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The Nintendo DSi is the latest version of the popular handheld gaming console, which boasts the following new features: Larger 3.25" displays - Sli...

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published 01/11/2011 | mikeborry
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Hi, also on dooyoo, same name.... I will return rates, if I don't send me a message.
Pro Nice sleek design, 2 cameras.
Cons None.
very helpful
Graphics capability
Range of Extra Features (I.e. email)
Ease of use
Manufacturer Support
Instruction manual

"Sleeker & slimmer!"

Advantages: Nice sleek design, cameras.

Disadvantages: None.

I just wish the title was aimed at me and not a console :o(!!

My two eldest sons have had their DSi consoles for a while and they are well used and they love them. My youngest is having one for Christmas as am I! Oh what a big kid I am!

As we already have the DS consoles in both the fat version and the the newer one which the kids used all the time so when they asked for the DSi I didn't mind buying them as I knew they would also get the use.

If you are already familiar with the DS then the DSi can only be described as a sleeker version of this with two built in cameras for added fun. It is slightly larger than the DS and has larger more clear screens. The main difference is obviously the cameras but there has been other alterations which make the DSi a much nicer looking and feeling console.

Nintendo have taken away the slot at the bottom, into which you had the option of playing the cartridges meant for the Gameboys. But truth be told these were never used by us so it isn't a feature we miss at all.
Although this does mean that the guitar hero game we have cannot be used with this console.

The power button has been moved and now, rather than being a little slide up switch on the side of the console it is now inside. It is placed of the left hand side under the D pad (+) control and is in the form of a little ditty button.

The stylus or pen, is somewhat longer and it feels nice and comfortable to hold.

The screens are still in the same way as the DS, the lower screen is still the touch and the top is just a screen.

The cameras are fun and it has programmes which allow you to have a bit of fun with the photo's you take. The cameras can be found ~
In the hinge so that it points towards you.
On the outer case of the top screen.

You can choose to switch between cameras making it very simple and easy to use, you also get a brief tutorial when you first use your DSi into how the cameras work.

It also has a slot to fit a SD memory card, which allows you to listen to music and even watch films on your DSi should you wish to do so.

The menu screen is different and is a lot easier and better to use than that of the DS.

They are available in a few different colours, we have a black, blue, white and pink but I am sure there are other colours available.

There's also the option of the DSi XL which I believe to be pretty much the same as the DSi console only larger. I can't comment much on this as I have only seen one briefly but my father inlaw who has bad eyesight can play on this without to much difficulty, whereas he couldn't really use the original DS.

I like the DSi console and so far the durability has been excellent. Like the DS lite, unless you damage it it should last well. We have been through a few DS lites with my youngest as he has jumped from the sofa and slammed one on the floor.... the screens stopped working! Broke the hinges on another just by generally being rough with it, and flipping it open and closed. But he seems to be out of this now and the consoles seem safe...... for now!!

The DSi is available in most places where you would expect to find one. I bought the Pink in Tesco for £119 and it came with a free game, although I did have to order it in as they didn't have pink in stock.

Amazon are selling them for £109.99 (price correct 1/11/11) and have them in various colours.

Summary: A great hand held console.

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Product Information : Nintendo DSi

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The Nintendo DSi is the latest version of the popular handheld gaming console, which boasts the following new features: Larger 3.25" displays - Slimmer: Reduction in size by 2.6mm - 3 megapixel camera - VGA camera - Music playback - On-board internet browser - WiiWare compatibility - DSiWare download service The DSi now has a slot for SD memory cards, so users are able to take photographs on the DSi and transfer them to their Wii console at home, or they can also store downloaded games from the DSiWare service. The DSi still uses the same DS cartridges, but many new games are sure to be released which will take advantage of its new features.

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Type: Portable Console

Console Type: Nintendo DS

Long Name: Dsi

Production Year: 2009, 2011

Media Format: Cartridge, ARM7TDMI

Manufacturer: Nintendo

EAN: 0045496718732; 0045496718749; 0045496718800; 0045496718763; 0045496443733


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