and Tinkerbell (voiced by Keira Knightly)
In a strange lost city, where he goes with Aaya (who was known as Tiger Lily in the book), Peter discovers the reality about Neverland. And, when the pirates – led by Captain Hook, attack and capture the Peter, the lost boys and Aaya, Peter must use the brand-new powers he has obtained, to save them all and defeat Captain Hook – but are his powers strong enough?
-• The Main Cast •-

Rhys Ifans as Jimmy Hook
Anna Friel as Captain Elizabeth Bonny
Charles Dance as Dr. Richard Fludd
Q'orianka Kilcher as Aaya
Charlie Rowe as Peter
Bob Hoskins as Mr. Smee
Keira Knightley as Tinker Bell (voice only)
Charlotte Atkinson as Tinker Bell
Raoul Trujillo as Holy Man
George Aguilar as Kaw Chief
Cas Anvar as Gentleman Starkey
James Ainsworth as Tootles
Patrick Gibson as Curly
Lorn Macdonald as Fox
Thomas Patten as Twins
Brandon Robinson as Slightly
Chase Willoughby as Nibs

-• Acting •-

With some big names in the cast, one of the most surprising performances is from the young Charlie Rowe as Peter. He really does do a fantastic job as Peter Pan and is more than capable working with the better-known cast members. He portrays Peter as both a mischievous yet captivating, smug but sweet and brave young boy, and his relationship with James Hook is a really interesting one.
Rhys Ifans is perfect as James Hook/Captain Hook, it was fascinating watching him change and the anger grow in his eyes, as he goes from James Hook in London to Captain Hook in Neverland. It was a joy to watch his performance and I thought that he did a truly superb job.

Bob Hoskin's once again plays Smee, as he did in ‘Hook’; however, it was really just had a small supporting role, but it was still good to see his familiar face and he did a good job with the part he had.

Anna Friel looks like she has a whale of a time dressing as a pirate and playing the deliciously wicked pirate queen called. Elizabeth Bonny in an entertaining and witty manner.

While Charles Dance doesn’t give a bad performance he generally just seems to be there to explain all about Neverland and the mysterious orb.

The pirates and Lost Boys, as well as Tinker Bell all did a good job in their secondary roles.
I think the worse role was Q'orianka Kilcher as Aaya; although she was very attractive she just seemed far too old, and at times looked more awkward and insipid than she did illustrious and brave.
-• My Opinion •-

I never actually watched this when it was released on the TV, I bought this DVD about two years ago from a school Christmas fair (cost me a whole 50p!!) I have always loved the story of Peter Pan and I have watched all the various films and TV series, ‘Hook’, ‘Finding Neverland’,’ Pan’ etc. with varying amounts of satisfaction. As a Brown Owl who took my Brownies on Pack Holiday in the 80’s, one of the themes was Peter Pan and I knew the story inside out, it does make you a tad pedantic when you watch newer versions!! However, the cover of this DVD looked promising, with a picture of some of the main characters from the story (Peter, Hook, Smee, Tinkerbell etc) and a picture of Hook’s galleon and a crocodile – this looked promising.

As any aficionado of Peter Pan will know, J.M. Barrie didn't delve too much into the background of the boy who never grew up in his novel, he just sort of existed. However, this film/series does a good job of creating a credible backstory for Peter as well as Captain Hook, as well as telling you just what Neverland was, how the pirates and Native Indians got there and just why there was so much confrontation between Captain Hook and Peter.
I did enjoy watching an old favourite again but portrayed in a very different way; I thought that this film was written and executed really well and liked the whimsical and fantasy feel to the story. With the fallen comets, silver faeries, eight-legged crocodiles and a massive city made of intertwined trees, it was all very unusual. These special effects are all good, not up to par for something like Star Wars films but they are still suitably plausible; maybe Tinkerbelle and the crocodiles could have been a little more realistically animated. but they were not too bad.

All in all, this DVD is well worth watching, so long as you know what you are dealing with and that it is not the ‘real’ Peter Pan. What you are getting is a hybrid of science and fantasy, the interpretation of the story is intentionally not by the book, and it is doesn’t have the look of an epic high budget film. However, it is a pleasurable story with beautiful and unusual scenery and characters and it is about a literary character that many of us are quite fond of, despite his flaws. This is an enjoyable adventure series for slightly older children, as well as adults (younger children may find some parts of it a little dark).

-• Ratings•-

• IMDb: 6.5/10 from 9,044 reviews
• Rotten Tomatoes: 57% - ‎14 votes
• Metacritic:59% from 15 critics
-• Critics •-

• Chicago Tribune: "'Neverland' on Syfy fails to fly"

• TV Guide Magazine: "Neverland adds clever new twists to the origin story of Peter Pan and Captain Hook while remaining unpretentiously faithful to the adventurous spirit of the original."

• Wall Street Journal: "The story occasionally gets convoluted, or slightly exhausting....But the cast is so strong that there is always something to marvel at."

• New York Daily News: "Neverland, a new prequel to the beloved story of Peter Pan, weaves a complex, often disturbing tale demanding considerably more of its audience than the breezy musical versions."
-• DVD •-

The 2 discs came in a standard plastic side-snapped keep case with a cardboard slip cover.

Sound and Vision

The sound and vision are both good, no problems with either. I did think there was a little poor editing for the TV-Commercial format were scenes just seemed to be chopped for commercial breaks.

The extras on this DVD are:

1. Audio Commentary by Writer/Director Nick Willing. He talks about his methods in adapting the story and also goes into some of the technical issues.

2. The Story Behind the Story: Cast Interviews features segments with Rhys Ifans, Anna Friel, Charlie Rowe and Bob Hoskins.

3. Green Screen to Scene focuses on the CGI heavy special effects, and includes segments on The Alchemist's Orb, , Chased by Pirates, and Battle on Bull Island

4. Journey into Neverland: Art Gallery includes storyboards and production design sketches.

5. Neverland: Access All Areas behind the scenes featurette

6. Trailer


As of 14/9/17, ‘Neverland‘ can be purchased from Amazon from £3.68 new and £2.74 used

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Offer ends at 23:59 GMT on Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Format: PAL
Language: English
Subtitles: English
Subtitles For The Hearing Impaired: English
Region: Region 2
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 - 1.78:1
Number of discs: 2
Classification: PG
Studio: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
DVD Release Date: 30 May 2012
Run Time: 161 minutes
-• Would I Recommend it? •-

I really would, and that comes from someone who doesn’t like the ‘classics’ messed about with!
What we have here is NOT the traditional; story of Peter Pan, with the Darling family and Nana the dog, instead is an outstanding, and clever prequel that really fills in the gaps to Peter Pan's past without ruining Barry’s story and characters that we all know and love – I am sure that Barry would have approved of this series.

There are some wonderful performances, unusual scenery and intellectual writing, I think that this is a really good watch that all fans of the boy who never grew up will enjoy.
Four hours of delightful entertainment for a few pounds spent (or 50p in my case)– well worth buying.

Pictures (apart from of my DVD) are taken from Googler images

Thanks for reading I do hope that this review has been of some help!

© Sellerleygirl September 2017

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