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Wii Wii Wii Wiii all the way back to the shop!



Expensive, Dated, Pointless rival to the Xbox, Clammy hands !

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Goodness! This review that I am about to write makes me feel slightly old! It was back in 2006 the Nintendo Wii came out. I cannot believe we are now in 2012 (almost)! I remember the day the Wii came out- because at the time we were shopping in Asda- I actually had no intention of buying this console seeing as I already have the Xbox 360 and the older PS2. However I had heard allot of great feedback on the Wii seeing as it was cutting edge at the time of launch as the console was meant to encourage active play- so out came a handful of notes and in return we received the Wii with the Wii fit board- I am now sad to say that I "WiiSHED I never of bothered as I feel the whole point of the Wii, it seems, has been completely RUINED!- please allow me to explain why.

Graphics; Granted, the Wii's purpose was fun and it was for the first 6 months or so- however when you think of the mind blowing Xbox 360 graphics the Wii really appears to of been rushed as far as graphics are concerned! Let me explain using- Wii sports (a game involving multiple sports including Tennis, Baseball and Golf etc. When one hits the ball in Baseball mini game for example the "Mii's" (The cartoon like people in the game based around you) appear to have no legs while running around the pitch to score points- they also have "spheres" for arms- Another point of the bad graphics in this game alone- is the gap between the baseball bat and the non existent hand holding the bat This is also present in other games- such as the Ford and Land Rover off roading racing game- the scenery is of poor quality. The different terrains also have no effect on the driving experience etheir, which is another great disappointment. . I can therefore say that graphics on the Wii are very poor.

Sound Capability; I have to admit the Wii sound quality on our particular Television is good in certain ways- yet diabolical in others, which is not the fault of our TV itself. I like the somewhat animated and cartoon like sound effects. For example the unrealistic hitting of the tennis ball can make it quite fun as the graphics are not the point of the game here. The problem is however is the sound effects (for the baseball game in the same game as the tennis game called Wii Sports) is the same for the bat and racket ball hitting- meaning the sound effects can get tiresome and boring in each game. Another bad point is the fact that Nintendo- reaches into many game genres, including racing. This for me is the most important factor of a console- how good it performs for the graphics and sound of the game- I am sorry to say that the Wii really is poor at sporting Car racing games. For example- a car crash is totally unrealistic. It can only replicate a standard “banging" noise rather than the desired- realistic crunch as the sound is both imitated on the Xbox 360.

Range Of Extra features; There are MANY extra features on the Nintendo Wii- I shall give a selection of the extras on the Wii below as a list.

Wii Controller; This is the most basic of controllers for the Wii- It generally controls the most basic of games and the console itself- It can also be used as n alternative to the "Wii steering wheel" in driving games by holding it length ways- which is sadly very un responsive and slow to respond- you can also use the basic controller to play the most basic features in FIFA Football. However I do not recommend this without the Nunchuck controller (please see below) because you cannot "Sprint" with the player- meaning it is incredibly hard to compete- even with the computer controlled players- because there players will be much faster as they will be able to run with the more advanced controls enabled on the console. The biggest flaw in the Wii controller is that my hands get very clammy in use because of the rubber coating around the controller. A single Wii controller will cost you around £15 WITHOUT the motion plus.

Nunchuck; The Nunchuck is an additional extra to the main Wii controller. If you do still feel persuaded to buy a Wii after this review- then I strongly recommend buying an extra one Nunchuck for around £10 (for the 2 controllers and one Nunchuck that come with the console) as you can do more things or “moves” in the game. Like the sprinting in FIFA and shooting stronger goals in FIFA football It also enables more game options (which are useless without the Nunchuck in Wii Resort (a sports game on a Resort island) as you can then play "sports" such as Archery. It also enhances play on other Wii resort mini games such as the Bi-Plane duals (a mini game were you fight to burst the balloons o the opponents plane- the person with the least balloons at the end of each round is the loser.

Wii Motion Plus; Because of many reviews of the Wii controller being rather inaccurate- Nintendo added a new attachable device that enhanced play and made the controller more accurate in sports games- such as Tennis, etc. This accessory will cost you around £20.00 each.

Wii Balance Board; This board is designed for measuring your BMI (or Body Mass Index), weight and other features concerning fitness. However this is sadly ruined by the fact that the board is very inaccurate with weight counts and other fitness tests- ruining the point of it's assistance with weight loss as some days it quotes you desperately overweight and other times being depressingly underweight. Another MAJOR flaw in the Wii Balance board is the fact that it is simply to small for male adults- I have 14-15 size UK shoes and find it impossible to use as does my brother with size 12 shoes. This accessory will cost you around £30- but I would strongly recommend you hold your money back here as it is simply too small for many male adults.

Wii steering wheel; I have not actually used the steering wheel- however I do not like the design of the wheel. This is because you have to hold the steering wheel without any support with the weight of the wheel and your arms which limits the appeal. A Wii steering wheel will cost you around £10.

Though there are admittedly many extra features I really feel this is another flaw in the Wii- this is partially because the controls are inaccurate. Or just too small- however the biggest reason why I feel it is bad that there are many extras is simply because this is supposed to be a “fitness” console. Surely then we need a console or accessory that can measure the WHOLE body and not just monitor your hand? However there is now a console that can now DO that and it’s called the Kinect from Xbox. Although Nintendo fans will now say to me on the comments box- that the Kinect is more modern- so naturally the Kinect would beat the older Wii- it’s still more advanced than the new Wii U console, which should be with us in the spring of 2012 as it is still and handheld console. So even the newer console from Nintendo will still be older in theory than the Xbox Kinect that uses cameras to monitor the body without the need for extra controls.

Instruction Manual; I never even bothered to look into the Wii instruction manual after I noticed the tiny size of the print. However I do find this with most gadgets- even the ones from my beloved company Apple. I am one of those people who would rather learn for myself when it comes to technology as I find it more satisfying.

Manufacture support; The Nintendo Wii comes with a 1 year warranty as do it’s accessories. It has now started to go wrong. (Though our Wii is quite old now) For example disks will sometimes REFUSE to come out of the console. (As it is done electronically) Other than that the Wii has been fairly reliable- though I do find the white plastics are easily scratched. We have therefore never needed to contact Nintendo for warranty support. As it has only ever needed minor repairs.

Value For Money, Looks and Storage; The Wii's biggest (and far better) rival- the Xbox Kinect is actually quite reasonably priced at £89.99 (or £129.99 with a game) this is priced at roughly the same price as the Wii. (Though you will pay a hefty (but worth it sum for an Xbox 360 console however cheaper Xbox packages containing both the Kinect and console are available with games starting at Game for £299.99 making it better value for money) We set our Wii up in our living room. The wires look quite unattractive (as with any console) but they can easily be stored un seen at the back of out TV. The Wii is also quite flimsy looking- though I do like the look of the Wii with it's silver stand, as the colours contrast nicely. It could be said also that the Wii looks quite plasticy and cheap looking compared to my Xbox 360's chrome and solid black looks. It is however much easier to carry around than any other console I have tried (except for our Streamlined Playstation 2) It therefore compares well for space as a SINGLE console over the Xbox 360- we must remember on the over hand that the Wii contains more accessories to Kinect and the Xbox. Meaning space is wasted here. Moving back to the price- you must also take into account that although you will spend a considerable sum on an Xbox 360 that the cost of all the Wii's accessories which can add up to an eye watering sum especially as the console is far out of date- (some of the accessories also essential to the Wii in my opinion too!) I also find it a bit cheap that Nintendo only include 1 Nunchuck with the 2 Wii controllers.

The point of the Wi and my Verdict; Is it just me or wasn't the whole GENIUS of the Wii back in 2006 that it was supposed to get kids and adults alike ACTIVE rather than sitting on there Playstaion 3 or Xbox 360? Yes it was the point 5-6 years ago. However over the years I really do feel Nintendo has lost the whole original concept of there console- and has started to image exactly what the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 both do- allow people to sit on there backside and play a game of some sort- that is exactly what my 2 younger brothers now do on the Wii 5 years or so later- sit there and play that blasted, hateful, Pokemon game and press a few buttons on the comfort of our cosy living room sofa- Surely that proves that the Wii is now a failure? Especially when the Xbox Kinect MAKES you move around as YOU are the controller and the Kinect monitors your every move- The Wii on the other hand doesn't . Which is my point exactly it gets one star from me!

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Listerbelle 03.11.2013 17:59

Good review.

Crobar15 21.01.2012 00:20

Well put out there loving the title that made me lol to

Novabug 12.01.2012 00:16

Well put across points, but I disagree mostly, I love the Wii, and still do. The PS move is good too, but the Kinect? Really? I have never seen it work correctly since it's been out, and the set up? goodness! It pauses when you even slightly move out of it's range... etc etc. Maybe I'm old-skool and like to have a controller still. each to their own. :)

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