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Hard Rock - StudioRecording - 1 CD(s) - Label: Mercury, Jambco - Distributor: Universal Music - Released: 04/09/2000 - 731453802421

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published 18/10/2004 | Shaoon
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"Sin to live without this album"

Recently I saw an interview with Mssr's Bon Jovi and Sambora, where they talked about their careers and the cult of Bon Jovi.

During the interview they covered the period of their lives where they had basically had enough of the sight of each other, and on the brink of collapse, the band recorded what they thought would be their final album. They remember it as a time of turmoil and creative drought.

Strange then that I should remember the album as the highlight of my decade...

The album was New Jersey.

I remember getting New Jersey on Vinyl 12", brand new, and just playing the hell out of it (for all you youngsters vinyl is like a CD only not good in heat or left on a surface or overplayed, made of black plastic and always, ALWAYS, sounded better).

Now, quite a few years later, I have it on CD. I pulled it out the other day and stuck in the stereo, and by god did I sing along.

So how good are the songs?

1. Lay Your Hands On Me
The album opens with a pounding almost tribal drum beat and you know this is gonna be fun. Some soft words from Mr Bon Jovi later an we are ready to rock. I love this track, and anybody who has seen them live knows how good this is for a crowd to chant along to.

"Everything I want is what I need
Satisfaction guaranteed
But the ride don't never, ever come for free
If you want me to lay my hands on you
Lay your hands on me"

2. Bad Medicine
What can you say about this song? Obvious meatphors, naughty little school boy jokes, one hell of a party song. This entire album seems to be designed from the outset to want to party.

"I need a respirator
Cause I'm running outta breath
You're an all night generator
Wrapped in stockings and a dress"

3. Born To Be My Baby
A lovely song about being young and in love and just being together as a couple, needing nothing but each other. And it still manages to rock! Some lovely imagery, and the playing is always sublime.

"Light a candle, blow the world away,
Table for two on a TV tray
It ain't fancy but that's okay
Our time, our way."

4. Living In Sin
A classic Bon Jovi ballad, if ever there was one. A beautiful sentiment, that may be a bit male in attitude. The idea that marrige is just a piece of paper and it doesn't make you love a person any more or less, and other people's opinion isn't important. Top vocal work from Jon, backed up by the usual solid, yet lyrical playing by the boys.

"Baby, can you tell me
Just where we fit in
I call it love
They call it living in sin"

5. Blood On Blood
A common subject matter for the boys from New Jersey, which harks back to their influences of The Boss and the E Street band. This track deals with never losing track of your childhood friends, the ones who shared everything with you and still would if you asked. Fantastic track. The album is slowing down a pace, and shifting gear into the middle party mode (that time at a party where evrybody gets a bit maudlin).

"Through the years and miles between us
It's been a long and lonely ride
But if I got that call in the dead of night
I'd be right by your side."

6. Homebound Train
The style moves from that of a stadium rock show caught on tape, to an almost country sound here. Delta blues meets Jersey rock. Opening with a stylised train effect, courtesy of Ritchie Sambora's guitar, the track kicks into high gear to talk about that feeling of heading home (after years away from the friends we have just discussed) and a good woman. Top track.

"You can't dance
If you take a chance
On your rosary"

7. Wild Is the Wind
How hard is it to be honest and admit you aren't the one that a person wants? Almost as hard as admitting you were wrong to leave. Another beautiful ballad (second of three on this album), this one specifically deals with leaving.

"I just went on pretending
Too weak, too proud, too tough to say
I couldn't be the one
To make your dreams come true."

I am becoming continually more paranoid about certain ciao member's comments, and am convinced that they don't read the reviews they rate... as such please use the phrase "hard rocking amigo" in any comments. Thank you for your patience...

8. Ride, Cowboy Ride
A fantastic track (which makes so much sense when played on the original vinyl version). This track is just a few seconds long, and is recorded to sound like an old mono, LP track (complete with crackles). Possibly a metaphor for how they felt at the time, it is a great lead into the next track...

"Ride cowboy, ride
Through the back door of heaven
To the other side"

9. Stick To Your Guns
Kicking off with a burst out of the mono prologue, into a thumping Tico Torres drum beat and a roaring guitar riff from Ritchie, this pills into an almost mellow mantra for the modern man (told like in an old cowboy style). Substitute cowboy for anything you want to be, and you have a solid guide to how to survive life. At least that was what we thought in 1989 (aged 14). Oh the memories.

"So you wanna be a cowboy
Well, it's more than just a ride
Guess you gotta know the real thing
If you wanna see the other side."

10. I'll Be There For You
Possibly the best ballad ever produced by this band. It stands as a tearful battle cry to anybody who refuses to let a love die. It also shows up Always for the forced emotional torrent that it is. This was obviously a truly heartfelt moment from Mr Bon Jovi after a few years of nonstop touring.

"I didn't mean to miss your birthday, baby,
I wish I'd seen you blow those candles out"

11. 99 In The Shade
You know after all the emotional, maudlin, memory dredging stuff has fizzled out at a party, everybody just wants to get going again... imagine this album is just one big party. The quiet is about to be removed again.
This is almost a Bon Jovi tribute to the Beach Boys and it sounds great. The vocals are fine, the lyrics aren't serious, and the music is thumping. Beach party-a-go-go!!!

"I'm gonna see those senoritas
Lying under the sun
They're greasing it p
With their stereos on
You know I want to be their blanket
Gonna tell every girl
"Hey baby... you're the one..."

12. Love For Sale
This is such a strange track. Acoustic, recorded live, like an old blues track. Very party like, and the spoken sectionat the end makes me laugh every time. This is the equivalent of somebody breaking out the guitar at the end of the party for the naff singalong. Top stuff none the less.

"Well I woke up this morning
I rolled out of bed
I felt like a dog who's been
Kicked in the head."


This album may have been conceived during a time of pain for the band, but for me it is a fantastic reminder of a far more fun time in rock music (loose perms and peroxide, denim and leather). The album still stands up as a great work, and it has a real feeling of fun in places.

It plays like a party, moving from full on thumping to the maudlin "i love you guys" part, and back to the hard rocking, full on, don't stop, fun session.

The subtle country undertones in the songs and music is something that the band used before and since, but on this album they don't even bother to hide it.

If you were a fan, buy it. If you are a fan, buy it.

If you aren't a fan... what are you reading this review for? GO OUT AND BUY SOME DECENT MUSIC!!!

Available at reduced prices from a wide range of online stores, I highly recommend it.

If you have it, crank it up and sing along...

"You can't catch a fish if you aint' got a hook..."

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  • a_nicegirl05 published 05/05/2006
    I love the way you quoted the lyrics. Fantastic.
  • Bronaghmac published 20/10/2004
    Great review! I absoutely love Bon Jovi!! He brings back so many memories of my teenage years - sittin outside in the cold, drinkin anything and mopin' over all the guys who treated us girls like dirt!! Ahh, those were the days aye!!? Bronagh x
  • kirstymack80 published 19/10/2004
    They are fab! And I was a fan and still am so why haven't I got this album?! KirstyM
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