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published 14/08/2011 | missgroovychick
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"My blue 5dr feisty machine!"

I bought my beloved in January 2011, she is an R-reg 5dr 1.0ltr, bright turquoise blue and it was love at first sight purely because of her very unique colour. While my friends were being spoilt by their parents and getting new Fiat 500s and Ford KAs and Mini Clubmans, I settled for the humble micra.
Being only £600 and at 96,000 miles on the clock I could not say no as she was in full working condition and I was a student on a very tight budget. There were a few mini nicks in the body work but its 14 years old, it couldn't be too perfect.

The trade seller I bought it from often does up micras and makes them into little racing rally cars as they are cheap to do up and trash, also according to him the engine is practically bullet proof. He took out the engine of one and turned it and ran it while beating it with a baseball bat and the thing would just refuse to die.
The top speed according to Auto Trader is that it is 96mph but I found I could get it to 105mph....(sssh!) But when speeding over 80mph you will find that the dash and the gear stick will vibrate quite a lot as with what is expected with old very small cars...but this is something not to be concerned about, it is normal. But I do not condone speeding!

Fuel consumption is very good... I find that a full tank will go 250-300miles for £40. Making a quarter tank £10.

It is a perfect little run around for that matter and you can even drive around town in 4th gear going at about 25mph and that keeps the fuel consumption very low as well.
Tax is £140 a year for being a small car but you can pay your tax in 6 month chunks so that helps significantly if you are on a student!
Being outside of London, it makes insurance much cheaper, and being my first car at 19 with 2 years of driving experience behind me and no "no claims bonus" my insurance fully comprehensive was £1100 but this could go up considerably according to gender/years of experience and such.
I did have one little accident in the car as mine does not have power steering and I misjudged my drive and crashed into the wall but the micra is a fiesty tank! There was hardly any damage, a small dent in the bonnet and a crack in the bumper (only £100 of damage) and the wall just toppled like Jenga!
Also a student trick is to get one with a tape deck because then you can get a tape adapter for your ipod to connect to because hearing the same CD is very tedious and annoying to change also.

Also on my account.

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