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Portable Console - Media Format: Cartridge - Controller Slots: 1 - Release Year: 2011

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published 19/05/2011 | christorious84
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About me :
Pro The 3D graphics are amazing, the device is very light and the price is just right.
Cons The battery life could use an extra couple of hours.
very helpful
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Ease of use
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"Three Dimensional Bliss"

Where to begin.

3d for me was always something I thought was a pretty cool idea but a very novel one all the same. I had seen many 3D movies in theaters and am also lucky enough to have 3D capability at home in the form of the PS3.

However, as exciting as it is playing your favorite titles in full three dimensional HD graphics, it does not compensate for the enormous, uncomfortable glasses you have to wear, which make you look like a welder from the future who is also broke because for a half decent pair its going to set you back a few hundred pounds. This is why when I heard about the 3DS being released I was very excited indeed.

At first I was trying to get my head around the fact that I didn't have to wear 3D glasses but was still going to be able to view the marvelous 3D graphics. I sat there coming up with all sorts of outrageous ideas as to how this was possible and the only one I thought would work was to have a brand set of 3D eyes installed.

Luckily upon opening my 3DS I was pleasantly surprised and no longer needed to clutch onto my beloved eye balls. Salvation.

The 3DS weighs in at 230 grams which is only 12 more than its predecessor the DS Lite, but whats 12 grams between friends. Although the 3DS weighs more than the Lite it is actually smaller in size but still manages to have a larger screen. Fortunately for all Nintendo lovers they have up rated the screen resolution to 800 x 280 pixels which is a very good idea indeed because the higher the resolution, the better the 3D comes out, and thats why we are all here after all.

If your like me and you just cant throw away your old titles, never fear as backwards compatibility is here. You can still play all of your old DS titles on your shiny new 3DS. If we look at other consoles across the last 6 years they are all doing this now and I am glad to see that Nintendo are still following suit.

There is still a camera on the 3DS and it is capable of taking 3D photographs which is a very cool feature indeed. The resolution of the pictures in my opinion is not the greatest but as its a 3D photo so I think we can let that one slide.

The first game I played was Street Fighter IV and I have to admit, if you are a fan of the Street Fighter series, this latest title will not disappoint. The graphics on this game are incredible. They are certainly up there in the class of the X-box 360 version and the PS3 version. The graphic capabilities of this little hand held machine are superb.There are a few moments in which the graphics do not look as amazing as first thought but for a compact, battery powered hand held device, I think its safe to say that they are very good indeed.

I have always found when playing a 'Beat'em up game' that the position of the buttons on the device in question is an important factor to weather or not the game will be good. The 3DS does remarkably well in this case as I played for over 2 hours and found the device very comfortable to hold for this time period. This was found whilst playing other games as well.

I read a lot of reviews on this product and see a lot of message boards. A lot of people are still asking the same question: 'DOES IT REALLY WORK'
I myself asked this question and the answer is simple:


The full 3D Stereoscopic games are really something worth shouting out about so if you are worried about shelling out your hard earned cash on a device that 'Might not work'. Dont. The 3DS , to me. Is amazing.

In my opinion the battery life is the only thing that I can see that is letting the side down. If your an avid gamer like myself who can play for multiple hours on end, you might want to leave it plugged into the mains because the battery was drained within 4 hours. Not a good thing to happen when your on a 12 hour flight, but we cant have it all.

In a nut shell, if you are reading this, and your name is Mr Nintendo, well done,
well done indeed. You truly have set the benchmark, once again

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Product Information : Nintendo 3DS

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Portable Console - Media Format: Cartridge - Controller Slots: 1 - Release Year: 2011

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Manufacturer: Nintendo

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Max Number of Players: 1

Media Format: Cartridge

Production Year: 2011

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