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Nike Swimwear

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Right before you all shoot me in the head for putting this in the wrong place, I’ve searched this site for over an hour looking for ‘Nike bands’ or ‘bully bands’ without any joy, so hence I’ve put it here. If you know of anywhere better, I’m all ears. So, the question is, what does ‘STAND-UP, ... Read review

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Community Level 4alan74



AdvantagesStand-up for your rights! Unite As One! Be Seen As One!

DisadvantagesEBAY PIRATES! Up-to 700% inflation! Difficult To Get Hold Of!

"...here, but in a way Nike have done a good thing, all they charge is £1.50 (printed on the back of the packet) so shops cannot inflate the prices, I take it they have done it for the most obvious reasons to kick racism out of football and other sports, and of course to make people generally more aware, right? SO WHY IS IT THAT THEY ARE NEAR TO IMPOSSIBLE TO GET HOLD OF? So if that’s the case and Nike have done this for the good of the above, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jake94


READ THIS REVIEW !!!!!!!!!!!

AdvantagesOrganised website

Disadvantagesnot much to offer online

"The nike website is a good well organised website and it has some of the main products online to buy. However all of the nike products that are available are not on the website and shown by an image or description.Nike products however are very good and all ways of high quality the nike designs are very well thought out and they have all differnet shoes, colours, designs and they vary in price. I own a pair of nike shocks in red they are extremly ..." Read review

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Raise money for good causes, keeps you fit
Not enough hours in the night to sleep it off and have to go to school the next day (*)
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