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Let the Wii change your leisure forever. This great deal includes your very own Wii Console, complete with Sports Resort by Nintendo - a great introdu...

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published 19/10/2015 | cath_del
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"Nintendo Wii"

I bought the Wii console about a year when it came out, before the Xbox Kinect and Playstation Move, when everything the Wii offered was different and new to what any console could provide. Although many of the consoles have new features that allow them to simulate what the Wii does, the Wii is still a great console and has some really great games available on it. It's probably the gaming console that I use the most.

I bought the console for about £120 and this included a Wii remote, the Wii fit board and 2 games which was a good deal, as it was not preowned. For all the features included in the Wii, this is a pretty decent price and the cheapest of the consoles available right now. However, I have realised that it's started to die out a bit now because of the Wii U, and in shops I've only ever seen them available as second hand.

Slick Design
The Wii is quite slick, as it is quite thin, as I can easily store it away either vertically or horizontally, when I'm not using it. It also comes with a sensor bar that you place on top of your television, which is what locates the movements on the Wii remotes. If you are into how your Wii looks, there is also many skins available for it, so you can have your Wii in as many different colours or designs as you like.

Set Up
Set up is pretty simple with the Wii, as all you do is plug it into the television, sync your Wii remote and begin playing, even my mum could set it up and she is not the best at technology! As mentioned above, there is a sensor bar, this can be a bit of a problem if your living room is quite small and TV low, as sometimes you can't get it to the right height. We managed to put a shelf above our TV to solve this problem though, so that's something to think about. I'd say as long as you can stand about 1-2 metres in front of your TV in the living room, you can play to the best of it's abilities.

The controls on the Wii are really simple to use to, as all it requires is moving the Wii remote cursor to whatever you want to select. Younger kids and adults alike will find the movement easy to get the hang of it's that simple. I haven't had any problem with them sticking or not showing up - only when the batteries are 1% away from dying out!

The graphics aren't as great as some of the HD super detailed ones you will find available on Playstation or Xbox, but once you get into the game you won't really notice. Most of the time they are pretty detailed, are not pixelated and still look great on a big screen television. Most Wii games seem to be quite cartoony styled or remind me of old arcade shooter style games such as House of the Dead. Some stand out such as Super Mario Bros, where they've clearly had more budget.

Wii Remotes
In my package, it came with 2 remotes, I think this is standard for most purchases of the Wii. The Wii remotes are really easy to use and instructions involving them are generally quite simple and easy to understand. Usually, you can get covers for them, which makes holding them more comfortable and protects them. They are pretty easy to set up to the Wii console, as all you have to do is press a button on the Wii remote and the Wii console to sync them. They respond really well to the sensor bar above the television, and it is great that they don't require any wires.

The only problem is they use battery life really quickly, so investing in a docking station is probably better as it means that you can keep them charged and play whenever without having to worry about putting new batteries in. They have been quite sturdy as even when they've dropped for us they've worked perfectly fine afterwards. You can purchase additional remotes from Wii itself, but there are also lots of value versions from Argos that I've seen.

A Wii remote Plus is also available to, and this has added to the motion that the Wii remote can pick up. You really notice the difference once you start using it, and I would recommend buying the remote with it already built in or the accessory if you already have a Wii remote for any hardcore Wii gamer.

Accessories For Wii
Along with the Wii remote, there is also the ability to have Nunchucks attached to it. Many of the games require this to play, although some of the older ones do not. These attach really well into the bottom of the Wii remote, and I have never really had a problem with them not responding. This has a little joystick attached to it, so it makes controlling characters easier than the arrow keys on the Wii remote, and can make aiming so much better.

In various game stores, I've seen products that you can attach the Wii remote to for the more "realistic" feel of gaming. For example, you can attach your remote to a tennis racket for "Wii Sports" and to a gun for various shooter games. I don't think they are really worth the money, but my sister still loves to use them for some reason.

Loads of people who have a Wii have invested in the Balance Board. While this is commonly used for the Wii fit, I've also been able to use it for games like Raymans Raving Rabbits. It picks up movement really well, and is easily synced as the Wii remotes, so set up is never really an issue. It also has a different material for where your feet are, so you never have to worry about slipping off of it. It is strong and sturdy, if I had to compare I'd probably say it's about 3 weight scales put together with a thickness of about 5cm.

Variety of Games
There is such a wide variety of games to play on the Wii, for all ages and abilities, from puzzle to action and from single player to multiplayer. Many of the games are family friendly, and will keep you occupied for hours. They have great replay value and some of them are great at getting everyone active and competing. I have never really found any problems with Wii games, as most of them are challenging but fun.

My best games for the Wii to recommend to you all would have to be:
-Just Dance series - great for family and friend gatherings, as lots of multiplayer chances
-House of the Dead Overkill - great for adults, arcade style zombie shooter!
-Kirby's Adventure - relaxing puzzle game and very cute!
-Rayman Raving Rabbids series - so funny, lots of good minigames.

Not only is there the option to play games on disk, but you can also use the online Wii store which you can access straight through your console. This allows you to download old Nintendo games that have been restored for the Wii and are still as fun as they were in the past. Not only this, but you can download handy little channels like the Internet and the Weather forecast.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this console to families. Although the Wii U has come out, for some reason it just does not appeal to me and I've enjoyed games on the Wii much more than those on the Wii U. Games available for this console have always been lots of fun for me with lots of variety in types for all ages and abilities. Hopefully you can still pick it up and they haven't completely discontinued it!

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